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Today, we will walk you through a perfect list of Personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Car accidents can result from a driver’s negligence. It can be your driver or one from another car. You can slip and fall on poorly maintained premises. We do not mean to scare or discourage you, but accidents do happen.

Have you heard about cases where people suffer workplace injuries due to safety lapses? Or are you familiar with harms arising out of medical professionals’ mistakes?

Well, you must have heard about injuries from defective products and unfair practices of corporate organizations. So, who do you approach for these personal injury needs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Yes, you go to a Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale. So, in this article, we give you a list of the best Personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale.

Moreover, we will also provide details on what you can expect out of a good personal injury lawyer. While its nothing as tricky as say, “slander vs libel”, but personal injuries and their legal remedies deserve appropriate attention.

So, let us begin!

 Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale: Who Are Personal Injury Lawyers?

A Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale represents individuals who suffer injuries due to negligence of others. They help the victims seek compensation for their injuries or mental distress resulting out of the injury.  

They handle cases involving motor accidents, slips, defective products, etc. Moreover, they also handle workplace incidents, and medical errors.

Cases that these attorneys handle include a range of issues. Let’s look at the common ones.

– Injuries from animal bites

– Various transportation accidents

– Automotive, boating, and aviation accidents

– Burns, pedestrian incidents, and construction accidents

– Defective product cases and insurance claims

– Medical malpractice and nursing home abuse

– Slips, spinal injuries, child daycare negligence, wrongful deaths, and more.

How To Find The Best Personal Injury Lawyers In USA?

If you are looking for good Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale, here is a list of the places you can look for.

Morgan & Morgan

It is the nation’s largest personal injury firm with 900+ lawyers and $15 billion won.


This is a directory of US’s personal injury lawyers listed by state. Moreover, it is searchable. Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale will definitely be on the list.

Forbes Advisor

It presents a curated list of top personal injury lawyers in major US cities. Moreover, there are guides on selecting the right one.

Topteny Magazine

It contains the list of the top 15 best personal injury lawyers in the US.

America’s Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

This presents a collection of the country’s top attorneys. Moreover, contact details are also available.

Why To Look For Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale?

If someone suffers harm due to a driver, product, or someone’s actions, hiring a personal injury lawyer is not obligatory.

Thus, any victim has the freedom to represent themselves. However, this may not be the most prudent decision. Given that these attorneys often operate on contingency, it’s not a bad idea to seek their help to get an initial assessment on your case.

Afterall, the court has to be aware of the lawsuit within a specific timeframe. On top of that evidence is its best form when closer to the accident date. Hence consulting a local attorney promptly is important.

How To Find The Best Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer?

Discover the ideal attorney by examining our comprehensive list of Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale and firms.

We evaluate their practice, experience, education, honors, and fees. We are also looking into client reviews for insights.

However, for intricate legal needs, a larger firm with diverse expertise is the best thing. But a smaller firm may be best for more specific requirements.

So, go through the list of Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer to find your perfect match.

Here is our list.      

1. William H. Kennedy, III

  Kennedy Legal Team, PLLC

  Serving Fort Lauderdale, FL (Coral Springs, FL)

  Experienced Coral Springs Personal Injury Attorney. They fight for deserved compensation.

2. Tamar Pagan

   Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney at Reifkind Thompson & Rudzinski.

   Address: Tamar Hoo Pagan

   3333 W Commercial Blvd, Suite 200B, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 

3. Warren Peebles

   Englander Peebles Law Firm.

  Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL

   Experienced attorneys fighting to maximize compensation for you.

4. Eliot Dempsey

   Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney at Yeboah Law Group.

  Address: Eliot Dempsey

   100 S.E. 3rd Avenue, Suite 1101, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394 

5. Lance Rudzinski

   Fort Lauderdale’s personal injury legal expert at Reifkind Thompson & Rudzinski.

  Address:  Lance C Rudzinski

   3333 W Commercial Blvd, Suite 200B, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Now let us look at some acclaimed law firms.

  1. Darfoor Law Firm, P.A.

Location: 100 SE 3rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale

Contact: +1 754-812-8444

Hours: Opens at 09:00

  1. The Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, P.A.

Location: 300 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale

Contact: +1 954-525-0050

Open 24 hours

  1. Law Offices of Justin Weisberg

Location: 901 S Federal Hwy Ste 300, Fort Lauderdale

Contact: +1 954-463-4096

Hours: Opens at 08:30

  1. Boone & Davis, Attorneys at Law

Location: 2311 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale

Contact: +1 954-566-9919

Open 24 hours

  1. Jpd Injury Law, Pllc

Location: 300 SE 2nd St Ste 600, Fort Lauderdale

Contact: +1 844-573-4529 

To Conclude

Looking for a skilled personal injury attorney is common. They handle lawsuits against negligent parties and get you the compensation for your injuries.

In these cases, the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff. Hence, selecting an attorney with a successful history in settlements or winning trials is vital.

Insurance companies often play a role, making it important for the attorney to understand insurance law. The attorneys listed here are known for their professional accomplishments. 

Therefore, finding a highly competent personal injury attorney is easier with our assistance.  

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