What Does A Debt Relief Lawyer Do? Top 10 Best Debt Relief Lawyers in the US


We all go through a phase of debt once in our lifetime. This usually occurs when our financial funds diminish, but we still have tasks to fulfill that require funds. Here comes the requirement of debt relief. In this article, we will be discussing what debt relief is and what debt relief lawyers do to improve your existing financial situation. Additionally, we will mention some of the best debt relief lawyers in the US who can come to your rescue.

What Is Debt Relief?

What Does A Debt Relief Lawyer Do

Debt relief is defined as any structured plan that aims to pay down your overall debt amount. Here are some routes you can consider for debt relief: 

  • Repayment plans
  • Debit Management Plans (DMP)
  • Credit counseling services 
  • Creation and sticking to a budget
  • Creation of personal plans to pay down a debt 
  • Debt negotiations
  • Refinancing debts

What Does Debt Relief Lawyers Do?

What Does Debt Relief Lawyers Do

Debt relief lawyers are recognized to provide legal advice to their clients who are suffering from debt. Moreover, they may also be acknowledged to assess their client’s financial status, identification in their legal rights, and advice on options that can be used for settling their debt.

Top 10 Debt Relief Lawyers Practising in the US

Top 10 Debt Relief Lawyers Practising in the US

Getting help from a skilled debt relief lawyer is essential while you are neck-deep in debt. Before you forget to hire an attorney to rescue you from your debt, make sure to analyze some debt relief firms. Here, we’re listing some of the first-class law firms within the US with expert debt remedy legal professionals.

Dramer Law

Dramer Law is known for its expertise in debt relief and settlement matters. Debt relief lawyers in this institution will provide expertise in handling ways you can get over your debts. The law firm is situated in New York City. 

Address: 626 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556 

Phone: +1 888-314-1722

Miller & Miller Law, LLC

This is another law firm operating in Wisconsin with expert debt relief lawyers. Lawyers in this law firm assist with debt relief and settlements. Moreover, Miller also provides services related to bankruptcy, foreclosure, student loan, and credit repair. 

Address: 633 W Wisconsin Ave #500, Milwaukee, WI 53203

Phone: +1 414-312-6581

JGW Debt Settlement, LLC 

JGW Debt Settlement LLC is a registered organization that provides debt relief services to its clients. This firm operates in 31 states across the US. So, make sure to consult with debt relief lawyers in this LLC before you make any decision. 

Phone: 888-570-5240

Website: debt@jgwentworth.com

Kazerouni Law Group

Kazerouni Law Group APC is one of the state’s main consumer protection law corporations that defends its patron against debt collection abuse and protects your credit rights.

Address: 245 Fischer Ave Suite D1, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone: +1 949-612-9999

Daigle Law Office

Massachusetts attorney Peter M. Daigle, an owner of the Daigle Law Office, has over 20 years of experience in debt relief. He additionally covers other legal practice areas, which include bankruptcy, foreclosure, and civil litigation.

Phone: (508) 419-0613/(781) 561-1220 

The Gil Law Firm

 The Gil Law Firm has over 20 years of debt settlement and bankruptcy experience. While employing a debt relief lawyer or a legal team from the Gil Law Firm will cost money, it will assist you in minimizing debt.

Address: 111 Adris Pl, Dothan, AL 36303

Phone: +1 334-673-0100

Heston Law Firm

Heston Law Firm debt agreement attorneys assist their customers in negotiating debt settlement, coping with paperwork, or even constituting them in series proceedings at no additional value. 

Moreover, on average, they assist their clients in relieving their debt fee of 20 to 40% of their original debt.

Address: 31 Mason Park Blvd., Suite B, Katy, TX 77450

Stiberman Law Firm

Stiberman Law Firm has more than 22 years of experience in debt relief, consolidation, foreclosure, and bankruptcy laws. Moreover, they also assist their clients to make the right choice. This is regarding the avoidance of legal issues in financial matters. 

Fitzgerald & Campbell Law Corporation

Fitzgerald & Campbell Law Corporation has 20 years of experience in debt relief. It also has the best debt relief lawyers in the state of Ohio. Make sure to consult with these legal professionals if you are facing debts in Ohio. 

Address: 012 W 25th St Ste 701, Cleveland, OH 44113-4131

 Symmes Law Group

The Symmes Law Group hires the best Seattle-based debt relief lawyers to assist customers in negotiating their debt by decreasing the extremely good stability of the principal, which can be paid in full or in installments. They also assist a consumer with decreased payment plans, which can have greater manageability.

Address: 1818 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, United States

Final Thoughts 

Now you’ve got an idea of what debt relief lawyers are, and you could want them to clear up your debt situation. 

If you care about techniques you could use to settle your debts to your lenders, we endorse that you look for help from an expert debt remedy attorney. 

Debt relief lawyers have the potential to negotiate on your behalf to reduce your debt burden. 

We have listed skilled and professional debt relief lawyers on lawyersinventory.com who are looking beforehand to resolve your debt in a legally powerful manner.

Final Thoughts! 

Now you have an idea about what a debt relief lawyer is and when you might need them to resolve your debt situation. 

If you are confused about ways you can settle your debts to your creditors. Similarly, we suggest that you seek assistance from a professional debt relief lawyer. 

Moreover, A debt relief lawyer has the capacity to negotiate on your behalf for the purpose of reducing your burden of debt. 

Similarly, We have listed experienced and professional debt relief lawyers on lawyersinventory.com who are looking forward to resolving your debt in a legally effective manner. 

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