What to Do in Case of a Truck Accident


Truck transport is a driving force of the U.S. economy. But while it is a profitable and necessary industry for keeping our lives running without a shortage of any goods, it provokes numerous road accidents. The data from 2021 reveals that over half a million significant truck accidents happened during that year in the USA. The primary factors contributing to the incidents are considerable vehicle size, difficulty maneuvering, extended stopping distance, and driver fatigue.

So, what should you do if the circumstances led to you being a truck accident victim? Find out below. 

Essential Steps to Follow During a Truck Accident

There is a lot of shock that accompanies all such situations. However, that does not prevent people from acting sharply and properly to seek legal justice afterward. Before contacting truck accidents attorneys, you can do vital things for a faster and smoother case investigation. Here we are including some steps and actions that will assist you in effectively managing what to do while being facing a truck accident. Applying these actions, you can effectively report the incident to the correct authority. 

Seek Medical Attention and Call the Police

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Life and health come first, so this is what you have to do after the accident. If you or other incident participants have life-threatening injuries, call an ambulance. Double-checking at the doctor will not be superfluous, even if you don’t feel injured. Also, because of the adrenaline, you might not even find out about a severe injury. Some first signs start to show up several hours after the accident. 

These are the reasons why calling 911 has to be the first step after a truck accident: 

  • If you call the ambulance late after the incident, this might serve as a reason for an insurance company to state that you didn’t need medical attention and were not feeling that bad.
  • If not taken care of, the injuries hurt more, and infection might spread throughout the body. Since you are shocked, the nervous system might block some feelings of injury to help you get through that. 
  • Seeing a doctor shortly after an accident will help document all the symptoms and plan the treatment costs. 
  • The accident has to be documented. Police officers will officially start this process.

One of the primary reasons, it is crucial that you seek medical attention and call the police at first is because your health matters the most. If you are not in good health there will be no one to report the incident to the correct authorities. Moreover, seeking medical attention will also attract the attention of the law enforcement. 

Generally, when an accident occurs and someone calls the medical team, there is a fair chance that local law enforcement will come over. Make sure that you are contacting 911 for the matter. Informing the incident to 911 will allow you to effectively inform your grievances. This will lead to the presence of both medical teams and police officers in the accident scene. Further, presence of the police officers will also enable them to document the accident for further enquiry in legal procedures. 

Gather the Evidence

If you are stuck in a truck accident, one of the vital steps you must take is gathering evidence. This means, you need to prove that there has been an accident or crash scene. By taking evidence you will be able to effectively apply for claims later while going through the legal process. If you are asking for claims, it is mandatory that you have to show the judge and juries that your presence in the accident has led to significant damages. Without any evidence and proof, you will not be able to file for the damages in a court of law. 

In order to effectively collect evidence, make sure you’re clicking pictures and taking videos of the crash scene. These items will effectively ensure that you can effectively file for a claim for damage with your personal injury lawyer

If you are physically and mentally able to document the crash scene, start by taking pictures of everything. This includes the accident scene, your and your loved ones’ injuries, damage to your vehicle, how the cars were situated, and every detail you find essential. 

Another type of evidence is talking to witnesses. There is a high chance someone saw the accident happening, and documenting that information will be beneficial for further legal procedures. 

Don’t Overshare

The biggest mistake anyone makes in such a situation is to overshare. Make sure in the height of emotions you are not making any claims or statements that might go against you in the court of law. The first thing you must restrain from doing is apologize and say you’ve done something wrong. This will lead to extra burden to your case, while it goes to court. 

Undoubtedly, you will not be able to control yourself fully, but at such moments, everything you say might not work. Don’t start apologizing and saying you did something wrong. This might add more responsibility to your party during the case resolution. The discussion of the fault should be strictly confidential. Moreover, it is also crucial that you respect the confidentiality of the overall matter. As your opposite party might not be comfortable in getting their legal matters being posted on social media platforms. 

Also, don’t post anything on social media until the case is closed. Some might interpret this incorrectly, but your compensation and reputation are at stake. Restraining to post any matters related to the accident in any social media platform will save your reputation. This is because, if you post about the whereabouts of the accident in social media, there might be many who might take the situation on a wrong note. This can hamper the final outcome of the case. So, only post about the matter after the complete resolution of your case. 

Don’t Move Your Vehicle

Even if you see your vehicle has no external damage, it can be damaged from the inside. That is why waiting for the insurance company to document the vehicle’s state for correct compensation is important. 

Contact a Trusted Truck Accident Lawyer

The faster you turn to a lawyer, the more comprehensive the picture of the accident you will form. Working with a professional is crucial, as there are many pitfalls when defending your legal rights. 

Final Words

After a truck accident, the important things to do are to call the ambulance and police and document every minor detail of your case. Those steps will help you go through legal incident-handling procedures more quickly. And indeed, in such cases, one cannot do without an experienced truck accident lawyer.

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