Alabama Car Accident Laws Everyone Must Know About


Every state in the territory of the US may have its own legislation for what happens after car accidents. The demonstrated result is that the knowledge you discover on the internet does not apply to yours.

While other states may believe they have got the car accident laws sorted, Alabama can take pride in them having a reputation that, conversely…puts them in a different light. They are a lot more direct than others, but please don’t mistake them for easy to grasp.

By just one misunderstanding or false understanding, you can get a totally wrong result. If you want to get money from those responsible for your accident, then the most reasonable means is hiring car accident lawyers in Birmingham who have the necessary expertise to help you collect the compensation which you deserve after you have been part of an accident.

In the present article, we will discuss the Alabama auto accident laws that every individual must have knowledge of.

Statute of Limitations

The time limit for auto accidents cases in the state of Alabama is subsequently two years starting from the incident. That said deadlines will apply only to those people who have suffered a personal injury, which can be in cases concerning vehicle collisions.

It is specified in the Alabama Code section 6-2-38, 2022. To conclude, the only point that stands clear is that you will have to file the lawsuit within two years from the time of the accident if you are injured at any time during the accident. You have to meet the deadline in order to get your paperwork before the court. If this does not happen, then the court will not recognize your case.

Limitation of the period also applies where someone who was a victim of an accident passed away and the family is behind the fight for justice, as they are seeking to file a claim against the defendant’s vehicle insurance. Here we are discussing a case with a special category called “wrongful death”.

Something that may be beneficial to your career would be that if you are the one to recover the car you will have more chances to get a higher level of engagement. The similar sentence to the Alabama code, section 6-2-34 which was updated in 2021, is one of the most effective tools which prepared you to file your claim against the negligent driver who was responsible for the damage you suffered because of the motor vehicle accident.

Contributory Negligence

Alabama applies a rule of “contributory negligence.” That is, if a jury finds that you were even a little bit responsible for the accident, you lose your chance to get any compensation from the other driver. Unlike most states, Alabama does not consider how much fault you hold; it only looks into whether or not you held some of the fault.

It is never just about the court but much more. Moreover, it guides the insurance business. Adjuster (it means the person who determines the amount of your claim) will take your own fault into consideration. This may put you in a worse situation to either have less compensation or having your claim dismissed even.

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Guest Statute

Next, it is just like when you are riding inside a car and the car gets hit by another car.And you are injured. All states empower you to make a branch inquiry into the carelessness of the driver that was not beyond certain standards (ordinary negligence”). The same rule which is the guest statute rule is also discouraging in saving the given state.

It may become difficult to compensate for those who are injured and secure damages in Alabama Law where no one can be sued by people who inflicted the injuries on themselves § 32-1-2. Here’s the deal: so the only way you can take the driver to court is if they were really careless and also if they were very careless. That is gross negligence which is also known. The bar is set much higher here than in the most average sensitivity.

The guest statute, that is dealing with this matter, only states the same thing, other methods of escape can be also applied. The knowledge of Alabama lawyers is sure to steer you for analysis of the case as well as ascertain whether or not it holds the possibility of gross negligence. They can be helpful in a number of other ways – for instance, they can suggest other means of securing a form of compensation, say, you may be able to sue the other driver or make a claim from your own insurer.

Compensation Limits

Whereas some other states’ civil courts don’t have a fixed maximum sum you can claim for your injuries, Alabama allows for a limitless amount. The court has the latitude to assess the barrier nature of your case. However, there are a few situations where limits might come into play:However, there are a few situations where limits might come into play:

City Employee: Whether you are injured by the action of a police officer or any other employee at work, $100,000 is the maximum compensation you would receive from the city itself.

Small Business: Under the proposed legislation, there would be a $50,000 or 10% limitation of liability, depending on which figure is less, if the accident included a worker of a small business.


Should there occur a crash or any injury, immediate medical treatment should be the first thing to consider even when you are severely injured. As for your overall welfare, getting medical help can make sure that your curing will be done properly and to make sure that you are at the safe side.

Besides it is crucial to get your health on top financially or legally speaking, as well. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help you insert your case so you can get the highest payout that you deserve. Your lawyer can assist you in finding your way through the legal system and help you negotiate with insurance providers while insisting on your rights, in case you will have to proceed in a court.

In case of selecting an attorney it is imperative to take by the aspirant an attorney who is worthy of trust, intelligent and attentive to his case. The number one prerequisite for choosing the attorney is to find a lawyer who specializes and has a certain success in personal injury law. Another consideration is selecting an attorney who proves to be responsive, updated, and communicates well. They will be keeping you well-informed throughout your case.

Finally the right attorney will be an indispensable partner in getting whom you really merit and the proper level of damage payment. Finding the right personal injury attorney should be considered a priority after a personal tragedy, regardless of the urgency of your case. Time is of the essence, to protect your interests and ensure that your case is handled properly.

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