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Address: 1117 1 St SW #202, Calgary, AB T2R 0T9, Canada
When you hire Kaysi Fagan – Criminal Defence Lawyer, you are hiring a lawyer with a track record of doing everything possible, within the parameters of ethical and professional obligations, to secure a win for her clients. Whether you are charged with a minor theft or with a highly publicized first-degree murder of a police officer, your first step is to call Kaysi Fagan so that you can approach the allegations against you from a position of strength. A criminal conviction can have drastic consequences, including the loss of your liberty, employment opportunities, and your good name. When you face criminal charges, nothing has a greater impact on the outcome of your case than the lawyer that you hire to defend you. Make no mistake: when you hire Kaysi Fagan as your legal counsel, you are tapping into an award-winning criminal defense lawyer in Calgary, AB with a track record of doing everything possible to secure a win.

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