Hillary Clinton Dismisses Trump’s Self-Pardon Doubts


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has weighed in on former President Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding the possibility of pardoning himself. In a recent interview, Clinton expressed skepticism about Trump’s assertion that he would not consider pardoning himself in the future.

Donald Trump, who faced multiple investigations during his presidency, has raised questions about the legality and ethics of a self-pardon, a topic that has generated significant debate among legal scholars and politicians. In a statement, Trump claimed he had the “absolute right” to pardon himself but stated he wouldn’t need to use it because he believed he did nothing wrong.

Clinton, who ran against Trump in the 2016 presidential election, pushed back on his comments, saying, “I don’t believe Donald Trump when he doubts he would pardon himself. Throughout his presidency, he demonstrated a disregard for legal norms and a willingness to stretch the limits of executive power.”

The discussion around a potential self-pardon has intensified as investigations into Trump’s business dealings and actions while in office continue. Legal experts are divided on the issue, with some arguing that a self-pardon would be unconstitutional, while others contend that it is within the president’s power.

As Trump’s legal challenges persist and the debate over the possibility of a self-pardon continues, it remains a topic of significant interest, with potential legal and political ramifications that could shape the future of American politics and governance.

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