Securing Justice For Unfair Dismissal: Tips To Secure Your Employment Rights With The Best Lawyer?


In a world of economic shifts, workplace transformations and job security issues are a major concern for many individuals.  

The unexpected loss of jobs is devastating, both emotionally and financially.  

Therefore, dismissing an employee is always a difficult decision to make. Hence, if the company allows an employee to go, they must do it legally.  

Thus, if you believe your termination was illegal and unfair, a termination lawyer might be able to help you seek justice.  

In this article, we will emphasize important tips to help you secure your employment rights by hiring the best lawyer.  

What Is Unfair Dismissal?

Unfair dismissal is also known as unfair termination.  

Therefore, unfair dismissal is when an employer fires an employee ruthlessly, unreasonably and unjustly.  

As per the Fair Work Act 2009, the Fair Work Commission might compel an employer to reinstate and compensate any employee who was dismissed unfairly.  

Therefore, as per the law, it is fair for employers to dismiss an employee for one of the following reasons: 

  • Redundancy. 
  • Misconduct at work. 
  • Lack of capability to do the job. 
  • A statutory requirement. 
  • Some other substantial reasons.  

Thus, if you are facing the issue, hire an attorney from Stevens & Associates. The professionals will help you understand your rights, fast-track your case and resolve disputes quickly.  

If you think you might have been unfairly dismissed from the job, then there is no time to waste.  

Tips To Secure Employment Rights From Unfair Dismissal

Employment Rights

Below-mentioned are tips to secure employment rights from unfair dismissal.  

1. Create An Effective Employment Documentation

A well-structured employment contract and a comprehensive set of policies should detail the standard of your performance.  

Therefore, read your contract and highlight the policies that state positive clauses for unfair dismissal.  

In addition, several copies of employment contracts should be made, and the company procedures and policies should be well written.  

2. Fair Reasons For Dismissal

It is important to read the Employment Rights Act 1996 and the reasons for dismissal. Thus, the five majors you have been dismissed might be: 

  • Redundancy.  
  • Conduct/misconduct. 
  • Performance. 
  • Statutory illegality or breach of statutory restrictions. 
  • Other substantial reasons.  

3. Equality And HR Training

If you plan to claim your unfair dismissal and have no knowledge about the employment law, then it might lead you into trouble.  

Thus, you need to ensure that the dismissal is thoroughly read and there are no loopholes that can put you in doubt.  

4. Penalties For An Unfair Dismissal

Hire a lawyer, as they can easily point out the unfair reasons for dismissal. If the attorney finds no valid reason for termination, the company will give you back the job.  

Moreover, if the company is unfairly terminating you for unavoidable circumstances, then it is liable to pay toy compensation based on: 

  • Age. 
  • Gross weekly pay. 
  • Length of your service.  
  • Extra compensation if you do not follow a tribunal order.  
  • Health and safety concerns. 
  • Whistleblowing.  

5. Follow Fair Disciplinary Process

To follow a fair discipline procedure, your claim should include: 

  • Listening carefully to the employer.  
  • Carrying out a thorough investigation. It would include your relevant documentation and speak with witnesses.  
  • Remain confidential wherever possible and offer the correct appeal against the decision.  
  • Being alert to any mitigating circumstances.  

6. Take Notes From Meetings

You must take notes while attending the meetings with your employer and lawyer.  

This will later help you demonstrate the fairness of the policies used and the reasoning behind the decision.  

Similarly, communicate about the follow-up letter and make sure you are aware of the outcomes and next step.  

7. Seek Employment Law Suggestion

The claims made on unfair dismissal can be expensive. This is because reputational damage is a waste of time and resources.  

However, seeking advice from a professional employment lawyer is vital to know where you stand and ensure your case is as robust as possible.  

It would eventually save you money in the long term.  

8. Negotiate Your Severance

The employers pay severance, so they never have to worry about an employee again. This process eliminates the legal actions against employees, specifically for thighs like: 

  • Discrimination. 
  • Wrongful discrimination.  
  • Unpaid wages.  

Therefore, it is important to approach severance negotiation with careful consideration. This is because the outcome will be final.  

