Ramaswamy On H1-B Visa Use, Plans Merit-Based Reform


A 2024 presidential election’s potential Republican candidate is hopeful. Ramaswamy also happens to be a biotechnology entrepreneur in the United States. 

In one of his interviews, he defended his past use of the H1-B visa program. The statement comes after his calls to dismantle this system. 

According to the politician, the H1-B visa program is a form of indentured solitude. This visa is popular for providing visas to high-skilled foreign workers in specialized industries. 

From the year 2018 to 2023, this visa came in handy to the applications from Roviant Sciences, Ramaswamy’s Biotech firm (former owner). The United States Citizenship and immigration services have a record of these visas. 

A Fox News interview on Sunday saw the politician say that if he came to power, he would reform the visa program. ” 

Ramaswamy “played within the rules that have been given to us by the government,” according to his statement.

Ramaswamy said, “I believe the energy system in this country and energy regulation needs drastic reform too. But I still use water and electricity and turn on the lights.” 

He added, “So the fact of the matter is, I have an understanding of the regulatory apparatus because I have dealt with it as a CEO and an entrepreneur who has built multiple companies.” 

The potential Presidential Election Candidate has criticized its random selection method. 

The applications for the H1-B visas are far more in number than the available slots by hundreds of thousands. 

Ramaswamy will reform the program to be based on “meritocratic admission.” 

“Why on earth would you use a lottery when you could just use meritocratic admission instead? Restore merit,” He said. 

“We have to gut that system, restore meritocratic immigration, which is skills, not just tech skills, but all kinds of skills to match what we need in this country.” 

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