Biden’s High-Stakes Visit to Israel Amid Escalating Conflicts


The President of the United States, Mr. Joe Biden, will visit Israel on Wednesday. Experts think that it could be a high-stakes visit. His visit to Israel will be a tricky one as the country prepares to fight against the Hamas attacks. Conflicts continue to escalate as Gaza faces one of the biggest humanitarian crises of the decade.

On several occasions, Mr. Biden has made US support of Israel very clear. Now, his visit to the troubled land will mark another significant step to support Israel. Israel is the top ally of the United States in the Middle East. On October 7, 2023, militants from the Palestinian HAMAS group killed almost 1300 people. Their rampage through the southern part of Israel was the deadliest attack Israel has ever seen in a single day. 

Israel’s government decided to launch airstrikes on the Gaza territory where HAMAS headquarters lie. The government decided to restrict entry of basic amenities and fuel to the Gaza territory. Conflicts continue to rise as airstrikes from Israel kill thousands of Palestinians. 

Mr. Antony Blinken is the Secretary of State whom the US government had sent to Israel. He concluded hours of conversation with Israel’s Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. In his reports, Blinken said that Joe Biden will hear from the people of Israel on their needs during his visit. 

The US president will be meeting Israel’s Prime Minister. Reports say that they will be discussing Israel’s security issues. They will also be having a conversation on war-related strategy.

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