Why McAfee And Taft Should Be Your Lawfirm Of Choice?


McAfee and Taft is a top-notch law firm that has been in the industry for over seven decades. Be it for business litigation or for the mitigation of damages, its legal team excelled in it all.

Yes, if you are looking to hire the services of McAfee and Taft, you are headed in the correct direction. This law firm boasts exceptional legal minds.

The legal field has evolving demands in the sphere of business. Presently, the firm consists of 170 proficient lawyers! Each of them have extensive experience and knowledge.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk in detail about the law firm. Additionally, we will give you details on the kind of services it provides.

Over time, McAfee & Taft has become a very important law firm. The lawyers who practice in house have remarkable skills and knowledge. Moreover, each of them have experience in various industries and practice areas.

Therefore, this law firm is a top-tier business firm. They are famous for their ability to offer legal services in a cost-effective manner.

Thus along with their reputation, their skilled lawyers have clients not only from the United States but also globally. Choosing McAfee & Taft gives clients the added advantage of excellent services at affordable costs.

What Industries Can McAfee & Taft Help You With?

You can count of McAfee’s services for various services. The legal professionals here specialize in various Industry Groups. For example,

  • Aerospace.
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy.
  • Agriculture and Equine.
  • Biotech.
  • Education.
  • Healthcare.
  • Energy and Natural Resources.
  • Food.
  • Manufacturing and Logistics.
  • Native American.
  • Medical Marijuana.
  • Mitigation of Damages.
  • Midstream and Transportation.
  • Sports.
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy. 

McAfee & Taft practices across various legal fields. They include.

Appellate Practice

This means that they handle appeals. Moreover, they argue cases in higher courts.


The experts here deal with legal issues in the aviation industry.

Banking and Financial Institutions

They provide legal counsel to banks and financial organizations.

Business Restructuring, Workouts and Bankruptcy

They Assist in business reorganization and financial struggles.

Business Transactions and Finance

They oversee legal aspects of business deals. Moreover, they also handle financial matters.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

They advise on matters concerning online security and privacy laws.

Economic Development, Tax Credits and Business Incentives

They offering legal guidance on business growth and incentives.

Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation

They handle legal issues regarding employee benefit programs and executive pay.

Energy and Natural Resources

They address legal matters in the energy and natural resources sectors.

Environmental Law

They manage legal issues surrounding environmental concerns and regulations.

Family Law

They handle legal matters related to family and domestic relations.

Healthcare Law

They provide legal counsel in healthcare-related matters.

Immigration and Compliance

They deal with immigration law and compliance issues.

Intellectual Property

They protect your intellectual property rights.

Labor and Employment

They provide advise on labor laws and employment-related disputes.


They represent clients in legal disputes and trials.

Real Estate

They handle legal matters concerning real estate transactions.


They provide counsel on securities law and regulations.

Subrogation Recovery Services

They assist in recovering costs from liable third parties.

Tax and Family Wealth

They provide legal guidance on tax matters and family wealth management.

What Is The Reputation That McAfee and Taft Holds?

This house of distinguished legal experts holds a very special place in the legal industry. Let’s hear some of the good things (and bad, if any) about its legal services.

Benchmark Litigation’s 2021 Guide

This guide has given McAfee & Taft top rankings in the state of Oklahoma. Moreover, the departments of dispute resolution and labor got a special mention.

The legal experts here have the highest rating and hold the tag of  “Highly Recommended.” Additionally, 23 of their lawyers received individual recognition.

Most importantly, these accolades are way more than any other Oklahoma law firm.

The Super Lawyers

These are the lawyers of McAfee and Taft who have a ton of experience and accolades under their belts.

  • Timothy J. Bomhoff
  • Mary Quinn Cooper
  • J. Craig Buchan.

Therefore, these big names were the “Local Litigation Stars” for their consistent excellence in the field of litigation.

On the other hand, Craig Buchan, Ron Shinn, and Todd Woolery enjoy the title of “Future Stars” for their immense potential.

Several attorneys like Roberta Fields and Mike Lauderdale received the “Labor & Employment Stars” title. 

Where Is McAfee And Taft In Oklahoma City?

McAfee & Taft’s office in Oklahoma City is on the eighth floor of Two Leadership Square at 211 N. Robinson. It’s in downtown Oklahoma City, close to the Oklahoma County Courthouse.

Moreover, Federal Courthouse, convention centers, hotels, and Bricktown entertainment district are nearby, too.

Additionally, visitors have access to parking on-site as well.

You can reach them by calling (405) 235-9621 or toll-free at (800) 235-9621. They also accept faxes at (405) 235-0439. 

Where Is Its Office In Tulsa?

McAfee & Taft’s Tulsa office is at Williams Center Tower II, Suite 1100, Two W. Second Street, Tulsa, OK 74103. Moreover, you can call them at (918) 587-0000 or toll-free at (800) 235-9621. Their fax number is (918) 599-9317.

Where Is There Office In Springfield?

McAfee & Taft’s Springfield office is located at 4050 S. Fairview Avenue, Springfield, MO 65807. Moreover, you can reach them at (417) 409-6000 or toll-free at (800) 235-9621. Their fax number is (417) 409-6050.

How much does McAfee and Taft give to the University of Oklahoma?

In 2012, McAfee & Taft gave $200,000 to the University of Oklahoma College of Law. This contribution was an endowment to support the Oklahoma Law Review’s annual symposium. Thus, $10,000 would go for this purpose annually.

To Conclude

McAfee & Taft is the best law firm for legal help. They’ve helped the community for a long time. Whether it’s giving free legal services or volunteering for charities, they do it all. Moreover, they also have experience in leading community groups and teaching kids in schools. Therefore, McAfee & Taft has always taken a very sensitive approach to the legal and social aspects.

Thus, it is the best law firm, especially if you are from Oklahoma!

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