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Can I Sue Someone For Recording Me Without My Permission? Here Is The Answer

When someone records you without your permission, they invade your privacy. And, privacy invasion is not something you’d consider acceptable in this era. So, more than often, when I was in similar situations, I wondered, can I sue someone for recording me without my permission ?

The answer to this question will be both ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’ It depends upon the seriousness of the recording, the state laws where you reside, and several other circumstances to declare it as a criminal offense. So, let’s take a look at those.

What Are Some Common Situations For Audio, Or Video Recording?

Before finding out, can I sue someone for recording me without my permission? First, let’s look at the everyday recording situations. 

  • A reporter may want to interview you for something on record.
  • Someone may want to record a business meeting over the phone if they are not present in it.
  • The CCTV camera records your video of walking in and out of a building and inside the workplace.
  • Someone records you at a public place on the street, gym, or a party.
  • When you call a help desk or customer service line, they record your call for quality monitoring.
  • There may be hidden cameras in a room where you stay or visit.
  • If there is a legal case against you, the court may want to record your phone calls.
  • If you want proof of a crime, you can use audio or video to record something without people’s knowledge.
  • You are at a concert and want to record the performance of the artist.

These are some common instances where a video or audio recording is most likely to take place. Now, not all of these are legal, and neither all of these are illegal also. So, let’s look at the laws now to judge the legality of recording someone.

Does The Federal Wiretap Act Ensure Your Right To Privacy

Does The Federal Wiretap Act Ensure Your Right To Privacy

The Federal Wiretap Act’s 4th amendment ensures that everyone has a right to privacy. However, the laws categorized in this amendment have evolved several times over the years. So, can I sue someone for recording me without my permission? It’s time to look at it legally.

The Federal Wiretap Law ensures that you’ll have a right to privacy when you are in your home. If you stay in NYC, you must be familiar with the concept of one-party consent. If someone is having a conversation with you and is willing to record it, they can do it. Will such recording be admissible as proper evidence in court? They will be provided the recording has taken place somewhere where the one-party consent law is valid.

So, you cannot sue someone even if they record your audio in your home as long as they are one of the two parties present in the conversation. But, if you are a resident of California, Massachusetts, Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada, Montana, Michigan, Florida, Connecticut, or Maryland, the legality will change.

In these 12 states, the two-party consent law is considered valid. So, if someone records you without your permission here, you can indeed sue them.

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When Can I Sue Someone For Recording Me Without My Permission, And When Can’t I?

When Can I Sue Someone For Recording Me Without My Permission, And When Can’t I?

It’s essential to know the legal considerations if I want to know can I sue someone for recording me without my permission or not. It’s not always mandatory that your case will be a wiretapping violation. Sometimes it can be a simple privacy invasion or security breach too. 

If you plan to sue a law enforcement agency that did not have the warrant to search your house, you can sue them. If someone records you on your private property or someone stalks you, you can sue them. If you reasonably expect a conversation to be personal or someone illegally eavesdrops on your conversation with others, you can sue them. 

However, if someone records you when you are in a public place and has a legal warrant to record you, you can’t sue them. If you are conversing with someone, and that party records you, under the one-party consent law, you can’t sue them either. If you brag loudly in a public place about your deeds, and someone records you, you can’t sue them also.

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What Are The Possible Penalty Options When I Sue Someone For Illegal Recording?

It looks like there are many answer possibilities to the ‘can I sue someone for recording me without my permission’ question. So, let’s find out what their punishment will be if I manage to sue them.

Recording someone without their permission is a legal infringement. So, the Federal Wiretap Act ensures a 5-year sentence or a $500 compensation. If the recording contains more severe information, the court may order both penalty and fine for the guilty.

When you sue someone for illegally recording you, it becomes a civil lawsuit. Now, you cannot send someone to prison when you file a civil suit against them. But, indeed, you can demand substantial financial compensation. In some states, the courts may give harsher punishment to the guilty individual and send them behind bars for a short term. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

If you have been a part of this article so far, there may be some other questions lingering in your mind. We have handpicked a few of them here.

1: Does the Legal Consideration Vary For Video And Audio Recording?

Ans: The Federal Wiretapping Law does not have similar consequences for audio and video recording. The one-party consent law is restricted to the audio recording. So, people often go for video recordings to collect evidence.

2: Can I Video Record Someone Without Their Permission?

