Judge Questions Montana Ban On TikTok


A judge in the United States heard arguments on the Tik Tok Ban case. 

Now, judges are considering its validity before the ban officially comes into functioning on the 1st of January, 2024.

Donald Molloy is the U.S. District Judge who is dealing with the case. He is considering the merits of a lawsuit that challenges the ban. The court challenge originally came from TikTok and its users in the state.

This challenge asks the court to look into the ban order that came from the state attorney general’s office.  The ban was, however, also approved by the state’s legislature.

The Judge, after taking the challenge into consideration, noted that none of the other states have imposed a ban on TikTok. “Does that seem a little strange to you?” Judge Molloy asked.

In May, TikTok, the popular social media platform, initiated legal proceedings to challenge the ban. The company is owned by China’s ByteDance. This lawsuit questioned the grounds of the ban. It asserted that the grounds for blocking the ban encroached upon the First Amendment’s protection of free speech rights.

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