US Supreme Court May Back Domestic-Violence Gun Restrictions


The judges of the U.S. Supreme Court delivered their opinion on a federal law. They discussed the constitutionality of the criminalization of gun possession. These esteemed judges discussed whether it is legally okay for individuals to own a gun. 

The discussion mainly considered if they should have gun ownership when having restraining orders for domestic violence. This case marks a significant test of the court’s intention to allow an expansion of gun rights. It is of importance to note that the court has a conservative majority in judges.

President Joe Biden’s administration is filing an appeal challenging a lower court’s decision. The decision invalidated a law that safeguarded domestic abuse victims. The lower court had held that the law violated an applicable Second Amendment provision. This provision claims to allow “keeping and bearing arms.”

This verdict was based on the law’s failure to meet the criteria according to the Supreme Court’s 2022 ruling. According to this ruling, gun laws must consider firearm regulation as stated in the Constitution.  

In the course of the hearing, the conservative justices of the Court expressed uncertainty. The judge’s panel, with a 6-3 majority, seemed to be unsure about the administration’s argument.

They discussed if it was appropriate to prohibit individuals, including domestic abusers, from possessing guns. These individuals would include those who are not “law-abiding and responsible.”

The court took into account the rights of these people to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms. The justices more appropriately suggested a balance between the law and the Second Amendment. This balance would require that the law disarm those who have the potential to cause trouble rather than merely those who are irresponsible.

Chief Justice John Roberts, a conservative member of the court, concentrated on the term “responsible”. He thought that it might be overly broad.

He brought up an example: “I mean, not taking your recycling to the curb on Thursdays, if it’s a serious problem, it’s irresponsible,” Roberts stated. 

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