American Man Accused Of Four Murders, Enticing Victims With Treasure


New murder charges face a suspected Washington state serial killer. Authorities claim he used a scheme involving a fake buried treasure hunt. Richard Bradley Jr., 40, initially arrested in 2021 for the murder of Brandi Blake, faces new charges.

Now accused of killing three more people, including one identified through DNA matched to his mother found on his property.

Allegedly, all victims were lured by Bradley’s story of hidden treasure after they came into money. Once on his farm, he killed them, took their belongings, including cars, which he used afterward.

Court documents obtained by the Seattle Times revealed new murder charges. These charges are regarding the deaths of Michael Goeman, Emilio Maturin, and Goeman’s son Vance Lakey.

They were last seen alive in July 2019. Bradley faces charges of arson for offering money to set fire to Goeman and Lakey’s Dodge Durango, later found near his farm.

Prosecutors noted significant financial events before the victims’ deaths: Goeman received a sizable inheritance, Blake won $20,000 at a casino and was known to carry cash and drugs, and Maturin habitually carried cash and drugs when away from home.

In August 2019, Maturin’s girlfriend reported his disappearance to the authorities. She mentioned overhearing Bradley discussing a search for buried gold.

Maturin, despite some doubts, went to Bradley’s place in a white BMW with drugs and money. He didn’t return. Tracking his phone led his girlfriend to Bradley’s farm. Police spotted the parked BMW and waited for the driver. Bradley was arrested after a chase, both in a car and on foot.

Bradley, who was already facing trial for Brandi Blake’s death, now faces multiple charges, including two premeditated first-degree murder charges, two second-degree murder charges, and second-degree arson. He has not yet entered a plea for the new charges.

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