Can You Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer With No Injury Occurred?


Did you recently get involved in an accident without any injuries or bodily damage? If this is your case, you can start by analyzing the auto and property damage due to the negligence of the other party. 

If no auto or property damage happened during the accident, then it’s not worth getting your hands on the tedious legal battle. 

But, if your ride has received considerable damage, then you can sue the other party for compensation and recovery of the damages. It can get overwhelming to correctly estimate all damages and provide the exact sum of money in front of the court. Hence, it’s always better to shake hands with a professional ‘auto accident injury lawyer—no injury’.

When Should You Hire No Injury Auto Accident Lawyer?

Below are scenarios on which you should strongly consider hiring a no-injury auto accident lawyer. 

  1. If your car gets damaged during the accident. It doesn’t matter how severe the damage is, you deserve to get compensation for the irresponsibility of another party. In case of minute damage, your case will be handled by a small claims court. It’s important to note that suing should not be your option. Firstly, you should claim a recovery from a third party’s insurance company. Here, if you feel you are not getting what you deserve, then, it’s time to consult a professional accident lawyer. If your legal representative smells the wrong-doing and unjust treatment, buckle up for a legal battle. 
  2. You can also seek legal help if the third party isn’t having any accident insurance. 
  3. You can also claim a recovery if the accident has caused any kind of property damage. 
  4. If you find that the insurance company is not providing the full compensation you deserve. 

Here, the first and foremost step to follow after getting involved in the accident is to claim recovery for the damages from the insurance company of a third party, if any. Different states in the USA have different rules regarding the accident laws. For instance, in the state of Arizona, you have to file a claim within two days from the date of the accident. Here you can consider hiring an injury lawyer in Arizona, who will be well-versed with Arizona’s accident rules and regulations.  

Now, let’s peek into the scenarios that don’t necessarily don’t require any accident attorney. 

When You Shouldn’t Hire A Personal Auto Injury Lawyer? 

Below are the scenarios when you shouldn’t go through a legal pathway. 

  1. If there is no apparent injury or damage on your body or property, In this case, it shouldn’t get involved in legal matters. As the money claim will be extremely low. Most of these cases will be taken by accident lawyers and accident recovery law firms. 
  2. In most instances, insurance firms will pay what they are obliged to pay. You can go through their obligation to get more clarity on what you own and what you deserve. 
  3. You should also be careful with the accident lawyer or accident law firm you are looking forward to hiring. Always ask to pay based on contingency. Also, go through the reviews, ratings, and word of mouth (this may seem old school, but you can’t neglect the experience of other clients who have already worked with them.)

It’s time to tighten your seat belts, while we ride you through some of the benefits of having a legal representative on your side. Let’s dive right in!

  • In case, you get injured in an auto accident. It’s best to get in contact with a professional accident attorney. You will be faced with extensive paperwork, medical claims, and bills. Having an expert on your side will help reduce stress in your head. Further, you’ll get an expert working for you, securing all the claims you deserve while you heal in peace. 
  • There is no denying that insurance firms have a professional layer on their side to reduce the effect of accidents so they have to pay a minimal amount. Here, having an expert well aware of the law and how to make the law work for you, will be a great benefit. 
  • The best benefit of hiring an attorney is fair compensation. Thinking of handling your accident yourself can be a mistake. An insurance firm can and will pick up trivial errors in your claim and use them against you. Here, having a professional who has made a life out of recovering claim processes is the best idea to work with. 

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