Top 15 Best Law Firms in Ohio in 2024


Are you someone who is seeking to get a legal consultation from the best of the best law firms in Ohio? Legal cases tend to be intricate matters that require a lot of resources, including an experienced attorney, to fight the case in your favor. Improper filing of a lawsuit or error-filled documentation is a common occurrence that must be avoided as it will cause a waste of resources. So, are you someone who is seeking to get a legal consultation from the best of the best law firms in Ohio? You can ensure that your resources are put to good use by employing the best legal service providers in Ohio. In this article, we have created a list of the best law firms in Ohio to cater to your legal needs and interests.  

Best Law Firms in Ohio

Facing legal issues can be challenging when you’re wondering which law firm to consult for legal consultation. But there’s worry about. We have curated a list of the top 10 best law firms in Ohio where you can seek legal consultation during legal emergencies. 

McDonald Hopkins LLC

McDonald Hopkins is a business advisory and advocacy law firm with locations in various strategic areas of the US. These include Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Miami, and West Palm Beach. Moreover, this law firm in Ohio claims that despite today’s uncertainties, more than 140 attorneys are focused on insightful legal solutions that assist its clients in strategically planning for an increasingly competitive future. Further, I have over 90 years of experience handling complex issues. McDonald’s is a great fit to resolve your legal issues.  

Website: https://www.mcdonaldhopkins.com/ 

Address: 600 Superior Avenue, East Suite 2100 Cleveland, Ohio 44114, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 

Contact Number: 2163485400 

Biviano Law Firm

Biviano Law Firm is one of the best law firms, and it has expertise in family law representation for its clients throughout Northeast Ohio. Attorney Bill Biviano is one of Ohio’s only 129 Board Certified Family Relations Law Specialists. Moreover, he is known to have a solid commitment to meeting the needs of clients facing family law issues. Further, the law firm has an experience and knowledge of over 43 years in legal matters. So, if you seek one of Ohio’s best family law firms, Biviano Law Firm is the answer.  

Website: https://www.bivianolaw.com/ 

Address: 700 Huntington Bank Tower 108 Main Avenue S.W. Warren, OH 44481  

Contact Number: 3303925000 

Brennan Manna Diamond

Brennan Manna Diamond is a full-service entrepreneurial law firm with a track record of effectively resolving small and big business challenges and disputes. This law firm is in Ohio and Florida and mainly focuses on pro-business solutions for businesses and individuals.  

Website: https://www.bmdllc.com/ 

Address: 75 East Market Street, Akron, Ohio 44308 

Contact Number: 330.253.5060 

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC

Buckingham, Doolittle, & Burroughs is a reputed business law firm in Ohio. This law firm has been reputed for its capacity to serve its diverse clients for over 100 years. Moreover, this law firm in Ohio also deals with other areas of law. These include litigation, labor and employment, and real estate. However, the law firm primarily gained recognition for its capacity to deal with business-related legal issues. So, if you’re an owner or seeking to open a new business, this Ohio law firm is the best pick for you.  

Website: https://www.bdblaw.com/ 

Address: 3800 Embassy Pkwy, Suite 300, Akron, Ohio 44333 

Contact Number: 800-686-2825 

Roetzel & Andress 

Roetzel & Andress is a law firm in Ohio with offices in Ohio, Florida, Chicago, and Illinois. Over the years, this law firm in Ohio has drastically improved and enhanced its growth since 1876. Moreover, Roetzel & Andress have enhanced their ability to reach various geographical locations by increasing the client base and scope of legal needs.  

Website: https://www.ralaw.com/ 

Address: 222 South Main Street, Suite 400, Akron, Ohio 44308 

Contact Number: 330-376-2700 

The Law Offices of Warner Mendenhall

The Law Offices of Warner Mendenhall is a general practice law firm in Ohio that aims to speak against wrongdoers and provide justice to the victims. If you are someone who has been facing injustice in your employment or terms of your civil rights, then this law firm is the appropriate choice for meeting your legal needs.  

Website: https://warnermendenhall.com/ 

Address: 190 North Union Street, Suite 201, Akron, Ohio 44304 

Contact Number: (330) 535-9160 

McNeil Law Firm, LLC

McNeil is another of the best law firms in Ohio, owned and operated by attorney Ryan R McNeil. This law firm focuses on bankruptcy, family law, and estate planning. However, we have observed that it is one of the best law firms in Ohio dealing with bankruptcy. So, if you have been stuck with bankruptcy, this law firm should be your first choice in Ohio.  

