Your Guide To The Top M&A Law Firms In The USA!


Top M&A Law Firms are present all across the United States. In intricate mergers and acquisitions matters, they are your go-to. Remember, legal matters often have a close relation to financial ones.

The core of value addition to your company needs diligence and simplicity. Thus, it is best if you let professionals handle the legal aspects for you.

Therefore, top legal firms in the US serve as the world’s largest M&A intermediaries.

That is why, we the legal minds at Lawyers Inventory have brought you a concise yet detailed list. Pick and choose the best one for your M&A needs!

So, here we go.

An M&A Law Firm

Be it law firms in Kansas City or law firms in Kentucky, top M&A Law Firms will simple make the merger process simpler for you.

An M&A comes with a lot of legal complexities. They ensure that they are the ones taking care of legal requirements. Moreover, they are experts of M&A regulations of the state and centre.

They Can Handle Risks

These experts identify potential risks in the deal. For example, contractual obligations or regulatory issues. They have a solution for everything.

Document Drafting

They draft and review contracts, agreements related to the M&A. Moreover, they will protect the rights and interests of both sides.

They conduct thorough investigations to let you know about any underlying legal issues. Additionally, they see to it that it all aligns with the law and business objectives.

Our Top Picks

Now that we know what the Top M&A law firms can do for you, let us check some of them out.

Cravath, Swaine, & Moore LLP

This top-notch M&A law firm has a very impressive client roster. Moreover, this firm’s expertise in M&A is what makes it number 1 in the Top M&A law firms list. Moreover, in 2020, they played a key role in significant deals.

What Are Their Achievements?

They successfully carried out the following M&As.

Mylan acquiring Upjohn for $50 billion.

Justeat.com purchasing Grubhub for $7.3 billion.

Viacom merging with CBS Corporation for $30 billion.

Did You Know!

They also advised Walt Disney on its Marvel acquisition. Thus, this stands among the most successful deals in recent history.


Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP


825 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019

+1 212-474-1000

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

One of the Top M&A Law firms, we consider Davis Polk & Wardwell a perfect pick for you. Moreover, currently they hold the second place for their dealmaking abilities.

Their prestigious client base is a testament to the capabilities that the in-house professionals hold.

What Are Their Achievements?

In 2020, they made some game-changing deals.

Morgan Stanley’s $13 billion acquisition of E*Trade.

Charles Schwab’s $26 billion all-stock acquisition of TD Ameritrade.

Moreover, Gilead Science’s $21 billion acquisition of Immuno-medics.

Did You Know?

Their client portfolio also features industry giants like Heineken, ExxonMobil and Comcast.


Website: https://www.davispolk.com/about/contact Charles S. Duggan

  • General Counsel

+ 1 212 450 4785

  • Gina Caruso

Deputy General Counsel

+ 1 212 450 4810

Latham & Watkins LLP

Latham & Watkins are amongst the Top M&A law firms and specialists for SPACs. SPACs are companies made just to collect money from investors. Moreover, they use this money to buy other companies and make them public.

Thus, SPAC deals have been growing for the past decade.

Latham & Watkins has an amazing portfolio. They specialize in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

What Are Their Achievements?

Some of the top M&A deals by this law firm includes.

NVIDIA’s $40 billion acquisition of Arm Limited.

Siemens Health’s $16.4 billion acquisition of Varian Medical Systems.

Did You Know?

AON, JP Morgan, and more are among their prominent clients.


Official Website: Latham & Watkins LLP (lw.com)

Amongst The Top M&A Law Firms Is Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett LLP

They represent big companies like Dell Technologies, Best Buy, Boeing, and Aramark.

Moreover, most of these companies, except Boeing, aw big growth during the pandemic. With legal help from this top-notch law firm, they expect to grow more in the future.

More Achievements

In 2020, the firm advised Refinitive. With its excellent legal guidance, the company carried out the $27 billion deal with the London Stock Exchange. Moreover, they advised TD Bank in its acquisition by Charles Schwab Corporation.

Top M&A Law Firms New York Has Dechert LLP

Dechert’s M&A legal team is one of the best in the nation. Therefore, they help people in buying, selling, or advising on complex business deals.

Moreover, they make sure deals are set up well, and happen quickly. Also, the members protect their client’s interests at every step.

What Are Their Achievements?

They are the top advisor in M&A law according to reports by Mergerstat, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and mergermarket.

Therefore, Dechert brings together knowledge on the industries with experts on taxes and bankruptcy. They handle all kinds of deals worldwide,

Our Final Word On Top M&A Law Firms

Top M and A law firms are not that difficult to find. Moreover, when you are picking a firm for your M&A needs, make sure to dig deeper. Choose a firm based on the facts of your case and your level of comfort.

It is not necessary that only bog legal firms can give the best service. A mediocre or small law firm may be just as good! Make sure you find one that’s really good at handling complex business deals.

Moreover, they should know the industry well. See that it has a history of successful transactions. Look for a firm that’s famous for their M&A lawyers who know about taxes and laws related to business.

Additionally, they should be able to handle deals in different countries. It’s important they have experience with all kinds of deals, whether everyone agrees or if things get a bit tense. That way, they can help you figure out the best way forward for your business deals.

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