Ans: Yes, because video recording is not considered a privacy invasion in many states. If you record someone’s video without audio in a public place, it is legal. But, if you video someone in a private area, you will need the consent of that respective person.

3: Who Are Legally Allowed To Record Our Calls?

Ans: Your telephone service provider is legally allowed to monitor and record your phone conversations. Even law enforcement agencies are also entitled to record someone’s conversation. But, they do it only if they suspect the person of doing something illegal. 

The Bottom Line

Are you still willing to know can I sue someone for recording me without my permission or not? The answer remains the same. You may or may not sue the person, and it depends upon the circumstances, and mainly in the state, you reside. But, that doesn’t mean you will keep waving a warning to everybody who comes to your house. Neither does it mean that you’ll always be paranoid in fear of someone recording you. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, we want you to judge the circumstances of the recording first before you decide to file a lawsuit.

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Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Sexual Coercion? Check It Out!

Women often feel sexually coerced when it comes to dealing with their male counterparts. We are not saying that every woman in every relationship is having forced sex. We are simply stating that women sometimes fall victim to coercion even without knowing it.

That’s why it is essential to know which of the following is an example of sexual coercion? We will give you some practical instances that you may face now and then. It will be easier that way to differentiate between consent sex and coerced sex.

What Is Sexual Coercion? How Does It Differ From Sexual Assault?

Before we jump to which of the following is an example of sexual coercion, let’s define the term first. Without identifying what the phrase means, we can’t judge when we are being coerced and not. 

Let us start by saying that sexual coercion is not as easy to identify as sexual assault. You don’t always have to face physical aggression from your partner. However, if someone blackmails you emotionally and forces you to have sexual contact against your will, that’s also coercion. 

So, let’s state the most obvious fact. You will feel sexual coercion by the person with whom you have some kind of relationship. A stranger cannot sexually coerce you because they don’t know you. So, if they want to have sexual contact with you, they will have to apply physical force. In that case, it will be sexual assault according to criminal law.

But, someone who knows you will likely commit sexual coercion. In many instances, they will make you feel like it’s too late to say no or may use alcohol to lower your guards. If they have long wanted to make sexual contact with you and have been unsuccessful, they will try this.

Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Sexual Coercion?

We have already identified what sexual coercion is. We have also identified how sexual coercion is different from sexual assault. So, now it’s time to look at a few examples and judge which of the following is an example of sexual coercion.

Example 1

You are in a relationship with someone for some time now. The guy has asked you for sex many times till now. He takes you on dates, pays for your meal, gives you gifts, and claims he loves you very much. You have said no to him till now, but he says if you love him, you won’t object to it. You somehow feel obligated because he has done so many things for you and ends up agreeing to the situation.


It is an example of sexual coercion because the guy feels you are obligated to repay him by having sex with him.

Example 2

You are drinking alcohol with your boyfriend, you are pretty drunk at the end of the session, and your boyfriend takes you back to his apartment. You may have willingly consented to stay at his apartment also. Now, he initiates sex with you. When you say no, he says it’s too late, and you have got him all worked up.


It is an example of sexual coercion because the guy thinks he has some authority over you just because you got drunk with him.

Example 3

You work hard at your company. But, somehow, when the time comes for promotion, your name never pops up in your boss’s mind. You decide to confront him. He says that there are other things you can do to get promoted or to stay at the job. You say no to him, and he threatens to terminate you.


It is also an example of sexual coercion because the boss threatens your employment and promises to reward you with something you already deserve in exchange for sex.

How To Respond When You Are Sexually Coerced?

If you have already figured out which of the following is an example of sexual coercion, it’s time to move past that. If you think you are having forced sex, learn to respond appropriately in that situation. Speak up, fight back, or leave the place if you can when someone is forcing them on you. 

Don’t think you will hurt the relationship, and give in to something you don’t want to do. Instead, be direct in your statement, stand firm on your position, and say ‘No.’ If someone in a powerful position tries to coerce you, leave that place as fast as possible.

You can indeed choose to leave the workplace and find a new job. But that will mean you are indulging the person in committing the same kind of sin again with someone else. It’s better to report that person to a higher authority if you can. 

What To Do If You Don’t Know Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Sexual Coercion?

Someone may try to take you on a guilt trip and use that to have sex with you. They may say that not having sex can hurt your relationship even when you said no to them. In fact, they may threaten to lie about you or spread rumors about you. They may threaten your family members or your career or threaten to reveal your sexual orientation. 

