What Are The Types Of Hold Harmless Agreements? Explained In 2021



The hold harness agreements are used in high-risk businesses like skydiving. In these construction businesses, the customers are not provided the absolute liability or the protection to safeguard the companies’ interests. The customers are willing to take their risk by signing this agreement.      

These agreements can save the organization from taking the services if any risky things happen in the workplace or while performing the services. The Hold harmless agreements have several clauses that you need to consider at your end. You have to consider the facts while you enter into a contract like these types. 

Different Types Of Hold Harmless Agreements 


Different Types Of Hold Harmless Agreements

There are multiple forms of hold harmless agreements are there that people do not have the right idea. In some specific cases and times, it can help the companies escape from liability if anything happens to the customer when seeking the services.    

1. Broad Form   

The broad form of the hold harmless agreements includes the fact that the subcontractors being insured in the workplace considering the related liabilities of the accidents. But here is the twist: if the accident occurs due to the subcontractor’s negligence, the principal contractor, or the combined negligence of both of them, then no insurance liability will be the company’s burden. 

The state jurisdiction states that if the accident occurs in the workplace, then the liability of the accident will be met by the subcontractor, and the concerned organization will not be held responsible in this regard.    

2. Intermediate Form 

In the intermediate form of the hold harmless agreement, the subcontractor will responsible even if the fault is of the principal contractor. Some of the crucial aspects of this agreement form are that it will help your organization party with the liability of the accident as if the entire burden of liability in the workplace negligence accident is on the subcontractor.   

The subcontractor will have to pay the liability amount if the accident occurs in the workplace. He will be held responsible for that. You have to maintain the norms of the form as if you are entering into the contract with the other party. It entirely depends on the fact which is primarily responsible for the accident in the workplace. 

3. Limited Form 

In this form of the hold harmless agreement liability, the subcontractor will be liable for the accident due to his negligence, partially not entirely. He will have to pay the amount on the partial damage, not for the actual damage of the victim. In most cases, the limited form is accepted everywhere. The reason is the risk is spread equally among the people. 

The other party or the people will be included here to pay for the liability of the accident. They will not be spared once they are also responsible for the accident that is caused due to their negligence as well. You have to understand these points while you want to enter into a hold harmless agreement. 

Details You Need To Provide While Seeking The Hold Harmless Agreement   


Details You Need To Provide While Seeking The Hold Harmless Agreement 

There are several details you have to disclose while you want to enter into a hold harmless agreement. You have to consider the above points before you enter into these kinds of agreements. Some of the standard details are as follows:- 

1. The Person Or The Party To Be Hold Harmless 

Here you have to include the names of the person who will sign the hold harmless agreement. It can be a single person or multiple people you have to prepare the contract. Ensure that you are mentally ready to take such kinds of risks in your life as it can prove to be dangerous at times if you are not careful. 

2. The Person Or The Party Providing The Protection 

You must mention the person’s name in the agreement who will remain harmless if anything happens to you while performing the task. These are some of the hold harmless agreement clauses that you must remember from your end while protecting these agreement rights for your company. You must know these norms properly to implement them properly. Here, the role of the corporate lawyer can be a great help for you as per my previous article. 

3. Different Types Of  Protection Provided 

Construction-related holds harmless agreements fall under different categories of services. You have to consider various aspects of the workplace-related risks that your workers have to undergo. You need to understand these issues while you are facing these kinds of problems. 

The agreement will safeguard the interest of the company as well as the worker to a limited extent. The burden of accident investment will be divided equally, and the companies do not have to pay off the high debts. 

4. The Amount Of Time Frame 

It coincides with the range of the dates that you need to take care of making the hold harmless agreement. You have to specify the dates and the time correctly benefits from getting the agreement’s benefits or the contract that you need the most from your end. 

You have to consider the dates and the time in proper order to prepare the agreement. You can seek the help of an experienced lawyer, in this case, to get your job done correctly. Ensure that you do not miss out on valuable points in this regard. The more vigilant you are, the better will be your agreement clauses. 


Hence, you have to consider some of the facts while you prepare the hold harmless agreement. Ensure that you have read all the terms and the conditions of the contract from your end in a proper order to make things possible in the right direction at the right point in time. Do not risk your life for the sake of earning money. 

Remember that the risk coverage factor in these types of agreements is less, or you can say that it is limited. You have to understand the norms of the contract well before you sign it. Otherwise, you can be in big trouble in the future. Do not invite danger if you are not prepared for it. Try to be practical in your approach. 

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