Former Military Officials Urge Congress to Pass Israel and Ukraine Aid


A group of former military officials is calling on the U.S. Congress to prioritize aid for both Israel and Ukraine, stressing the importance of these partnerships for national security. In an open letter, these veterans and experts have outlined the critical role these nations play in regional stability and global security.

The letter emphasizes the strategic alliance between the United States and Israel, which has long been a key partner in the Middle East. It highlights the need to provide continued military assistance to Israel to ensure its ability to defend against threats in a volatile region, safeguarding American interests.

Additionally, the former military leaders underline the significance of supporting Ukraine in the face of ongoing challenges, particularly the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine. They argue that bolstering Ukraine’s ability to resist external aggression is not only a moral imperative but also essential to maintaining global stability.

The plea from these experienced military officials comes at a crucial time when Congress is deliberating on foreign aid and budget priorities. They stress that the United States’ commitment to its allies is fundamental to maintaining peace and security on the world stage.

The letter also acknowledges the interconnectedness of national security, emphasizing that aiding strategic partners like Israel and Ukraine is an investment in a safer and more stable world. It calls on Congress to act swiftly to ensure the provision of necessary assistance to these nations, aligning with U.S. interests in fostering peace and security both in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

As Congress considers its budget allocations and foreign policy decisions, the voices of these former military officials carry weight, reinforcing the argument for continued support to Israel and Ukraine to safeguard American national security interests.

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