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Maryland is a state that has always been ahead of its time. They have always liberalized things which took time in the other states of the United States. There is even a common saying, “What Maryland thinks today, USA thinks tomorrow.” 

Maryland is the first state to present a House Bill 1 that anyone over the age of 21 can possess marijuana. This amendment was welcomed by the voters, putting the state in line with neighboring Virginia and the District of Columbia. 

Since this state is ahead of its laws, they have also had a diverse landscape. Intrigued to know about it? Keep reading till the end. Know about the top 10 law firms in Maryland and know when to make the best choice.

The Maryland legal landscape is shaped by its rich history and diversified population. They have unique legal institutions that set them apart from the other states. Let’s see what they are: 

Court System 

The Maryland court system has several tiers. First, comes the Maryland Court of Appeals, which is the highest court in Maryland. Next comes the Maryland Court of Special Appeals which hears only intermediate appeals. There are several circuit and district courts below them that are located throughout the country. Maryland also has specialized courts like the Orphan’s Court thereby handling probate cases and the Maryland Tax Court. Therefore, law firms in Maryland keeps these in mind before taking up a case.

Legal Practice 

The law firms in Maryland covers a wide range of practice areas, like civil litigation, criminal defense, estate planning, and family and business laws. The state’s proximity to Washington DC impacts them positively and they get several government contracts. 

Legal Education 

Maryland houses several prestigious law schools like the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law and the University of Baltimore School of Law. These institutions offer extensive legal education and also immensely contribute to the development of the state’s legal profession. 

Cultural Heritage 

Maryland has a diverse cultural heritage and has an influential history during the Civil Wars. They have a significant number of African-American immigrant populations. They also have raised voices against curbing civil rights, social justice, immigration are some of the important aspects of Maryland’s legal landscape. 


Maryland is a hubbub of a diverse economy and has flourished in industries in biotechnology, healthcare, cybersecurity, and defense contracting. In these cases, maritime commerce plays a significant role in contributing to the economy. Hence Maryland lawyers specialize in these areas and help them out with intellectual property laws, technology law, and government contracts to support these industries. 

Environmental Laws On Chesapeake Bay 

As Maryland has an extensive coastline and environmental resources, they have a strong focus on environmental law and different conservation efforts based on Chesapeake Bay. Lawyers work on issues related to the Chesapeake Bay and advocate for stopping pollution, safeguarding land use planning, and habitat preservation protecting their natural resources. 

Community Engagement 

Maryland legal community specifically emphasizes pro bono work, public service, and community engagement. These attorneys volunteer their time and expertise to provide legal assistance to different low-income individuals and promote them to accessible justice.

Top 10 Firms in Maryland

Maryland has an amalgamation of different law firms. Here we have handpicked the top 10 best law firms to choose from, curated specifically for your needs. Let’s see what they are: 

Montero Law Group

This law firm practices in different law niches. Be it civil or criminal, personal injury, or family law issues, this law firm is your one-stop solution. They are ace at providing their clients with creative solutions to resolve their most complex legal matters. 

Contact Details: 1738 ELTON ROAD, SUITE 105, Silver Spring, Maryland 20903


Gordon Feinblatt 

They are one of Maryland’s top-ranking law firms that specializes in business laws. Established in 1953 as a business advisor firm, they advanced their practice as they started to grow in the state. They strive to come up with innovative solutions that are customized specifically for each client’s unique problems and circumstances. 

Contact Details: 233 East Redwood Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202


Brown Goldstein Levy LLP

This law firm has even an office in Washington DC other than in Maryland. They are primarily trial lawyers handling cases of every stripe: both civil and criminal. This firm also have expanded their horizons in the fields of family law and healthcare. Brown Goldstein Levy LLP are a client-centered law firm and strongly identify with their client problems. 

Contact Details: 120 E. Baltimore Street, Suite 1700, Baltimore, Maryland 21061



This is one of the world’s leading law firms and home to around 1,100 lawyers in-house with 22 offices worldwide. They have one simple motto that they abide by: listening to their clients. They specialize in different legal niches and cater to the client’s needs according to their problems. 

Contact Details: 500 EAST PRATT STREET SUITE 1000, Baltimore, Maryland 21202-3169

410 659 4400

Silverman| Thompson| Slutkin| White LLC 

This particular law firm has its office in both Baltimore and Washington DC area. They are one of the top-ranking litigation law firms handling civil and criminal cases alongside trusts and real estate. They also specialize in tax and other corporate issues throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Founded in 1994 with just a solo practice, they now house more than 30+ lawyers. These lawyers are former state and federal prosecutors and you might even find some Supreme Court judges working here as well. 

Contact Details: 201 N Charles St 26th Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

(410) 385-2225

Venable LLP

Housing more than 675 attorneys across the country, this law firm has earned its name in both Maryland and Washington DC. Their main motto is to look after the client’s business needs in both the US and abroad. They primarily specialize in business law, complex litigation, and intellectual property. 

Contact Details: 750 East Pratt Street Suite 900, Baltimore, Maryland 21202


Offit Kurman 

This law firm has not only acquired its prevalence in Maryland but has also acquired its name in Delaware, New Jersey, and Northern Virginia markets. Offit Kurman have their corporate offices in Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, and of course Baltimore. They are often known to meet their ends according to the business and client needs. They specialize in virtual legal categories and operate them seamlessly. 

Contact Details: 8171 Maple Lawn Boulevard, Suite 200, Maple Lawn, Baltimore, Maryland 20759


Heyman Law Firm

Specializing in corporate and business laws, this law firm has gained its prevalence in the overall Mid-Atlantic region. They are based on serving clients in other states who might need assistance in business law or litigation transactions. The founder of this firm William S. Heyman sees through the fact to cater to their clients with the best services and retain their name in the top 10. 

Contact Details: 201 N Charles St #1100, Baltimore, Maryland 21201


Tydings & Rosenberg LLP

This is a corporate law firm that has been serving in Baltimore for more than 80 years. They house more than 20 lawyers who help them maintain their reputation across the state. They are agile and evolve according to their client’s needs given their availability of resources to handle matters of any complexity and size. 

Contact Details:  One East Pratt Street, Suite 901, Baltimore, Maryland 21202


The Herbst Firm 

Specializing in criminal defense this law firm takes pride in representing their clients equally according to their needs. The firms believe that personal attention and compassion are the only way to become a complete lawyer. They achieve the best possible outcome for their clients and keep them informed every step of the way. They are also available for free consultation 24 hours a day which makes them unique from other law firms.  

Contact Details: 400 E Pratt St 8th floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21202


Future Trends of the Legal Landscape in Maryland

Maryland is now evolving rapidly across the country and is concentrating to incorporating certain aspects in their legal landscape to upgrade itself for the better. 

Starting off with integrating AI and ML in online legal practices is going to streamline their daily operations in law firms. With these strategies, they can reach on top of the legal ladder keeping everyone else behind. 

Maryland is also thinking about incorporating sustainability into their business models to promote diversity in their work culture. By employing people from different cultural backgrounds would boost inclusiveness. 

Another thing Maryland plans on doing is to optimize its legal educational landscape according to their legal landscape. They are thinking about offering the students with much more interactive sessions that will help them understand the intricacies of law better and be prepared for the future. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a complete comprehensive guide on the top 10 law firms in Maryland. You have also learned in detail about its diverse legal landscape and the changes they are going to bring forward in the future. 

However, do you think we missed out on something? Let us know in the comment section below.

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