Lawyer Wills: All You Need To Know


Lawyer wills are just wills that a lawyer drafts for their client. “Will lawyers” are just lawyers. Like an international trade lawyer or a speeding ticket lawyer, a will lawyer has their own specialty.

Therefore, these lawyers deal with wills. They give all sorts of legal assistance in creating a will or estate plans.

Moreover, these lawyers make sure the will is legally valid. For that purpose, they consider taxes and other impacts. Sometimes, they will even prevent delays or stop additional expenses from standing in the way of your will.

Therefore, in this article, we will tell you all about lawyer wills.

However, before we find out details on what kind of lawyer does wills, let us find out what wills are.

Why Do You Need Lawyer Wills?

Making a complete Estate Plan is best option for your family. Writing your Will is important and we believe that having a lawyer for that is wise.

Moreover, lawyer wills are important because we believe cost shouldn’t stop you. We get that you might worry about the price. Therefore, we will explain the different ways through which you may get a will.

  • Firstly, DIY Will options exist. This might suit those with small estates. However, doing it yourself has its downsides and risks.
  • Secondly, Online Will Makers are also an option. However, there may be a problem with the way they vary in quality and costs.
  • Sometimes, none of the options above provide what you really need. Therefore. The only option that you have left is to hire a lawyer who does wills. 
  • This is the perfect option if you have big estates. However, it’s not always a must and can be more expensive.

Now, before we find out more on what kind of lawyer does wills, let’s cover a few more bases.

Lawyer Wills- What Are Wills?

A will is what we call a last will or a testament. It is a legal document that outlines how someone wants their belongings and property. Thus, they are documents that direct how one’s property distributes when they pass away. Moreover, the will can also mention who should take care of their kids and pets.

What’s Included In Lawyer Wills?

A will can cover various details depending on the estate’s size and worth. There are even four key aspects that are present in all kinds of.

1.  All Lawyer Wills Have Assets and Beneficiaries

Decide which assets go to whom through this will. Assets are basically anything you own with value. Moreover, beneficiaries are people groups who the assets go to, through inheritance.

Additionally, people often name alternate beneficiaries in case any primary one passes away.

2.  All Wills Have Executors

Let’s say you make a will. You will have to name an Executor who ensures that things go according to the terms in the Will. In case you don’t appoint an executor, the court will appoint it for you.

3.  Guardianship

If you have dependents, you will have to appoint a Guardian to look after your assets. Moreover, you can also specify someone to care for your pets.

4.  Lawyer Wills May Mention Debts

In the will, be sure to specify how you want to settle any outstanding debts. Moreover, you can also specify whether you forgive any debts that others owe to you.

What Type Of Lawyer Does Wills? Probate Lawyer Or Wills Lawyer?

A will lawyer drafts your will. Moreover, they specify how your belongings are to be distributed after your passing. A probate lawyer, on the other hand, assists your family in fulfilling these wishes after.

While some lawyers handle both wills and probate, it is important to ask your lawyer if they offer both services.

What Type Of Lawyer Does Not Work On Wills?

Lawyer wills are not the subject of all lawyers. This means, all estate planning attorneys may not be able to help you draft a will.

Estate Planning Attorneys

So, Estate planning attorneys help people plan how the assets should will be shared after they pass away. Therefore, they know a lot about wills, trusts, and other legal tools related to this. However, although these attorneys work closely an individuals’ final wishes, they may not always make lawyer wills.

Probate Lawyers

Yes, Probate lawyers handle the legal process of sharing someone’s belongings after their death. Moreover, they follow the instructions in the will or the laws if there isn’t a will.

Therefore, these individuals help the court to confirm the will. They may even look after the pay debts and taxes.

However, they may not be the ones to draft the wills in these cases.

Family Lawyers

Family lawyers deal with various legal issues in families like divorce, adoption, or child custody. Therefore, as an extension, they will help in cases of wills in family estates.

However, they may not be the people who make them but only deal with them as family matters.

Real Estate Lawyers

They handle legal matters related to property transactions, like buying or selling real estate. Sometimes they deal with wills in property disputes. However, their expertise is mainly in real estate law and not on wills and estates.

Business Lawyers

So, business or corporate lawyers deal with legal matters about companies. Moreover, they may even deal with contracts or mergers.

Therefore, even though companies need estate planning, business lawyers do not draft wills.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

So, Bankruptcy lawyers help individuals or businesses facing financial trouble. They help them in seeking relief through bankruptcy. Although finances are a part of estate planning, bankruptcy lawyers do not draft lawyer wills.

To Conclude On Lawyer Wills

Writing a will is important no matter your age. Remember, if your will isn’t made properly, you might not fix it later. Therefore, you need to talk to a will lawyer for help.

A probate lawyer helps you follow the terms of your will when you can no longer see to it. For big estates, talk to a lawyer about estate planning.

Therefore, with this, we come to the end of our article on lawyers and wills. 

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