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What Is A Settlement Conference? Everything You Should Know

In the present day, there are different types of cases that reach the court. Well, it happens due to the confusion, controversy, and non-eagerness of settlement between the two parties over a matter. In these types of cases, both parties seek court trials to reach a satisfactory conclusion. However, all cases do not reach the trails. The lawyers from both ends produce a settlement conference an

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Section Officer Duties And Responsibility: What Powers They Have?

In India, there are multiple offices in different sectors that come under government control. Now, these government offices have different departments. A section is one of the prominent departments. You can find a section officer in each department. Here, you can learn all facts about section officers. This article contains details about their duties and responsibilities. Moreover, you can chec

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Can Someone Live With You Without Being On The Lease? Things You Should Know

In the present era, most people, especially young adults tend to live in apartments taken on lease. If you are one of those, this article can be of your help. If you are concerned with the matter can someone live with you without being on the lease, then there are certain things you would need to keep in mind. Here, you can go through a lot of points that can ease your process to get an apartme

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