Top 10 Best Law Firms In Illinois In 2023


Finding a good and experienced attorney can be tough for anyone who is seeking to resolve their legal issues. 

This is because we are provided with so many options it makes it tough to get to know the best lawyer that is right for our case. 

In this article, we will be providing you with an extensive list of the best law firms that are situated within Illinois. 


Best Law Firms In Illinois

The top ten best law firms in Illinois are as follows: 

Abrahamson Rdzanek & Wilkins, LLC 

Abrahamson Rdzanek & Wilkins, LLC is one of the most well-known law firms in Illinois, United States. 

The primary law that is being practiced by this firm is cases related to employment law. 

The firm has also been recognized for its capacity to conduct workplace investigations effectively and reviewing of employment severance or agreements for employees. 

Moreover, Abrahamson Rdzanek & Wilkins, LLC also practices in areas related to various employment issues that can be faced by an employee or employer. This includes sexual harassment, whistleblower activities, and payment of compensation, among a few. 

Address: 120 North LaSalle 

Street Suite 1050 

Chicago, IL 60602

Website: https://www.arwlegal.com/

Adelman & Gettleman, Ltd 

Adelman & Gettleman, Ltd is a boutique law firm situated in Idaho. 

The firm is highly recognized for dealing with cases associated with commercial insolvency, out-of-court settlements, bankruptcy, and commercial litigation, among a few. 

Adelman & Gettleman, Ltd has also been noted for the capacity to operate in Illinois for more than 40 years, which has gained the firm appropriate experience in handling your cases. 

Additionally, the firm also deals with corporate and transactional laws. 

Address: 53 W. Jackson Blvd. 

Suite 1050 

Chicago, IL 60604 

Website: https://www.ag-ltd.com/


AGHL Law, LLC is a law firm situated in Illinois, United States, having a wide presence of various legal advisors and attorneys

The firm also has the presence of professionals with advanced education certifications like an MBA that enable in providing business-building services to clients. 

AGHL Law, LLC has three primary client bases, which are businesses, individuals, and governments. 

Address: 839 N. Perryville RD 

Suite 200

Rockford, IL 61107

Website: https://aghllaw.com/

Akerman LLP

Akerman LLP is a Financial Times recognized law firm located in Illinois. 

The firm is known to have more than 700 attorneys within 24 cities across the United States. 

Akerman LLP is known to practice in areas like real estate, litigation, bankruptcy & reorganization, corporate, intellectual property, and financial services, among a few. 

This firm will be a perfect match if you are confused regarding the way you can resolve your legal issue. This is because they provide personalized teams for resolving individual client needs. 

Address: 71 Wacker Street

47th floor 

Chicago, IL 60606 

Website: https://www.akerman.com/en/

Allison Slutsky & Kennedy, P.C. 

Allison Slutsky & Kennedy, P.C. is a law firm operating in Illinois that has been operating since 1995. 

The law firm is widely recognized to focus on areas of workers’ rights and liberties. 

Due to this, the firm operates in union-side labor law, employees’ rights in the workplace, pension employee benefits, aviation, and wage litigation. 

The attorneys who founded the organization firmly believe in representing laborers and unions in the court of law to provide them with the appropriate rights. 

Address: 230 West Monroe, Suite 2000

Chicago, IL 60606

Website: https://www.ask-attorneys.com/

Anderson Coverage Group 

Anderson Coverage Group is a boutique law firm operating in Illinois, United States. 

The firm has gained a reputation for being a law firm that operates to protect the rights of policyholders across the nation in relation to insurance-related disputes. 

The partners of the firm have combined 50 years of experience in the field of law, which makes them an excellent choice as attorneys representing your cases. 

Additionally, the law firm provides litigation and alternative dispute resolution to its clients. Moreover, it also provides counseling before litigation to clients regarding their cases. 

Address: 2032 Irving Park Road

Chicago, IL 60618

Website: https://www.andersoncoveragegroup.com/

Anesi Ozmon, Ltd

Anesi Ozmon, Ltd is a law firm with 70 years of experience operating in Illinois, United States. 

The law firm has been noted to have a piece of extensive knowledge in the field of personal injury and worker’s compensation. 

Due to this, the firm has been highly involved in matters related to protecting the rights of injured construction workers within the region. 

Address: 161 North Clark Street

Suite 2100

Chicago, IL 60601

Website: https://www.anesilaw.com/

Arentfox Schiff LLP

Arentfox Schiff LLP is a law firm that has various offices in the United States, along with a branch in Illinois. 

The law firm tends to represent individuals, private businesses, public corporations, and government agencies in Illinois and across the United States. 

Arentfox Schiff LLP is known to practice antitrust laws, white-collar crimes defense, finance, intellectual property, and other laws, among a few. 

Address: 233 South Wacker Drive 

Suite 7100

Chicago, IL 60606 

Website: https://www.afslaw.com/

Baker McKenzie, LLP

Baker McKenzie, LLP  is a global law firm that has offices in Illinois, United States. 

The law firm is known as the strongest law firm that has been operating for 12 years, and Thomas Reuters has stated this. 

Baker McKenzie, LLP has been reinventing law through the inclusion of AI within its operating abilities. 

Moreover, the firm’s lawyers are also included in the Top 3 of the nation. 

Address: 300 East Randolph Street 

Suite 5000

Chicago, IL 60601 

Website: https://www.bakermckenzie.com/en/

Banner & Witcoff is an infamous law firm in Illinois considered the leader in intellectual property law. 

The firm is known to provide legal assistance to new business ventures and established businesses in terms of managing their intellectual properties. 

If you are on the lookout for a good IP law firm, then Banner & Witcoff, Ltd is the perfect match for you. 

Address: 71 South Wacker Drive 

Suite 3600

Chicago, IL 60606 

Website: https://bannerwitcoff.com/

Final Thoughts

Having assistance from a good and experienced attorney by your side is crucial for effectively resolving your legal issues. 

By taking into consideration the above-stated law firms would allow for the effective recruitment of attorneys situated within Illinois.

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