Are you unsure which of the following is an example of sexual coercion? Let us clear the air. All of these instances are instances of sexual coercion. You may not understand it if you are below 18. If you don’t have much sexual experience yet, you might not differentiate between consensual and forced sex.

In that case, you should talk to a trusted adult. Describe the entire scenario to them, and listen to their advice. You can also call 911 if you are in immediate danger. You can also talk to your HR or a friend if you are not sure what to do. Finally, if none of these options seem to be working for you, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline.  Thus, you can collect help from the experts anonymously.

How To Differentiate Between Consensual Sex and Forced Sex, When Alcohol Is Involved?

Suppose you are drinking alcohol with your partner. After some time, both of you got in the mood. He approached you, and you reciprocated the situation. 

Now, take another incident. You are drinking alcohol with your partner. After a certain amount of drinks, he tries to entice you sexually by touching you. You figure it out but hint to him that you are not interested in sex. 

Are you wondering now which of the following is an example of sexual coercion? The former is consensual sex, and the latter is forced sex.

First, it looks consensual if you don’t say ‘No’ to your partner and enjoy sex with him. You can’t blame the person in the morning that he forced you.

But in the second case, when your partner understands you are not interested, he should have stopped. Even if you had sex with him at that moment, it was coerced because the guy chose to ignore your hints. 


Are you pondering over which of the following is an example of sexual coercion? Let us answer some of your quick questions.

1: I Did Not Want To Have Sex With My Boyfriend. But, I Ended Up Having It Under Alcoholic Intoxication. I Don’t Remember Saying No To Him Either. Was I Coerced?

Ans: If you don’t remember saying no to him, we can’t know that you were coerced. Since both of you were drunk, we can’t blame your boyfriend also for forcing you. But, we advise you to drink moderately next time so that you at least remember what happens to you. 

2: If I Am Married To Someone, Is It Mandatory For Me To Have Sex With Him When He Wants?

Ans: Not. Being married does not snatch your independent right to say ‘No’  to things you don’t want. If he makes you feel like you must have sex with him, you are being coerced.

3: My Boss Promised Me A Promotion In Exchange For Having Sex With Him. But, He Did Not Stand By His Promise When We Had It Already. Can I Complain Against Him?

Ans: Yes, you can complain against him. But you can’t put him behind bars for this crime. That’s because you are an adult, and even though you were coerced, you agreed on this thing instead of saying ‘No.’ 

Wrapping It Up

Are you still thinking about which of the following is an example of sexual coercion? If your confusion is still not apparent, we think you must take the help of a professional counselor. Maybe your situation is more complex than we described here. It may also happen that you have been having coerced sex with your boyfriend, and it just got cleared up for you. Whatever the case is, talk to someone you trust before making any other decision. If you have more queries for us, post them in the comment section below.

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False Light Vs. Defamation – What Is The Difference Between Defamation & False Light

Be it defamation, or false light, both of these scenarios are enough to spoil your reputation. They are, of course, legally offensive. Not only that, but they are also significant indicators of your privacy invasion. 

Both these events differ slightly in technicality. But the crime to both these events is that events are supposedly committed by unhinged people who do not heed others’ feelings. So, let’s have a look at their consequences.

What Is Defamation?

What is Defamation?


When you present a written, or oral communication about someone that is not true and enough to spoil their reputation, it is called defamation. Two types of defamation are there, such as slander and libel. If you want to sue someone for defamation, you cannot simply state it is false and be done with it. There are some steps to follow here.

  1. You must provide evidence that will prove the statement as false.
  2. The statement must be published by a third party.
  3. The speaker must have made a mistake to justify the false statement somehow.
  4. Someone suffers a severe injury due to the false claim of the statement
  5. The legal statement was privileged.

What Is A False Light?

The privacy tort of false light is similar to the privacy tort of defamation. If someone presents misleading information about you that leads to your misleading portrayal, that will be false light. Now, if you want to sue someone for false light, the consideration will vary from defamation. 

  1. You have to prove that the defendant published some misinformation about the plaintiff or vice versa.
  2. The statement must be highly offensive.
  3. The statement must be highly embarrassing to people with reasonable sensibilities.
  4. The speaker must have published the information without verifying its details.
  5. The speaker must have published the information with reckless disregard of others’ sensibilities. 

