Google Demands UK Antitrust Action Against Microsoft In Cloud Market


Google has urged Britain’s antitrust regulator to take a stand against Microsoft. Officials are alleging that its business tactics have unfairly tried to sway competitors. These reports come from a Reuters-reviewed document.

Microsoft and Amazon have lately been under increasing global scrutiny. It seems that their control over the cloud computing sector is leading to much trouble. Regulators in the UK, European Union, and the US are investigating their market dominance.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) are carrying out an inquiry into Britain’s cloud computing industry. This inquiry started in October, and was triggered by a referral from media regulator Ofcom.

Ofcom talked about significant market control held by Amazon and Microsoft Here, officials felt that some form of an investigation was necessary.

Ofcom reported that in 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft’s Azure held massive shares. 70-80% of the UK’s public cloud infrastructure services market was under them. Google’s cloud division, their main rival, secured about 5-10%.

Google, in a letter to the CMA, expressed concerns that Microsoft’s licensing methods. The officials have discouraged customers from utilizing competing services. Moreover, they even asked consumers to think considering them as secondary options along with Azure.

Google, in this letter said,

“With Microsoft’s licensing restrictions in particular, UK customers are left with no economically reasonable alternative but to use Azure as their cloud services provider, even if they prefer the prices, quality, security, innovations, and features of rivals.”

These actions apparently had an impact on customers.

Microsoft modified its licensing regulations last year after these issues and encouraged fair competition. 

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