California Man To Face Charges In Jewish Protester’s Death


The authorities arrested a California man on Thursday. Now, he is set to face charges of involuntary manslaughter. The case is regarding the death of a Jewish citizen. Apparently, he fell to the ground while carrying on an altercation regarding pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian issues. He died after falling earlier this month.

Paul Kessler was the man who died. Aged 69, the reasons for his death show blunt force trauma to the head. He died unfortunately after a day he fell.

The fall made him his head hit on the ground at one of the protests from Nov. 5. The protest was going on in Thousand Oaks, which is 35 miles away from Los Angeles to the west. The  medical examiner found his death to be a homicide.

On Thursday, the Ventura County deputies from the sheriff’s office went on to arrest Loay Alnaji.  The 50 year old was arrested from his Moorpark residence over suspicions of involuntary manslaughter. Later, officials booked him at the county jail.

Erik Nasarenko is the lawyer for Ventura County District. Later, he said in his statement that there were two felony charges against Alnaji. They included involuntary manslaughter along with battery.  Each of these carries a penalty of a maximum of four years in prison.

However, it was not clear whether Alnaji got immediate representation by a lawyer. 

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