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Did you know that “disability lawyers Pittsburgh PA” is just as common a Google search as “divorce lawyers in Houston. Well, our exceptional team of legal experts has already tended to the divorce lawyers list. However, now, we are here to tell you all about disability lawyers Pittsburgh PA!

First, let’s cover the basics.

Who Is a Disability Lawyer?

Sometimes when you’re dealing with the SSA, there are certain obstacles that come your way like the disability claim. That’s when a disability lawyer comes in. 

A disability lawyer helps you to understand the system and safeguard your rights. They help you understand terms like substantial gainful activity and other aspects of social security claims. 

Generally in America (not only in Pittsburgh) the SSA uses a five-step sequential procedure of evaluation that determines disability. A disability lawyer would help you walk through this process easily and help you understand the overall process. They even explain to you the criteria SSA uses and hence prepare you accordingly. Other than this, they also help in handling the overall legal procedure and take care of the disability hearing. They research, investigate, and come up with solutions to help you out with the case and the overall appeal process.

Why Do You Need A Disability Lawyer?

When you deal with a disability, there is an undeniable necessity for legal assistance. You do need help in filing or appealing Social Security disability claims. After all we could all use the help of a distinguished legal professional when making claims.

Thus, be it a case of embezzlement or for drafting a vendor contract, a lawyer is your best shot.

Therefore, selecting a lawyer or advocate for this purpose is both necessary and daunting. You should start meeting or speaking with good potential lawyers before you find the best fit.

Thus, skilled disability lawyers always act as a social security disability lawyer when you are filing these claims. 

What More Do Disability Lawyers Pittsburgh Pa Do?

Well, disability lawyers in Pittsburgh have the same responsibilities of disability lawyers in the rest of the US.

A disability lawyer helps out individuals in filing Social Security disability claims. Additionally, they also work providing legal guidance. Therefore, they gather important medical evidence to help the client’s claims.

Moreover, they represent clients in hearings and ensure that the clients submit the correct documents. Also, they aim to bring the most to the clients who approach them for assistance on disability benefits. Thus, disability lawyers are super lawyers who help out the disabled in the best possible manner.

Top Disability Lawyers Pittsburgh Pa

Now that we know what disability lawyers Pittsburgh PA do, let us get to know some of the best ones on the list. Therefore, in this section, we will give you their name, contact details, operating areas, everything! So, hold on!

Berger and Green

This acclaimed law firm is situated at 800 Waterfront Dr, Pittsburgh. Moreover, Berger and Green specialize in personal injury law. Thus, you can contact them for social security disability claims, too!


You can contact them at +1 412-661-1400. They offer their services 24 hours a day.

Mansmann and Moore, LLP

This top-notch house of disability lawyers Pittsburgh PA is located at 304 Ross St, Pittsburgh. Thus, Mansmann and Moore, LLP specialize in personal injury law, including disability law.


You can reach them at +1 800-727-4878, and they are available 24/7.

Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C.

This acclaimed law firm is situated at 707 Grant St Ste 125, Pittsburgh. Thus, Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C. mostly practice personal injury law, and are experts on disability law.


You can contact them at +1 412-214-7477, and they operate round the clock.

Logan & Logan

This top-notch house of disability lawyers Pittsburgh PA is located at 310 Grant St Ste 3201. Pittsburgh, Logan & Logan primarily handle employment law. However, they also provide quality services in disability law.


You can reach them at +1 412-765-0983. Their office opens shortly.

Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo

This acclaimed law firm is situated at 239 Fourth Ave Floor 15th, Pittsburgh. Moreover, Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo focus on workers’ compensation law. Therefore, you can understand how perfectly it deals with aspects of disability law claims.


You can contact them at +1 412-668-5090.

Therefore, along with being home to top-notch lawyers’ disability lawyers Pittsburgh PA, these firms also specialize in various legal areas, mainly personal injury, employment law, etc.

Moreover, matters like social security disability claims often coincide with claims of workers’ compensation. Thus, you can contact them directly or visit their websites for more details! 

List Of The Perfect Social Security Disability Attorney In Pittsburgh PA

Now that we know the best law firms in the area, let us find out the best disability lawyers Pittsburgh PA! Remember, this list is a hand picked one. Therefore, we expect our readers to go through it and make the best choices for their particular case.

Here are the Best Social Security Disability attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA! 

  • Cynthia C. Berger

Berger and Green

Pittsburgh, PA 

  • Mitchell H. Dugan

Dugan & Associates, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Amanda J. Bonnesen

Berger and Green

Pittsburgh, PA 

  • Nariman P. Dastur

DeAngelis, Dastur & Associates, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA 

  • Mark Malak

Berger and Green

Pittsburgh, PA 

  • Domenic A. Bellisario

Law Office of Domenic A. Bellisario

Pittsburgh, PA 

  • Brian Patrick Bronson

Quatrini Law Group

Pittsburgh, PA (Greensburg, PA)

  • James Robert Burn

Abes Baumann, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Jonathan R. Colton

Joshua M. Bloom and Associates, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Adrian J. DeGori

Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Shelley W. Elovitz

Rothman Gordon, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Matthew S. Faher

Rudberg Law Offices, LLC

Pittsburgh, PA 

  • Joseph M. Gaydos, Jr.

Gaydos, Gaydos, & Associates

Pittsburgh, PA (White Oak, PA)

  • Thomas D. Hall

The Law Office of Hall & Copetas, PC

Pittsburgh, PA 

  • Caitlin M. Harrington

Dallas W. Hartman, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA (New Castle, PA) 

  • Barbara E. Holmes

Blaufeld, Schiller & Holmes LLP

Pittsburgh, PA 

  • J. Scott Leckie

Yablonski, Costello & Leckie, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA (Washington, PA)

  • Dennis A. Liotta

Woomer & Talarico

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Walter F. Lober

Berman Voss PC

Pittsburgh, PA

How to Find A Disability Lawyer in Pittsburgh?

With the evolving technological landscape, it is not very difficult to find a disability lawyer. Be it in Pittsburgh or anywhere else. Here are some ways you can look for a disability lawyer: 

Ask for Recommendations 

Taking recommendations from your acquaintances is one of the best ways to look for a disability lawyer. Ask your friends and family who can help you out by providing you with disability lawyers. 

Search Online

Since the internet is now at our fingertips, you can also look for disability lawyers near you. You will have access to a list of options in your area and you can choose them according to your needs and requirements. You can check out Nolo.com or Laywers.com to compare your candidates. 

Experience Comparison 

Suppose you already have a lawyer in mind, and you want to verify if they’re the right choice, you can compare them with other lawyers with the same experiences and specializations. However, go for a lawyer who has experience in handling cases that are similar to yours. 

Request a Free Consultation 

A reputable disability attorney in Pittsburg will give you a free initial consultation. Make use of this feature and ask them specific questions about your problems. This will also help you understand the attorney’s personality and how professionally he handles his cases.

To Conclude

Thus, hiring disability lawyers Pittsburgh PA increases your chances of winning the best disability claim. They know how the appeal process works and are familiar with the judges who handle disability cases. Therefore, your disability attorney is the best person to understand their preferences and biases.

Lawyers who practice disability law also excel in tackling the “bad facts.” Therefore, they address shortfalls in medical records or inconsistent information. 

Moreover, if not handled properly, they could impact on your claim.

Additionally, attorneys can effectively cross-examine vocational experts. They are quite an important figure in hearings who determine an applicant’s workability based on their medical conditions.

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