Evidence Which Can Prove Your Innocence In A Wrongful Accusation


Before we start, we want you to ask yourself a fundamental question. Are you sure that you are innocent?

Most of the time, people face difficulties in proving their innocence in court. Despite no wrongdoings, you might be accused of a crime that you have not committed.

In such cases, proving your innocence in court is very crucial. Do not ever neglect your course of action with a false accusation of crime. If you are accused, you will be dragged to the courtroom and then to jail.

This article will help you understand the basic and essential evidence you can use to prove you are not guilty in the courtroom. Then, you can make contact with an expert Virginia criminal lawyer, Jay P. Mykytiuk, to get rid of your tricky situation.

No Need To Prove Innocence

Proving your innocence in the courtroom is almost impossible because there is no such process available in the law. According to law, the court will want to convict you as a criminal.

On the other hand, your defense will be to show that they do not have enough evidence to prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubts. So, the law says if you are not guilty, then you are free; it does not matter whether you are innocent or not.

Evidence You Can Use To Prove Innocence

To prove your ‘not guilty’ in court, you will need to have some evidence that is legally admissible. The court will only allow a few pieces of evidence that are legal, and here we will discuss some of the evidence that might work on your case.

Showing enough evidence will increase the chance of your being innocent in court. So, follow this evidence to make your defense strong enough.

1. Witness Testimony

This is a vital part of the evidence for you to consider. If you are falsely accused of a crime, you may find witnesses to help you increase the doubt of the court.

For instance, if someone else did the crime and accused you, a witness can identify that. On the other hand, a witness can be used as an alibi to show that you were somewhere else during the crime.

2. Employment And Other Records

Your bank accounts and employment records and even Public Records can be used to make your defense strong. Take support from a Virginia criminal lawyer to engage such records on your behalf.

This evidence can support your innocence in the past and also establish an alibi that you were at work. Your lawyer will handle such evidence carefully if you allow them to dig into your case correctly.

3. Phone Records

Your phone can be your big savvier this time. Do not neglect the power of phone records as solid evidence.

Your GPS data can be used to show your different alibi. In addition, your texts and messages, and also call records can prove your innocence. So, do not forget to scrutinize your phone data accurately.

4. Photos And Videos

Photos and videos also can work as a strong alibi for you. Whether it is your phone or someone else’s, or a DSLR or webcam, if there is something to show your presence somewhere else, then you can take a breath.

Moreover, a witness’s phone can be searched to add some exciting twist to the case by showing actual photos and videos of the crime scene.

5. Cctv Footage

It doesn’t matter what happened at the crime scene, and a surveillance camera can lead the way to your innocence.

The surrounding of a crime scene could be under surveillance, and trespassers can be identified through the footage. You will also be able to find your presence at the same time if you were not there at the crime spot.

6. DNA Evidence

DNA evidence is a life savior for you if you are accused of a sexual harassment case. The case will be dismissed instantly if you have such evidence with you to show in the court.

There will be no benefit of the doubt against you if your DNA does not match with the accuser in a sexual harassment case.

To Conclude

After the discussion of proving your innocence in the courtroom, it might seem that showing the benefit of doubts will not be difficult for you. But remember, every piece of evidence has its cost, and your personal Virginia criminal lawyer only can fetch the best deal and situation for you.

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