How to Choose a Lawyer in Portugal


Choosing a proper lawyer in Portugal catering to your specific needs plays an important role in helping out with the outcomes of legal matters. They are your guide through the complex legal maze. They guide you through it at ease and then uphold your interests. 

Here are some options you must keep in mind to make the best choice while choosing a lawyer. Here we present you a guide on how to choose a lawyer in Portugal. 

Types of Lawyers in Portugal

Types of Lawyers in Portugal

It’s important to hire a competent lawyer no matter where you reside. Your lawyer plays a crucial role in safeguarding your legal rights and interests. A good lawyer can then guide you and advise you to implement the best legal strategies. 

Furthermore, other than having proper technical knowledge, it’s important that your lawyer is trustworthy enough to not breach your trust. Also, keep in mind to avoid any conflict of interest when you’re selecting a worthy lawyer in Portugal. 

You may be wondering when a conflict of interest happens. Sometimes it happens when the lawyer’s representation of the client gets materially limited through the interests of the lawyer. This would compromise your lawyer’s capability to represent their clients in an effective way. It can bring up liabilities to the clients as well. 

Hence, to not let any conflict of interest take place, it’s crucial that you fully disclose the relevant facts and circumstances to your attorney. You should also examine how the lawyer maintained their rapport with their past clients. If you understand that might be a conflict of interest, then talk to your lawyer directly about it. Find another attorney to replace them. 

In Portugal, however, the lawyers are categorized into two categories: Advogado and Solicitador. 

An Advogado is a type of qualified lawyer who is enrolled in the Bar Association of Portugal. They will represent clients regarding all legal matters like the court proceedings, regardless of their value and type. 

Solicitadors are primarily legal advisors who are enrolled in Portugese Bar Association as well. They advise you to make concrete legal decisions on your own and help you out with legal intricacies easily. 

Key Factors To Keep In Mind Before Choosing a Lawyer in Portugal

Key Factors To Keep In Mind Before Choosing a Lawyer in Portugal

The Portuguese legal market is now extremely competitive and is driven primarily by factors of economic growth and increasing investments. This is now bringing about major changes in the legal landscape. 

Portuguese law firms offer various legal services adhering to real estate, tax, and labor laws. There are also boasting new law firms that are offering competitive pricing alongside a much more personalized approach to legal services. 

You have to be careful while browsing through the Portuguese law arena. so, remember these key points while hiring a lawyer in Portugal. They are: 

Practice Areas 

Go for a law firm that specializes in the area of law that you seek help in. For example, if you need guidance in taxation law, you should look for a firm that has a strong hold on taxation laws


Always consider the level of experience while choosing lawyers. If the lawyer has a successful history in handling cases like yours, then they’re the correct choice for you. You can rely on them to deliver you with similar results. 


Ensure that the firm you’re choosing is great at communication and is responsive to your needs. Always go for a firm or a lawyer who is transparent with their communication techniques. They should also get you regular updates about your case as well. Ensure that the law firm understands your case well and speaks to you with an open mind. 


Fees play an important role in determining the best choice for your needs. Learn about their billing process and payment terms. Make sure that those adhere to your standards. 


Always ensure that the lawyers are catering to your needs properly and are always at your service. They should always be available if you’re facing a very pressing legal matter. 

You must understand why you need a lawyer. You must understand that if the situation is serious enough to address the issue with the lawyer or not. Or are you just overthinking it? Portuguese law firms encompass various fields of real estate, tax, and family law. So choose your lawyer or a law firm of your choice accordingly. 

Research The Market

Conduct thorough research on the available options. Use online resources, such as legal portals, websites of Portuguese Bar Associations, and client reviews. Social networks and professional platforms like LinkedIn can also be useful for obtaining recommendations and reviews about lawyers.

Consider Experience and Qualifications

When choosing a lawyer, it is important to consider their experience and qualifications in your required area. Experienced lawyers with a good reputation and specialization that matches your requirements can offer more quality and effective legal solutions.

Consultation and Communication

Consultation and Communication

When choosing a lawyer, special attention should be paid to accessibility and comfort in communication. If the format of communication provides an opportunity to ask questions and get an explanation of complex legal aspects in an accessible language, this should be regarded as a positive factor in making a decision in favor of such a candidate.

Transparency of Collaboration Terms

Transparency of Collaboration Terms

Discuss all aspects of collaboration: from the cost of services to methods of communication. A good lawyer should provide a clear and understandable contract that describes all services, their execution times, and the total cost.

Evaluate Reviews and Recommendations

Evaluate Reviews and Recommendations

Evaluating reviews and recommendations from previous clients is a critically important stage in the process of choosing a lawyer in Portugal. These reviews can provide you not only with an objective assessment of the lawyer’s professional skills and experience but also with a unique impression of their ability to interact with clients, resolve conflicts, and achieve desired outcomes.

It’s important to pay attention to the overall tone of the reviews. Positive feedback, especially those highlighting the personal qualities of the lawyer, such as honesty, dedication to the case, and empathy, can be a good indicator of their approach to work and attitude towards clients. On the other hand, negative reviews should signal the need for more detailed investigation and possibly, additional questions to the lawyer about the specific circumstances of those cases.

The lawyer you choose must adhere to high standards of legal ethics and shares your core values. This creates the foundation for trustful and long-term relationships.


Choosing a lawyer in Portugal is not just a legal step but a strategic decision that can deeply influence the outcome of your case, whether personal, corporate, or investment-related. This decision requires a careful approach and thoughtful analysis of all available options. It’s important not just to evaluate the professionalism and experience of potential lawyers but also to ensure that there is mutual understanding and trust between you. By following the recommendations laid out in this article, you can approach the selection of a lawyer with greater confidence, one who not only possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to address your legal challenges but also shares your values and priorities. This approach will allow you to find a qualified specialist capable of effectively protecting your interests and achieving the best possible outcome for your legal matters in Portugal. Ultimately, the right choice of lawyer will be the guarantee of your peace of mind and legal security on Portuguese soil.

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