Google Settles with Match Group in Antitrust Lawsuit


Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has resolved an antitrust lawsuit. Initially, the claims of antitrust violations came from the dating app developer Match Group. The resolution has eliminated Match Group from the ongoing lawsuit putting a halt to the trial. Google, the search engine giant, has reached a settlement with the Match Group, a dating app.

The dating platform has formally accused Google of enjoying a monopoly over Android app distribution through its Play Store, the Google Play Store. The settlement puts a considerable turnaround in the antitrust trial against Google that was scheduled to take place in November 6.

Now Epic, the gaming platform, Epic Games, remains the sole plaintiff. Google has settled multiple antitrust claims, the most notable one being with U.S. states and consumers. The terms of these settlements are not made public as of now.

After the settlement, Match Group stated claims that it had established a partnership with Google. The dating platform considers this partnership to be a valuable relationship exchange.

After the settlement, the CEO of Epic Games, Mr. Tim Sweeney, confirmed that they would be proceeding to trial. Now, they will be carrying out the lawsuit against Google independently. In the initial lawsuit, both Epic and Match Group claimed that Google unfairly monopolized Android app distribution.

Google refuted these claims. As a defense, the search engine giant claimed that it competes with Apple in the app sales market. Apart from the current lawsuit, Google is facing multiple antitrust allegations in other U.S. courts. 

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