What Are The Differences Between Defamation, And False Light?

A defamation lawsuit will protect a person who has suffered a stigma in their reputation. On the other hand, a false light case will protect a person from unjustified embarrassment or offense. Apart from these, there are some other differences between these two phenomena as well.

The Difference In The Targeted Person

Defamation generally happens when someone publishes misleading information about another individual. However, false light occurs when someone publishes incorrect details on a large group. That’s why people regard the false light statements as a public disclosure because they generally target a business entity or other large group of people.

The Difference In The Statement’s Context

Defamation statements don’t need to be offensive or embarrassing. They simply need to be false so that the person targeted in the information suffers a reputational scandal. On the contrary, the false light statements have to be embarrassing or offensive. 

The Difference In Disregard To People’s Sensibility

In defamation, the statements are not required to be made with utter disregard to someone’s sensibility. I mean, it can be made in such a way, but that’s not the only criteria here. You are only required to follow the requirements of the person you are making the false statement against as a public figure. However, you must complete the false statement with utter disregard to someone’s sensibility in a false light of information. 

The Difference In The Position Of Truth

Truth changes the defamation claim completely. However, the fact impacts the false light claims in a different way. You may not use the defendant’s true statement to save the plaintiff if it causes some false implications. Moreover, if the defendant’s claim proves the false light claim as accurate, it will act as evidence. 

Let’s Look At Some Examples Of Defamation And False Light

In a significant context, when you post wrong information about someone, that is defamation. For example, it is defamation if you publish a false statement about a person on a social networking site. Likewise, if you happen to send an email about a person to someone else containing incorrect information, that is also defamation. 

But, false light claims happen when someone misrepresents your ideas or your beliefs. They don’t need to tarnish your reputation per se, but rather your ideals which is more offensive in a way. For example, if a news article about sex offenders includes your smiling picture, it will prove that you are happily endorsing this criminal conduct. Likewise, if an employee posts a false statement about a company going bankrupt on Facebook, that will also be false light.

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How To Avoid False Light Claims?

This column is going to interest you if you are a journalist. As a journalist, we often have to bring trending news to people’s attention. But, sometimes, we must think about all the consequences if we don’t want to get any false light lawsuit on our companies.

Always remember people can sue you for the false claims that arise on the margin of stories rather than their core. So, in a way false light lawsuit is far more dangerous than a defamation lawsuit. You must check all your facts before you publish the news. It may happen that a statement that seems harmless to you is hampering one of your readers. If you have relevant evidence to support your claim, document that in the news as well.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

As we have differentiated between defamation and false light, we think some questions are still left unanswered. So, let’s look at those now.

1: Does A Defamation Statement, And A False Light Statement Have Nothing In Common?

Ans: Of course, they have some features in common. In both cases, the statements have to be false. Both the comments have to be addressed to a third party. Moreover, both the accounts have to hamper someone in a way.

2: Does The Defendant Stay At A More Advantageous Position In Defamation Than False Light?

Ans: Yes, the defendant stays in a more advantageous position in defamation than in false light. Since a false light claim targets a large group of people and some facts may be true, it is more complex. But, in defamation, the claims are indeed false, so the defendant stays more secure.

3: Can You Sue Someone For Slander Defamation?

Ans: No, you cannot sue someone for lander defamation. But you can sue that person for libel defamation indeed. It is not so much a crime like a false light, but it is more like a tort. 

The Bottom Line

If you have read this far, I am sure I have interested you in some vital information. Usually, people confuse defamation and false light a lot, so I thought it’s time to shed light on this matter. Now, we have indeed clarified that both of these phenomena contain false statements; their implications differ. So, if you want to avoid the false claim lawsuit, follow the suggestions that we mentioned earlier. If you have other questions regarding the post, comment them down below.

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Is It legal To Record A Conversation In NY? Find It Out!

We often put ourselves in difficult situations where we need severe legal assistance. Therefore, we wish to record some conversation so that it saves us from the upcoming trouble. Now, is it illegal to record someone or not? We don’t know that.

The laws of recording a conversation differ primarily from one country to another or from one state to another. So, is it legal to record a conversation in NY-let’s find out. 

Is It Legal To Record A Conversation In NY? It’s Time To Talk About The Laws.

