First U.S. Tesla Autopilot Trial Begins, Impacting Future Cases


A trial regarding the allegations against Tesla’s Autopilot feature is taking place in the United States. These allegations stated that the Autopilot feature in Tesla Vehicles is causing fatal accidents.

The Trial is scheduled for Thursday, when all parties will be presenting their opening statements. It is due to take place in the California state court and fill affect Tesla vehicles in all manufacturing and retailing stores across the nation.  

The lawsuit originally followed an unfortunate incident. A faulty Autopilot system caused Micah Lee’s Model 3 to swerve off a highway. This incident took place near Los Angeles.

It resulted in a high-speed collision with a palm tree. The crash led to a fire that killed Micah Lee. The car had two passengers, along with an 8-year-old boy. They were injured badly in this crash from 2019.

This lawsuit came from the passengers and Lee’s estate against the Musk owned company, Tesla. It accuses Tesla of selling a defective vehicle even after having prior knowledge of a defective Autopilot feature. The lawsuit also states that other safety systems were flawed.

The automobile giant, Tesla, has refused to take any liability for the incident claiming that Lee was drunk. 

Tesla’s team holds that Lee had actually consumed alcohol right before driving. According to Tesla, the defendant in the case, it is unclear if at all the Autopilot mode was active at the time of the crash. 

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