Mother Accused Of Murder Of Children, Flees Us, Faces Charges In Britain


A mom from Colorado, Kimberlee Singler, is facing extradition after her arrest in the UK. She’s accused of murdering her two kids and also faces charges of attempted murder and child abuse. So, what happened?

Police in Colorado Springs got a call about a burglary around 12.30 am on December 19. When they arrived, they found Kimberlee Singler and her 11-year-old daughter injured. Sadly, they found her nine-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son dead in the home.

At first, Singler was seen as a victim, and both she and her daughter got medical help before going to the hospital. But a week later, on December 26, the police got a warrant for her arrest. 

Singler, who had been cooperating, couldn’t be found and was last seen on December 23. The police suspected she had left the area.

Ms. Singler was arrested by the National Crime Agency in London on December 30 and appeared in court for extradition to the US. The Colorado Springs Police Department confirmed her custody and noted ongoing collaboration with other agencies for the investigation.

She faces serious charges including four counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder, three counts of child abuse, and one count of assault. The charges were increased because the victims were children under 12.

The police haven’t determined a clear motive for the incident. Court records suggest a custody dispute between Singler and her ex-husband, Kevin Wentz, over the children. There were open cases involving neglect and child placement. Singler had a temporary protection order from Wentz.

After the tragic event, Wentz’s attorney requested privacy for the grieving family. They are dealing with a lot of sorrow and shock following this heartbreaking situation.

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