What Is Injunctive Relief, And What Are The 5 Common Examples of Injunctive Relief?


In the current era, legal problems have diversified a lot more than even a decade ago. In such a situation, you should have proper knowledge about some basic legal proceedings that might be necessary for daily life.

Well, this article deals with injunctive relief and its examples. Here, you can also learn about the leading types of injunctive reliefs. Read this article if you have no idea about it. Have a look at the following points:

What Is Injunctive Relief?

Also known as injunction, Injunctive Relief is a legal remedy where you can restrict someone to do work. Moreover, the law can force a person to do the same work in a different manner. As per injunction definition, it can help prevent any future wrong related to any work.

If you are still concerned, know about what an injunction is, learn that the court gives it only during extreme cases. Any court would look up to the preliminary injunctions (temporary injunction) before giving the final one. Moreover, there are certain things that the party should demonstrate too. All such demonstrations are given in the following list:

Demonstrations By Parties To Seek Injunction

Demonstrations By Parties To Seek Injunction

Here are the top demonstrations that the parties should make while getting injunctions. Here are the points:

  • Anything that has gone through irreparable injury.
  • No injunction school adverse interest of the public.
  • Moving party for the injunction has the outstanding success of merits.
  • The threat of harm to the moving party is more than the opposing party.

Now, as you know the injunction meaning, it is vital to know the situations when the court can give the orders for injunctive relief. However, you should check if it is a permanent injunction or a temporary one. Well, the situations in which the court can give injunction are:

  • Construction of a new building
  • Planning for an abrupt business venture
  • Making monetary transactions that are harmful

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Five Common Examples Of Injunctive Relief

Five Common Examples Of Injunctive Relief

In this part, you can go through the five common examples of injunctive relief. Consider it to be easily understandable as you know the injunction meaning. Have a look:

1. Theft Of Clients

In the modern-day, client poaching is a common incident. It is a dangerous phenomenon and can ruin a company. You can file for an injunction in this case. The only thing you need to check is whether your ex-employee possesses an NCA.

Moreover, the court would check if the ex-employee is poaching resources and clients of the company that are really important. In this case, you can get injunctive relief.

2. Intellectual Property Infringement

For any person with some intellectual property, infringement can be a big threat. You can file for injunctive relief in court if you find someone advertising your intellectual property. However, you need to remember that you would need a patent.

Moreover, examples of intellectual property would be merchandise that belongs to film corporations, write-ups, music, etc. Any type of copying and plagiarising can be considered an infringement.

3. Bankruptcy

In case of bankruptcy, you can file for a bankruptcy injunction. As a result, no creditors can sue your assets while you can still try to give away the debts. However, you need to check the type of declarations made by creditors.

In case of a bankruptcy injunction, you should make sure that your creditor signs the petition in court. The injunction real estate can be the best example of a bankruptcy injunction. However, you should not mix it with construction building injection.

4. Freezeout Of Minority Shareholders

The minority stockholders, in the case of small businesses, have a tendency to freeze out. In such a scenario, business organizations can fire them off. As a result, the stockholder experiences a termination.

At times, this can be a threat to their living.  In this case, injunctive relief in the form of TRO can help a lot. It can even get a minor shareholder back to the job once they are fired.

5. Contract Breaching

In the business field, contacts play a vital role in maintaining the workload and balance. Now, contract breaching can be one of the main issues that can abruptly stop a business process. You can file a legal injunction in this case.

In case of an injunction, you can cover up all the damage. Moreover, you can get on with the business process. In case the contact breacher fails to provide you with the damage and seek justice again. It might result in the breacher giving you a similar type of equity to cover your losses.

Working Procedure Of An Injunctive Relief

Working Procedure Of An Injunctive Relief

In normal cases, you might not need to know how an injunctive relief works as it is totally an attorney’s lookout. Now, you can go through the steps by which you place an injunction. No matter the type of injunction, you can consider the working procedure to be the same.

Forms Of Injunctive Relief

Well, there are three forms of injunctive relief. They are:

  • Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)
  • Permanent Injunction
  • Preliminary Injunction

You can consider these as the types of injunctions that you can file from the court. The working procedure is in the points below:

The TRO acts as the first line of defense. The court can charge it and help one of save the status quo. The second step deals with the preliminary injunction where both parties can come to a settlement and escape the law trap. In such a scenario, the business process can restart if all terms for injunctive relief are settled. You can understand it more clearly, in case you study the injunction definition law. In simple words. It is called a temporary injunction.

On the other hand, a permanent injunction is simply permanent in nature. The court sanctions it to put a bar on any process related to the case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is Injunctive Relief?
Injunctive relief is an order from the court that restricts a party from doing a certain job that can be potentially harmful to the other party or society.
2. What Is An Example Of Injunctive?
An example of an injunctive can be stopping construction work as it has not fulfilled the construction laws.
3. What Is Injunctive Relief Quizlet?
Injunctive relief is an order from the court. It augments the business process for good.
4. What Is A Common Injunction?
The commonest injunction is the TRO. Its full form is Temporary Restraining Order.

Final Words

In every business sector, injunctive relief acts as the defense mechanism for businessmen. It helps them to stay in the market and continue the process. The best you can do is stay right on track with all business aspects and make use of the injunction to sustain. In case you are having a tough time with your business, you can seek lawyers who work to give injunctive release.

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