Murdoch’s Deposition Set For Fox’s Smartmatic Defamation Case


Rupert Murdoch will be officially questioned on Tuesday. The questioning will apparently take place under oath and might continue till Wednesday.

The said questioning is to happen as a part of a defamation lawsuit on Smartmatic. Smartmatic is a voting technology company. The defamation lawsuit seeks a whopping $2.7 billion as a form of compensatory damages against the media giant, Fox Corp.

This media giant apparently carried out coverage of vote rigging claims which the in-house experts debunked. These rigging claims took place regarding the 2020 presidential elections of the U.S. 

According to an anonymous source, Murdoch is all set to be deposed. The deposition will apparently take place in Los Angeles. However, this deposition has no records of public listings in the said case’s docket.  

Murdoch is currently 92. Previously, he held the prestigious position of chairmanship at the media giant, Fox Corp and News Corp. However, he decided to step down in September 2023.

Following this, Mr. Murdoch took on the roles of “chairman emeritus” for both of the companies. He still holds these positions as of mid-November. Now, his son, Mr. Lachlan Murdoch has decided to take over the role of “chairman of News Corp”. His son, Mr. Lachlan continues as the chairman and CEO of Fox News.

As of now, the representatives of Fox News and Murdoch have declined to make comments on the deposition.

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