Federal Judge Denies Constitutional Protection to LGBTQ Drag Show


A Federal Judge delivered a ruling on an LGBTQ student group from Texas. The ruling states that this group had no inherent constitutional right for the much-disputed charity drag. 

This group held the show on West Texas A&M University’s campus. However, matters soon took a complicated turn when there were objections came from the school’s president. The school president held that such performances were “misogynistic” in nature. He felt that they made a mockery of womanhood.

This ruling came from District Judge of the United States, Matthew Kacsmaryk. Before he served as a judge in Amarillo, Texas, Judge Matthew was a Christian legal activist. He had a history of opposing LGBTQ rights. 

On Thursday, Judge Matthew ruled that it was never the case that the US Constitution protected drag shows. He said that drag shows did not enjoy protections of free speech/expression under the US Constitution’s First Amendment.

The LGBTQ student group in question is called Spectrum WT. They had lodged a lawsuit in March. The lawsuit came after Walter Wendler, the school’s president, stopped a drag show on campus. This show was organized by the LGBTQ group.

After their show’s cancellation, the group shifted to an event off campus. However, the group kept seeking a legal injunction to stop the school president from banning future events. The LGBTQ group had another event planned in 2024. 

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