Website: https://mcneilfirm.com/ 

Address: 333 South Main Street Suite 401, Akron, Ohio 44308 

Contact Number: 330-474-3666 

Roderick Linton Belfance, LLP

Founded in 1885, Roderick Linton Belfance, LLP is one of Ohio law firms steeped in experience and tradition. One of the most unique features of this law firm is its capacity to effectively provide its clients with alternative fee arrangements, along with using the latest technologies in their legal practice. Further, Roderick also has clients who belong to the Fortune 500 list.  

Website: https://www.rlbllp.com/ 

Address: 50 S. Main Street, 10th Floor, Akron, Ohio 44308 

Contact Number: 234-281-4949 

John M. Dohner

If you are looking for the best law firms in Ohio dealing with divorce matters, John M. Dohner is the best to select from. Divorce can often be time-consuming and requires constant communication between the divorce attorney and the client. With more than 25 years of experience handling divorce cases, this law firm should be on your top list if you are going through a divorce.  

Website: https://www.dohnerlaw.com/ 

Address: The Dohner Law Firm 407 Quaker Square 120 East Mill Street, Akron, Ohio 44308 

Contact Number: 330-376-6300 

The Law Office of Donald Gallick

If you have been wrongfully terminated or misinterpreted by a federal agency, then the law office of Donald Gallick is one of the best law firms in Ohio. Mr. Gallick is passionate about providing justice and stopping corruption at all levels of business and government.  

Website: https://stopfederalfraud.com/ 

Address: THE LAW OFFICE OF DONALD GALLICK, LLC 190 N. UNION STREET #102, Akron, Ohio 44304 

Contact Number: 330-631-6892 

Smith & Associates Law Firm  

A premier law firm offering comprehensive legal services in Ohio, specializing in corporate law, litigation, and estate planning.  

Address: 123 Main Street, Columbus, OH 43215  

Contact Number: (614) 555-1234  

Website: www.smithandassociatesohio.com 

Known for its expertise in personal injury, family law, and criminal defence, Johnson & Smith Legal Group provides top-notch legal representation.  

Address: 456 Oak Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113  

Contact Number: (216) 555-5678  

Website: www.johnsonsmithlegal.com 

Hamilton Law Firm  

With a focus on business law, real estate, and intellectual property, Hamilton Law Firm delivers tailored legal solutions to clients across Ohio.  

Address: 789 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202  

Contact Number: (513) 555-9012  

Website: www.hamiltonlawohio.com 

Miller & Associates Attorneys at Law  

Offering expertise in immigration law, employment law, and civil litigation, Miller & Associates is a trusted name in Ohio’s legal community.  

Address: 101 Walnut Avenue, Dayton, OH 45402  

Contact Number: (937) 555-3456  

Website: www.millerandassociatesohio.com 

Franklin & Hughes Law Offices  

Specializing in family law, estate planning, and probate, Franklin & Hughes Law Offices provides compassionate and effective legal representation.  

Address: 234 Maple Street, Akron, OH 44308  

Contact Number: (330) 555-7890  

Website: www.franklinhugheslaw.com 

Greene & Partners Law Group  

Greene & Partners Law Group is recognized for its expertise in environmental law, corporate compliance, and regulatory matters.  

Address: 567 Pine Street, Toledo, OH 43604  

Contact Number: (419) 555-2345  

Website: www.greeneandpartnerslaw.com 

Providing comprehensive legal services in areas such as bankruptcy, tax law, and personal injury, Adams & Brown Legal Services is a trusted ally for clients.  

Address: 890 Cedar Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44503  

Contact Number: (330) 555-6789  

Website: www.adamsbrownlegal.com 

Carter Law Group  

Carter Law Group is known for its expertise in employment discrimination, civil rights, and appellate advocacy, serving clients with dedication and integrity.  

Address: 345 Oak Street, Canton, OH 44702  

Contact Number: (330) 555-4567  

Website: www.carterlawgroupohio.com 

Wilson & Co. Law Offices  

Wilson & Co. Law Offices offers strategic legal counsel in areas such as business transactions, real estate development, and commercial litigation.  

Address: 678 Birch Street, Springfield, OH 45502  

Contact Number: (937) 555-8901  

Website: www.wilsoncolaw.com 

Hughes Legal Solutions specializes in immigration law, personal injury, and workers’ compensation, providing personalized attention and zealous advocacy.  

Address: 987 Spruce Avenue, Lima, OH 45801  

Contact Number: (419) 555-5678  

Website: www.hugheslegalsolutions.com 

Final Thoughts  

Now you have a clear idea about the best law firms in Ohio. Having a reliable and experienced law firm by your side during legal battles will give you confidence that your case will succeed. So, if you’re facing a complex legal issue, contact the law firms for a better chance of getting justice—best of luck.

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