Things To Consider While Finding A Good DWI Lawyer


Drunk driving or drugged driving cases could be the worst nightmares of your life.

It can publicize your drinking problem, get your licence revoked, and will add a criminal record to your official documents.

If you can find a good DWI lawyer, he may get you out of this problem in no time. There are many Kansas City DWI Lawyers who are experts in handling these cases, and if you hire the right one, this nightmare will be over sooner than you imagine.

  • But, how do you know who is the right attorney for your case?
  • Does he have proper experience handling similar cases like yours?
  • Or has he just passed the bar and experimented with your case?

These doubts are pretty easy to cloud your judgment while selecting the right lawyer for your case.

We have highlighted some qualities of good DWI lawyers. Take a look at them, and make a fair decision.

1: Local Counsel

You can hire the best Kansas City DWI Lawyers to release you from the DWI charge, but it’s better to hire counsel from your locality.

There are two benefits here:

You get to meet your lawyer whenever you want, and your lawyer will already be familiar with the local court procedures and DWI laws, which will be beneficial for your case.

2: Experience

You must not hire a lawyer just because he is from your locality. His experience has to speak volumes of his trial practice skills.

An experienced attorney will be able to find the loopholes in your charge easily and will waive your charges in no time.

An experienced lawyer may also know how to play to the court’s emotions, which is not something a lawyer who has just passed the bar will be familiar with.

3: Reputation

Your DWI attorney must not be disciplined by the state bar. In that case, the lawyers hold a record, and that may not be beneficial for your case.

You can check it yourself. All you’ll need is their state bar number and full name. If the lawyer has a disciplinary action record, make sure you read about what they did.

A good reputation doesn’t always show in records. So you can also check in with the lawyer’s previous clients and see what they have to say about him before making your final decision.

4: Cost

Yes, lawyers will charge a lump sum amount of money given the complexity of your case. So, it’s better to compare attorneys’ fees in your locality before you pay him.

You don’t want to overpay or underpay the attorney because he helped you win the case, right?

Only after comparing multiple lawyers’ fees in your locality can you make the right decision of what fee is appropriate for your chosen attorney.

5: Previous Cases

Even the best Kansas City DWI Lawyers may not have experience handling a DWI case as complex as yours.

So, it’s better to get an overview of what kind of DWI cases your lawyer previously handled. It can give you the confidence you need to have in your lawyer before entering the courtroom.

For example, if your lawyer is experienced in releasing people on DWI charges, you injured someone when you were driving under intoxication. It will take the lawyer a certain degree of expertise to release you off these charges, given the premise of the case is so complicated.

6: DMV Experience

Last but not least, you should find out if the lawyer you chose to hire has experience in the DMV field or not.

When you’re charged with a DWI allegation, chances are your license will be revoked by the DMV, and that’s why your DWI attorney must have proper DMV experience.

Thus, he can save you from the baseless accusations of the DMV department and get your license back in no time.

Bonus Tip!

You should also find out how involved your attorney is with your case. Many reputed lawyers take on some cases and pass them to their juniors when it comes to courtroom drama.

If you are okay with your lawyer being less involved with your case, that’s up to you.

But, if you want him to be as involved with the case as you, make sure you clarify this at the initial stage when you seek his counsel.

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