US Supreme Court Has Urged “Caution” As AI Is Reshaping The Legal Field


In our current times, artificial intelligence poses as a mixed blessing for the legal field. This has been stated by US Supreme Court’s Chief Justice John Roberts. He has stated that everyone should have “caution and humility” as AI is revolving through the ways judges and lawyers will be conducting their profession. 

The Chief Justice has struck an uncertain tone in his thirteen-page report. He has stated that AI has the potential to improve access to justice for indigent litigants, revolutionize legal research, and help courts resolve cases at a faster and more economical pace. In addition, he has also pointed out the privacy concerns associated with the usage of AI for its inability to replicate human prudence.

Robert has stated, “I predict human judges will be here for a while.” But with similar confidence, he has also predicted that judicial tasks, especially at the trial level, will be significantly affected by AI. 

The commentary that the Chief Justice has passed has been considered one of the most significant discussions to date regarding the influence of AI in law. Moreover, the commentary also comments on the way lower courts will be competing for the adoption of new technologies. This is for the capacity of passing the bar exams and also generating fictitious content. 

Roberts has also emphasized ways AI has to be used with humility and caution. He has mentioned that AI hallucinations have led lawyers to cite non-existent cases in court papers. This is a “bad idea,” as stated by the chief justice. The usage of AI by lawyers has also resulted in making headlines across the US. 

In the previous week’s instance, it has been noted that Micheal Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, has stated that he, by mistake, gave his attorney fake case citations provided by AI. This made its way to an official court filing. 

Finally, the proposed 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals will require lawyers to certify they either did not rely on AI for drafting their briefs or humans have re-verified before filling their court papers. 

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