Top 5 law firms in Ohio in 2024

McDonald Hopkins is a business advisory and advocacy law firm with locations in various strategic areas of the US. Further, it has over 90 years of experience handling complex issues. McDonald's is a great fit to resolve your legal issues.

McDonald Hopkins LLC

Address: 600 Superior Avenue, East Suite 2100 Cleveland, Ohio 44114, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Contact Number: 2163485400

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Biviano Law Firm

Biviano Law Firm is one of the best law firms, and it has expertise in family law representation for its clients throughout Northeast Ohio. Further, the law firm has an experience and knowledge of over 43 years in legal matters. So, if you seek one of Ohio's best family law firms, Biviano Law Firm is the answer.

Address: 700 Huntington Bank Tower 108 Main Avenue S.W. Warren, OH 44481 Contact Number: 3303925000

Brennan Manna Diamond

Address: 75 East Market Street, Akron, Ohio 44308 Contact Number: 330.253.5060

Brennan Manna Diamond is a full-service entrepreneurial law firm with a track record of effectively resolving small and big business challenges and disputes.

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC

Buckingham, Doolittle, & Burroughs is a reputed business law firm in Ohio. This law firm has been reputed for its capacity to serve its diverse clients for over 100 years. Moreover, this law firm in Ohio also deals with other areas of law. These include litigation, labor and employment, and real estate.

Address: 3800 Embassy Pkwy, Suite 300, Akron, Ohio 44333

Contact Number:  800-686-2825

Roetzel & Andress

Roetzel & Andress is a law firm in Ohio with offices in Ohio, Florida, Chicago, and Illinois. Moreover, Roetzel & Andress have enhanced their ability to reach various geographical locations by increasing the client base and scope of legal needs.

Address: 222 South Main Street, Suite 400, Akron, Ohio 44308

Contact Number:  330-376-2700