10 Best Practices You Need To Focus On When Designing Your Lawyer Website


The legal industry has become saturated, and it’s essential to be strategic about law firm marketing. No matter how many years of experience you have, you cannot get ideal clients if you don’t stand out from your competitors. Building a professional lawyer website is one of the most important factors for becoming visible and converting visitors into clients. 

Whether you are a personal injury lawyer or handling DUI cases, most people will find your contacts from your website. So, it’s essential to make your lawyer’s website look professional and contain some essential information about you. This guide will help you build a law firm website that can increase your conversion rate. 


Best Practices for Designing a Lawyer Website

Designing a Lawyer Website

You can design an efficient and professional lawyer website on your own with the tools like WordPress and other popular website building sites. However, ensure that you follow these best practices to make your site stand out. 

1. Mention Your Legal Services

Name and logo are important, but they have no value if you clearly don’t mention your services. If you don’t list the services you offer, how will visitors know about your skills and how you can help them. 

So, it’s essential to mention all your legal services on your lawyer’s website. For example, if you are handling personal injury cases, be specific about which type of cases you handle. Don’t forget to share testimonials of your previous clients. However, you can create a separate page to keep your homepage clean and look professional.  

When you include your law firm’s name, make sure that it’s clearly visible. Use your name in the header and keep it distinctly on your lawyer’s website so that a user can easily recognize it. 

Apart from your law firm’s name, use your logo on your site. The logo helps the users to remember your law firm easily. It also helps you to build the reputation of your law firm

3. Emphasize Your Strength

You will find that most lawyers list their services, but they forget to mention their strength. So, you can also emphasize your strength and show the testimonials of your clients how you have handled a particular case successfully. 

For instance, you have a lawyer website for personal injury cases, and you are good at handling medical malpractice cases. That’s why mention which type of personal injury cases you can handle efficiently, and you have good experience dealing with these cases. 

4. List Your Lawyer Website in Google My Business

Another important aspect is to list your lawyer’s website in Google My Business. Since people find lawyers based on their location, you should ensure that your website comes first when they search for lawyers in your locality. 

For that, you can implement local SEO to show up your website in their search results. Don’t forget to add the Google Map of your law firm on your website. It will help the user to locate your legal firm directly from your site. 

5. Improve the Speed of Your Lawyer Website

Make sure that your lawyer’s website loads fast. Just think about yourself, assume you are searching for information for important work. Will you wait more than 30 seconds if a website takes time to load? Most people will simply close the tab and move to another website. 

Hence, make sure that you use different tactics to improve your page speed. For instance, you can optimize your site by compressing the images, using a paid theme for your site, etc. 

6. Make Your Lawyer Website Mobile Responsive

Along with website speed, you need to ensure that your lawyer’s website is mobile responsive. Since most people use smartphones for all their essential work, including sending money, booking a cab, they also use their smartphones to hire a lawyer. 

So, it’s essential to make your website mobile responsive. When a site gives a better user experience, it increases the chances that a visitor will convert to a client. It allows the visitors to read and navigate through your website from their smartphone. 

7. Create a Separate Blog Section

One of the best ways to make your website clean and professional is by creating a separate blog section. Adding information directly to your website can make your lawyer website complex. 

In such cases, you can create a separate blog section to provide useful legal information to your visitors. So, users will get a better user experience that can lead to a better conversion rate. 

8. Use SEO Tactics

Only building an interactive lawyer website will not perform better in the search engine. You need to use different SEO tactics to optimize your text content, images, and video to rank higher in search engines. 

You can consult a law firm SEO company to learn about different strategies that will help you boost your rank. Since SEO drives more traffic to your website, it can bring more clients to your site. 

9. Brand Colors Matter

Choose brand colors because they also play a significant role in designing a lawyer’s website. It will show your professionalism and make your site stand out from the crowd. 

Moreover, brand colors also help users to remember your lawyer’s website. Since we memorize things longer when we see something, so, using proper brand colors can have a positive impact on your website. However, ensure that you don’t make it more complicated with multiple bright colors. 

10. Add Multiple CTAs

Even if you find it in the last point, CTAs are the most important for a lawyer’s website. Adding multiple call-to-action buttons effectively to your site will help visitors to navigate your website properly. 

The most common call-to-action buttons are contacting us, watching videos, downloading, etc. These buttons will help the visitors to take specific actions that can increase the conversion rate. 

Final Words

Even if you have never designed a website, these tips will help you build a professional lawyer website. However, if you need professional advice, don’t hesitate to consult or hire a web designer. Hiring an experienced web developer who has designed several lawyer websites can do your job. However, you need to specify your requirements to the designer to build your website. 

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