Operation Duck Hunt- FBI’s Global Raid


Well, not exactly single-handedly. The Federal Bureau of Investigation collaborated with international partners to obliterate a cybercriminal.

The Qakbot Botnet is a whole cyber-criminal Empire that has siphoned millions from all over the world. It’s entirely possible that you are out there minding your own business, but your computer is a part of a cybernetic Army.


How Did The Cyber Criminal Mastermind Operate?

Qakbot has siphoned money by infecting computers through spam. They sent these spams in the form of emails containing malicious links or harmful attachments.

Once the person has clicked on these links, they input Malware into the system. The malware can contain ransomware which turns your computer into a digital zombie. Ransomers basically ask you to pay in order to be able to use your computer.

How Did The FBI Do It?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and its allies, Germany and the UK, got into the Qakbot’s server.

Attorney Estrada has said that the FBI has retrieved a bulk of money from the cryptocurrency seized from the cyber criminal network.

Who Did The FBI Team Up With?

To bring this operation to a successful end, the Federal Bureau of Investigation teamed up with the following bodies.

  • Europol
  • French Police Cybercrime Central Bureau
  • Federal criminal police of Germany
  • And other regulatory bodies.

What Does The FBI Have To Say?

The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray, has delivered a statement on the subject. 

“The cyber threat facing our nation is growing more dangerous and complex everyday,” he says. 

He has also said that “our success prove that our own Network and our own capabilities are more powerful”.

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