Special Counsel Jack Smith Still Pursuing Former POTUS Donald Trump


Special counsel Jack Smith is still pursuing the former POTUS Donald Trump. From the recent developments, we understand that Trump has been facing various criminal charges. Most of them are related to the 2020 election and classified documents.

Smith is conducting a detailed investigation. He plans to examine how Mr. Trump raised money on unfounded claims of voter fraud.  This money was used to tamper with voting equipment so that the Republican-leaning extremist groups could portray that President Joe Biden’s victory was incorrect.

Trump has responded to his claims. He has been making daily statements trying to influence the jury members in Washington. Washington is the state where his trial is scheduled for the month of March. This trial raises quite a few unique questions. Republicans have been questioning Trump’s right about free speech and the privileges that other high-profile figures enjoy (read: Biden’s Son, Hunter).

Smith’s inquiry is one of many. All of them are related to the aftermath of the 2020 election.

We have discussed the legal proceedings in Fulton County, Georgia. Here Trump and 18 co-defendants are soon going on a trial that will determine whether claims of racketeering charges against them. They are being charged under the RICO Act. The case will be spliting into smaller trials.

In Georgia, Trump’s Former White House chief of staff, Mr. Mark Meadows, is waiting to see if his trial will be moved to the federal court. He has hopes that there the charges will be dismissed. This move will be a deal breaker for Trump’s own legal strategy. 

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