Top 10 Best Law Firms In California In 2022


There are many instances where you would need a lawyer to support you. Legal matters are quite common and you might call upon the best law firms in California in an emergency.

Here is the list of the top-tier law firms in the state that you can rely on. Just read the facts about them and choose the one according to your preference.

Ten Best Law Firms You Can Count Upon In California- Updated List 2022

Generally, law firms deal with different types of legal cases. It is possible as they have lawyers from different fields. Here, all the firms have the capacity of dealing with different types of cases. Have a look:

1. Fenwick & West LLP

fenwick & west llp - best law firms in california

Fenwick & West LLP  is one of the best law firms in Southern California. They have a base of 492 attorneys. As per the market presence, you can check this firm to be actively working for four decades now.

You can visit the website and connect to the firm for any legal issues related to corporate enterprises. Moreover, you can also connect with the for IP and litigation cases. Other prominent fields the firm deals with are data privacy, Labor and Empowerment, etc.

2. Cooley LLP

cooley llp - best law firms in california

Cooley LLP is a chain of law firms. They have their offices in several states of the US. You can connect to any of the three entities of this firm based in California itself. The total base of attornies crosses 1000 for Cooley LLP in CA.

As per the practice areas, you can consider getting expert lawyers for the corporate sector. Other fields covered by the firm are competition, IP, litigation bankruptcy, real estate, tax, etc. They have an outstanding website and you can search for a preferred lawyer easily.

3. Davis Polk & Wardwell  LLP

davis polk & wardwell llp

When it comes to the best law firms in northern California, you might get only a few entities like Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP.  The Menlo Park firm office in CA has a base of 49 lawyers.

The best part of this law firm is that it deals with cases like Litigation, Corporate, and IP cases. Even it also hires new lawyers from the market. –

4. Jones Day

jones day

Jonas Day is one of the oldest law firms in California but you can rely on it due to the outstanding service. In case you have to deal with complex trials, a  lawyer from Jonas Day can be your best companion.

Like most other entries in this list, Jones Day also has a large base of corporate attorneys. You can get over 200 choices and can expect them to handle your case boldly. Other major fields that the firm deals with are bankruptcy, healthcare, IP, etc.

You can even call the Jones Day law firm for tax-related and real estate cases. Even the labor and empowerment lawyer base is promising in this firm.

5. Nossaman LLP

nossaman llp - best law firms in california

Nossaman LLP is one of the active law firms that started in Los Angeles and later set up an office in California. You can consider it one of the best law firms for poor minorities in California. The organization is in being since 1942.

As of now, you can choose among 130 lawyers across 90 outlets in CA. The main fields that Nossamen covers are government and relations, and healthcare. Moreover, you can get a lot of litigation lawyers and real estate lawyers too.

6. Ropes & Gray LLP

ropes & gray llp

Ropes & Gray LLP is one of the global law firms that are active in CA too. It has an office in San Francisco. This has a  market presence of over 150 years now. Moreover, the best thing about this firm is its 24/7 activity.

The total number of lawyers working in this firm is over 1500. As per the recent record, 17 experienced lawyers are there to handle tax-related cases. So, you can consider getting a lawyer who is efficient in handling contract law. As well as it is one of the best tax law firms in California.

On the other hand, there are experts in corporate, litigation, and real estate law too.

7. Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

sullivan & cromwell llp - best law firms in california

If you are looking for an American law firm that has an active office in CA, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP can be your best choice. This company has its California office in San Jose.

Now, you can expect to get outstanding lawyers from the field of market and ERISA. Apart from these, there are numerous corporate and litigation lawyers working in the firm.

8. Paul Hastings LLP

paul hastings llp

The Los Angeles-based Paul Hastings LLP can be one of the best law firms in California you can choose. This firm has a base of some 1000 lawyers who are from corporate law, general law, and real estate law backgrounds.

You can even get IP, labor and empowerment, and bankruptcy lawyers here.

9. Gunderson Dettmer

gunderson dettmer - best law firms in california

The Gunderson Dettmer law firm has multiple offices in California. So, you can have the freedom to call up a lawyer according to your proximity. As per the location, you can get the offices in LA, Redwood City, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Like most other law firms, you can get a number of corporate lawyers and litigation lawyers here. A set of efficient IP lawyers are also there in the firm.

10. DLA Piper.

dla piper.

DLA Piper is again a global law firm that has offices in America, the Middle East, and Europe. In California, the offices are situated in East Palo Alto, LA, Sacramento, and San Diego. Over 300 lawyers work for this firm in CA only.

As per the expertise areas, you can get a lot of bankruptcy lawyers, construction lawyers, and family, and finance lawyers. Different types of IP and litigation lawyers are also there. This is yet one of the best law firms in California you can count on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is The Highest Paying Lawyer In California?
The highest paying lawyers who live in California make over $150,000 in a year. In San Jose, the average payment boosts up to $193,000.
2. What Is The Most Prestigious Law Firm In Los Angeles?
Nossaman LLP, Latham & Watkins, and Skadden are the most prestigious lawyers in LA. You can choose any of them depending on the type of case and affordability.
3. Are Lawyers In Demand In California?
Yes, lawyers are well in demand in California. It is so because the state is densely populated and there are a lot of corporate entities here.

Final Words

So, as you now know about the best law firms in California, you can easily choose one for a deal. Make sure you remain careful about choosing the right lawyer from the firm. The best you can do is to check the reviews and previous cases of a lawyer before making a final choice.

In this list, there are some US-based entities and some global entities too. You can consider the US-based entities to be cheaper than the global ones.

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