Moreover, the lawyer will help you assess your employment contract, applicable modern award and employment contract. Ensure the lawyer analyzes the job agreement and employee agreement.  

9. Ensure Clear Communication With Employer  

The retainer agreements inform the lawyer about your relationship with the employers, the security of the service, and other vital information.  

However, when you are officially informed about your unfair dismissal, read back the contract. You can ask for clarification from the employer if there are any termination-related concerns.  

In addition to that, you need to maintain transparency and discuss new developments that might impact your claim.  

Best Tips For Winning Unfair Dismissal Case

Employment Rights tips

Facing unfair dismissal out of your process can be a tough and disturbing task. If you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated, here are some critical hints to help you navigate and doubtlessly win your case.

Understand Your Rights and Grounds for Unfair Dismissal

Firstly, get yourself up to speed with the employment legal guidelines in your jurisdiction. Understand what constitutes unfair dismissal and the specific grounds underneath which you could undertake it, together with discrimination, retaliation, or breach of employment contract.

Gather Evidence and Documentation

Collect all relevant files and proof to assist your case. This may also include employment contracts, overall performance evaluations, emails, and any correspondence related to your termination. Document incidents of unfair treatment or wrongful movements by means of your organisation main up to your dismissal.

Review Company Policies and Procedures

Examine your enterprise’s policies and tactics, in particular those related to subject, termination, and complaint procedures. Ensure that your dismissal was not in violation of any employer policies or techniques.

Consult with an experienced employment attorney who specializes in unfair dismissal instances. A criminal expert can verify the strength of your case, offer expert recommendation in your rights, and represent you all through criminal proceedings.

Keep Records of Communication

Maintain information of all communications together with your corporation concerning your termination. Keep notes of conferences, conversations, and interactions related to your dismissal. This documentation can be critical in demonstrating the situations main up in your termination.

File a Grievance or Appeal

Follow your organisation’s inner criticism or appeal technique if to be had. This demonstrates that you’ve tried to clear up the problem internally earlier than pursuing criminal motion. Keep a report of all communications and effects throughout this manner.

Prepare Your Case for Tribunal or Court

If informal decision attempts fail, put together a comprehensive case for the employment tribunal or court. Present your proof, documentation, and witness statements correctly to help your claims of unfair dismissal.

Demonstrate Unfair Treatment or Discrimination

If applicable, offer proof that your dismissal turned out to be based totally on discriminatory grounds including race, gender, age, disability, or whistleblowing. Discriminatory dismissal is unlawful and may reinforce your case.

Stay Professional and Objective

Throughout the manner, continue to be professional and goal on your interactions. Avoid emotional outbursts or unprofessional conduct that might undermine your credibility at some stage in prison court cases.

Consider Settlement Negotiations

Be open to exploring settlement alternatives along with your agency, specifically if a decision can be reached without lengthy court cases. Your lawyer can assist in negotiating an honest agreement that compensates you for misplaced wages and damages.

Types Of Recovery In Unfair Dismissal Cases 

Successful claims can lead to different types of compensation, which include:  

  • Lost wages include benefits and pay you would receive if not unlawfully terminated. It is considered to be the largest damage component.  
  • Employers might not cover medical costs if mental and physical health issues cause unlawful firing.  
  • For permanent employees, juries might award damages for future pay losses resulting from termination.  
  • Punitive sums might be levied if the employer’s action is egregious. These types of awards are limited and rare by state laws. 
  • Wrongfully losing a job leads to significant stress. For this reason, financial damage or emotional harm is possible in certain cases.  

Thus, discuss the prospective recovery amount with your lawyer during free negotiation.  

Moreover, if you are in Australia, book your consultation with Stevens & Associates, which provides specialized lawyers who will fight against wrongful unfair dismissal.  

Ensure Clear Communication With Your Attorney  

When you lose a job, it often leads to a feeling of despair and confusion.  

But it is true that justice is within your reach. All you need is a good lawyer who will defend you, fight your case and resolve disputes against unfair dismissal. 

Thus, you can also look for a knowledgeable termination lawyer. They will help evaluate your situation, explain your rights, and complement the advocate.  

If you see your termination was wrong and unlawful, contact a professional employment attorney from Stevens & Associates immediately and get the justice you deserve.

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