Top 10 Best Law Firms In Alaska In 2022


If you are looking for the best law firms in Alaska, you are at the right place. The USA is the business hub for global businesses, and there are enough legal complications in different parts of the USA.

When you are in any legal trouble in Alaska and need the right law firm to assist you, you have to perform extensive research. Nowadays– when all the law firms claim that they are the best– looking for the right firm for legal help is complicated.

That is why we tried to help you with the ten best firms in Alaska. When choosing them, I studied their background history and work experience and checked the fees that they charge.

The following article is about the ten best law firms you can look for legal assistance in Alaska.


Best Law Firms In Alaska

Here are the best law firms you are looking for in Alaska.

1. Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

davis wright tremaine llp

As a national business and litigation law firm, Davis Wright LLP has made an incredible reputation in Alaska. Founded in 1944, the Davis Wright LLP has 8 offices across the US, with a headquarter based in Washington, Seattle. An impressive set of 519 attorneys are working under Davis Wright LLP.

The website of this firm is www.dwt.com.

2. Holland Knight LLP

holland knight llp

Are you looking for an international law firm with a headquarter based in Alaska? In that case, you can check out Holland & Knight LLP. This firm was established in 1968. There are 28 offices of the firm with 1000 excellent attorneys working under them. They also have 3 international offices.

Here is the website of this firm: www.hklaw.com

3. Perkins Coie

perkins coie

There are many law firms in Alaska. Perkins Coie, among them, is a great firm. This international law firm was established back in 1912. They practice in diverse areas of law. This company comes under an LLP company, and they have 19 offices in different locations like Beijing, Taipei, and Shanghai. They also have 1000 attorneys working under them.

Here is the website of this firm: www. Perkinscole.com

4. Lane Powel

lane powel

Lane Powel is among the top law firms in Alaska. Founded in 1875, Lane Powel is a law firm based in Washington with its headquarters in Seattle. If you are looking for litigation, labor, or corporate law-related solutions, then this is the law firm you can turn to. Lane Powel has around 200 attorneys working for them.

Here is the website of this firm: www.lanepowell.com

5. Stoel Rives

stoel rives

Alaska has many law firms. Stoel Rives, among them, is one of the best business law firms. This law firm has 10 offices under it. The offices are located in Oregon and Portland. 721 employees and 1589 attorneys work under Stoel Rives.

Here is the website of this firm: www.stoel.com

6. Hozubin, Moberly & Associates

hozubin moberly and associates

A group of attorneys in Alaska formed this small law firm. If you are looking for insurance defense and criminal defense-related law firms in Alaska, then this is the firm for you. You can get legal solutions for most of your legal problems. They also offer consultancy based on your problem. They have 6 attorneys working in this firm.

Here is the website of this firm: www.akdefenselaw.com

7. Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

choate hall and stewart llp

Another old law firm in Alaska that needs mentioning in this article is the Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP. Established in 1899, this is a law firm with 200 attorneys working in the only office the firm has. They are experts in general law practice.

Here is the website of this firm: www.choate.com

8. Hoffman & Blasco LLC

hoffman and blasco llc

This law firm has its headquarters located in Juneau, Alaska. This law firm has helped both the residents and the businesses based in Alaska for years. The firm has been around for 40 years, and they have 7 attorneys working for them.

Here is the website of this firm: www.hoffmanblasco.com

9. Dorsey & Whitney LLP

dorsey and whitney llp

Another LLP type law firm in Alaska is Dorsey & Whitney LLP. This firm was established in 1912, and they have its headquarters in Minneapolis. They have 20 international offices on different continents. This law firm has 589 attorneys working under them.

Here is the website of this firm: www.dorsey.com

10. Bessenyey & Van Tuyn LLC

bessenyey and van tuyn llc

Among many law firms located in Alaska, Bessenyey & LLC is old. The headquarters of this firm is located in Anchorage. This firm has been around for 60 years, and they have been helping clients with their years of experience and expertise. They have 5 attorneys working under them, and they have won several awards from the government of the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some popularly asked internet questions about the law firms of Alaska.

1. How Much Does A Lawyer Cost In Alaska?
The lowest fee a lawyer charges in Alaska is around $150 dollars. The fee can go up to $300 based on the case and the effort your lawyer has to put into solving your case.
2. How Many Attorneys Are In Alaska?
Alaska has a magnificent number of attorneys practicing law. There are 2,486 lawyers practicing law as of now. In the United States, 1,338,678 lawyers are licensed to practice law. If you are looking for legal help in Alaska, you will surely find lawyers to help you.
3. What Are Magic Circle Law Firms Known For?
The reputation of the Magic Circle Law Firm is built around franchising out English law and Setting up franchises in non-anglophone countries.

Wrapping Up

It is possible that you will end up in legal problems at some point in your life. But if you are in Alaska and need legal assistance there, then you have multiple law firms to choose your services from. The firms mentioned in this article are well-reputed, and they offer a proper solution to any residential, legal, or criminal legal cases.

I hope you find this article informative and choose your law firm in Alaska. If you have further questions, you are free to ask them in the comment section.

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