Fund Your Lawsuit: What Are The Top Litigation Funding Companies?


Have you heard about litigation funding companies? Well, they are exactly what they sound like. Commercial litigation is costly.

It is an industry worth $870 billion! Each year, with each passing day, companies, legal bodies, and people in general file multiple lawsuits. Each of these lawsuits can go on for a few months or even years.

So, who bears the costs of litigation? Commercial disputes can get complicated and continuing them can cost a tonne of money. 

Therefore, legal proceedings often create financial stress for businesses. Sometimes, the severe financial damage and even end with them choosing to file bankruptcy claims.

Therefore, we will discuss the solution to the funding problem through our article on “litigation funding companies”. So, let’s begin!

What Is Litigation Funding?

Commercial lawsuit funding is something that we know by different names. Legal finance or settlement cash advances and funding for legal disputes are the common ones. However, these fundings differ from typical loans.

Commercial lawsuit funding helps businesses by backing them financially during ongoing lawsuits. Moreover, these lawsuit loans are unique because they don’t need repayment.

Therefore, unless the case is resolved with a positive outcome, the companies do not have to pay back. So, commercial litigation funding is basically a lawsuit loan on a larger scale.

Thus, litigation-funding companies are a safe choice for businesses that are down financially.

How Do Litigation Funding Companies Work?

Lawsuits often drag on. Companies can give up easily due to a lack of funding. Thus, litigation funding companies prevent businesses from settling for less.

Thus, these companies shoulder the financial stress, leading to better settlement packages. 

Therefore, litigation funding companies may grant a loan anywhere between $100,000 to $10,000,000.

Moreover, these loans cover the immediate financial needs so that the legal battle can continue.

What Does A Litigation Funding Company Do?

The litigation funding company bears the initial costs of lawsuits. However, later on, it claims a share of the settlement awarded as their payment. Consider this share to be the payment and interest for their investment.

Since the companies can only charge on the settlement, they conduct a thorough assessment of cases to pick. Thus, they only pick those thar have a high win potential for large settlements.

Which Kind Of Cases Do Litigation Funding Companies Handle?

These companies specialize in providing tailored funding. However, they accommodate different lawsuits, for example.

  • Breach of contract.
  • Real estate disputes.
  • Copyright claims.
  • Small business Bankruptcy.
  • Environmental litigation.
  • Securities fraud lawsuits.

The company’s approach is customized. Moreover, they offer flexibility to fit diverse cases.

What Are Some Of The Best Litigation Funding Companies?

If you are looking for top-notch litigation funding companies in the USA, here are a few!

Baker Street Funding

Baker Street Funding has been providing risk-free capital support to law firms, plaintiffs, and businesses. It boasts of strategic planning of the case. The experts go through the facts of the case and provide eligible funding.

Moreover, this top-notch litigation funding company deals with the following.

  • Patent litigation.
  • Securities and shareholder issues.
  • Qui Tam legal issues.
  • Arbitration matters.
  • Lastly, all forms of commercial litigation.

Their team collaborates with companies and arranges high-level coverage. Moreover, there are chances for you to use the funding flexibly without restrictions.


Baker Street Funding

Location: 77 Water St 7th Fl, New York

Contact: +1 888-711-3599

Website: Baker Street Funding

Chambers and Partners

Chambers and Partners is a company that provides a large profile of lawyers. Moreover, it is one of the law firms that ranked top in Litigation-Funding companies in the USA.

  • They look after litigation funding through the following steps.
  • Cover legal fees for cases, whether they’re suing or being sued.
  • Use of existing or future cases as collateral.
  • Sharing or reducing risks in ongoing legal matters.
  • Speeding up payment for companies] in lawsuits.
  • Helping law firms get fees faster.
  • Turning unpaid fees into cash.
  • Offering insurance against legal costs.
  • Allowing law firms to grow without spending more.

Overall, this house carries out litigation finance and assists in companies to get the full value of their legal assets.


They operate from London, UK, and New York, USA.

Website: Contact Our Team | Chambers and Partners

FCA Legal Funding is one of the top litigation funding companies in Los Angeles. They offer financial services. For example.

  • Lawsuit loans.
  • Pre-settlement funding.
  •  All types of litigation funding.
  • They provide financial support for legal matters.

Moreover, the company also covers the costs of medical litigation arising out of personal injury claims. Thus, they cover the basic costs of needs like rent, groceries, and medical bills.

Additionally, this kind of financial help can grant an attorney time to pursue a fair settlement on the client’s behalf.


FCA Legal Funding

Official Website: fundcapitalamerica.com

7966 Beverly Blvd Ste 112, Los Angeles, CA 90048

+1 310-853-6792

What Are Third Party Litigation Funding Companies?

Third-party litigation funders offer money to those in legal disputes. They do not form a part of the dispute.

However, they do give funds to the person fighting the case or their legal team. In the US, there are many, like Bench Walk Advisors and Burford Capital, among the top litigation funding companies.

  • Curiam Capital.
  • Delta Capital Management.
  • Fortress Investment Group.
  • GLS Capital.
  • Finally, Lake Whillans.

Thus, third-party litigation funding firms take a share of the settlement or award. Some more worthy mentions include.

To Conclude!

Litigation funding companies can be a real help if you don’t have enough funding to carry on a lawsuit. They step in and cover the costs. However, much like lawsuit loans, they charge a portion of the settlement amount.  

Thus, their mode of operation is such that they take on some of the risks if your case doesn’t win. This support gives people a chance to carry out lawsuits and, in turn, a chance to seek justice.

But, if you do win, these companies usually take a portion of your settlement. That hurts, but hey, a small price to pay for a victory, right? Plus, they might have a say in what will be the next step in your case.

So, this was our straight and short guide on litigation funding companies!

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