Google Faces Landmark Us Antitrust Trial With Top Tech Execs


We have all been waiting eagerly for the details of the Google anti-trust trial.

Google is to face the consequences of its domination over the world of search engines. 

The top executives of Google Parent company alphabet incorporation, Google, and top technology companies of The United States are testifying in this trial.

Federal regulators of the United States are the plaintiffs of this trial on Tuesday. They are making an attempt to bring down the Internet empire from Google’s monopolistic practices. 

This trial is going to be one of the largest anti-trust trials in the history of the United States.

In the next few weeks to come, lawyers representing the Federal government will prove that Google has illegally influenced the search engine market. 

They will have to prove that Google has been influencing the Tech Giants to make its search engine the default choice in their devices.

District judge of the United States Amit Mehta will probably not be ruling on the trial until next year.

If he finds that Google has indeed broken antitrust laws of the United States, yet another trial will begin against Mountain View, the California company.

The top heads of Google and its Parent company alphabet incorporations are going to face the brunt of this trial. Sundar Pichai, who is the CEO of Google, succeeded the co-founder, Mr Page, a few years ago. He will be a part of the trial, including Mr Eddy Cue, a top Apple executive.

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