Top 10 Best Law Firms In Florida In 2022


Florida has an ample amount of good law firms you can rely on. No one knows when you might need legal help. If any legal problems happen with you in Florida and you need legal assistance, you will be looking for law firms.

So if you are looking for expungement lawyers in Florida, we will be more than happy to assist you with some of the best recommendations.

In this article, I have listed the best law firms in Florida so that you don’t have to look anywhere.

Top 10 Law Firms In Florida In 2022

1. Baker McKenzie

baker mckenzie

Baker Mckenzie, One of the largest law firms in Florida, can help you with international legal problems. If you are in Florida and you need legal help related to border works and tax practice. They have 78 international offices. In Florida, they can help you with any legal aspect you need help with.

Also, many of their offices offer an array of legal counselling. For instance – international commercial and trade affairs, capital markets, private equity, restructuring, and more.

Number of offices: 78 in 47 countries
Total Employees:  750 attorneys
Official Website: www.bakermckenzie.com

2. White & Case LLP

white and case llp - best law firms in florida

Practising law across various legal areas, White & Case LLP is one of the best legal firms in Florida. When you need assistance with border work-related legal cases, there is no better option than White & LLP in Florida.

They cover cases of more than 17 industries. Some of them include – pharmaceuticals, technology, real estate, and more.

Number of offices: 45 offices in 31 countries
Total Employees: 2,257
Official Website: www.whitecase.com

3. Hogan Lovells

hogan lovells

Hogan Lovells is known for dealing with many high-profile legal cases. Their fame is specifically for their privacy work-related works. They generally focus on different projects like – global regulatory, employment, litigation, finance, and corporate.

Their lawyer is down to earth, and you can expect them to take care of most complex cases. They also handle aerospace, automotive, and another case.

Number of offices: 51 offices
Total Employees: 2495 attorneys
Official Website: www.hoganlovells.com

4. Akerman LLP

akerman llp - best law firms in florida

If you are looking for Miami-based law firms in Florida, the Akerman LLP is one of the best to choose. Alexander Akerman established the firm in 1920. This firm covers cases for a wide range of industries. Financial Times has ranked them one of the most innovative and forward-thinking firms in Florida.

They can offer legal support in different types of cases like personal injury, real estate, capital markets, or commercial platforms.

Number of offices: 24 offices in the US.
Total Employees:  More than 700 lawyers
Official Website: www.akerman.com

5. K & L Gates LLP

k & l gates llp

When you want service from the largest personal injury law firms in Florida, then K & L Gates LLP is the best option. The attorneys here are very collaborative, and the environment here is very supportive. They have legal firms spread across five continents.

They practice cases like investment funds, energy and infrastructure, dispute regulations, corporate cases, and more.

Number of offices: 45 offices
Total Employees: 1800 lawyers
Official Website: www.klgates.com

6. Dwyer & Knight

dwyer & knight - best law firms in florida

We cannot really list the best law firm in Florida and miss Dwyer and Knight. They are one of the best firms. They offer flexible payment options and are great for bankruptcy solutions. If you are looking for a family law-related case solution, then this is one of the best law firms to choose in Florida. They help with divorce-related cases, legal adoption work, and much more.

Number of offices: Unknown
Total Employees: Unknown
Official Website: dwyerknight.com

7. Greenberg Traurig, LLP

greenberg traurig, llp

When you are looking for law firms with attorneys who put their endeavors into solving your cases, Greenberg Traurig is the one. They are good financing, sports-related law, and entertainment-related legal cases. It is one of the most prestigious law firms in the US, and they also offer fine service in Florida.

Number of offices: 42 international offices
Total Employees: 2400 employees
Official Website: www.gtlaw.com

8. Holland & Knight LLP

holland and knight llp - best law firms in florida

The attorneys in Holland & Knight LLP love what they do. They are true leaders in the legal industry. They treat their clients with compassion and care. However, they offer the best support to the veterans. They cover dozens of areas of law, including tax works, laws, and litigation.

Number of offices: 35 offices in the US with 5 international offices
Total Employees: more than 1700
Official Website: www.hklaw.com

9. Gunster


With 11 offices only in Florida, Gunter is one of the best law firm in Florida. They have over 200 lawyers working with them. Gunster is efficient in handling both mid-size and large business-related cases. Some of their legal works revolve around litigation, corporate deals, real estate transactions, etc.

Number of offices: 11 offices in Florida
Total Employees: 200+ attorneys
Official Website: www.gunster.com

10. McDermott Will & Emery

mcdermott will and emery - best law firms in florida

Healthcare-related legal services are best served by McDermott Will & Emery are one of the best. They also practice law across other sectors of the legal world, like, insurance, real estate, privacy, and more.

Number of offices: 20 international offices
Total Employees: 2300+
Official Website: www.mwe.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the popularly asked questions about the law firms in Florida –

1. What Are Big Law Firms In Florida?
Ans: When you look for a big law firm in Florida, you will come across these names –

  • Holland & Knight
  • White & Case
  • Akerman LLP
  • Greenberg Traurig
2. Who Is The Number One Law Firm In Florida?
Ans: Baker Mckenzie is the number one law firm in Florida. There are other significant names like – White & Case LLP, Adams & Reese, and Holland & Knight.
3. How Many Law Firms Are There In Florida?
Ans: There are many law firms in Florida. The exact number of law firms is still unknown, but the number of law practitioners in Florida is 77223.

Final Words

So, I hope that this article was helpful in mentioning the ten best law firms in Florida that you were looking for. If there are any other queries, you may ask us in the comment section. If you need assistance, you can choose from any of these firms.

For more information, you can ask questions in the comment box.

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