In the U.S., different states have different laws regarding the recording of a conversation. The rules further differ regarding the conversation, telephonic conversation, or other forms of communication. If the federal law protects anybody’s privacy, then the person recording a discussion will be strictly governed by its rules. 

The Federal Wiretap Act states that under any circumstance, it is illegal to record a conversation. If two people want to keep their communication private, it is well within their rights. However, there are exceptions to this law also. If one of the people involved in the conversation is recording it, or if one of the people is legally authorized to do so, then it is not illegal anymore. 

So, is it legal to record a conversation in NY? It looks like it is. The One Party Consent Law in New York makes it legal to record the conversation if one of the parties agrees to it.

What Are The NY Rules About Recording Court Hearings, And Public Meetings?

The One Party Consent Law makes it legal in NY to record a conversation if one party approves it. But, what about recording the public meetings or the court hearings? If one party agrees to the record, is it legal to record conversations even on official occasions? New York Trial Courts do not allow any recording devices within the courtroom. 

The Federal Appellate Courts permit specific recordings of conversation under exceptional circumstances. But, it does not allow to record any criminal matter. However, if the clerk is notified about the recording needs before the conversation, it may get allowed. 

In terms of the public meetings, the NY Government allows people to record the conversation without obstructing anybody. Now, don’t think that there cannot be any restrictions must because the recording is permitted. But, one thing that is clear so far is that there are several answers available to the ‘is it legal to record a conversation in NY’ question.

What Are Some Exceptions To The NY Conversation Recording Laws?

According to the Wiretap Law, it is illegal to record a conversation between two people. However, there are certain exceptions. If the conversation is happening in a public location instead of a private one, the law cannot punish recording. If the recorded individual did not treat the subject matter personally, the recording remains valid. For example, if you brag about cheating your partner in a party, and your conversation is being recorded, you cannot file a lawsuit against it. 

So, is it legal to record a conversation in NY? It looks like even though it needs one of the parties’ approval, there are plenty of loopholes here. If one of the parties gives an implicit indication about the recording, it becomes legal. For example, if you are talking to someone on the suicide helpline, the person you are talking to is very much obligated to record it. They don’t even have to let you know about the recording because that is their duty.

What Are The Penalties Of The Law Violation?

Although it is legal to record a conversation in NY when one party approves it, it is not lawful for all the U.S. states. Washington, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, California, Montana, and Michigan are the 12 states where you need the consent of 2 people to record a conversation. So now, if anyone violates the law and records the conversation, they will face penalties.

1: Criminal Penalty

If you breach the Federal Wiretap Law, you will face criminal penalty charges under Section 2511 of Title 18. They will get a sentence of 5 years in prison and get a $500 penalty for this crime. But, the criminal penalty charges are not the same in all these 12 states. For example, if someone violates the federal law in California, he will face one year in prison with a $2500 penalty. That is the law according to California Penal Code Section 631. 

2: Civil Penalty

Even if someone does not face the criminal penalty in the eyes of the law, they can always be subjugated under the civil penalty charges. For example, if you record a conversation with someone who resides in one of the 12 states, you will face the civil penalty.

The recorded person may file a lawsuit against you and can even threaten to sue you. Therefore, if wiretapping is not legal in these states, you must not do it until and unless everyone agrees to it. In such cases, the penalty charges depend on the person who filed the lawsuit in the first place. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

We hope you have found appropriate answers to the is legal to record a conversation in NY question by now. However, you may have some other questions in mind too. So let’s focus on those now.

1: Can My Attorney Record My Conversation, Or Vice Versa?

Ans:  If anyone of you resides in NY, you can record the conversation. However, if your attorney records you, he may have to seek your permission before presenting the recording as evidence. Otherwise, it will violate the attorney-client privilege clause. 

2: If I Stay In NY, And Want To Record A Conversation In Washington, Can I Do That?

Ans:  It will be a bad idea to record a conversation with someone who does not stay in NY. If that person wants to file a lawsuit against you, they can do that. So, it will be better to seek the consent of both these parties in such circumstances.

3: Is It Illegal To Record Someone In Public In NY?

Ans:  No, it is not illegal to record someone in public in NY. But, you cannot consider that evidence as admissible in court if none of the parties were aware of the recording. 


Is it legal to record a conversation in NY? Yes, it is provided one party agrees to the recording. Thus, it looks like the NY State Law is flexible to some extent when presenting solid evidence in court. However, if you are not aware of the different state and federal laws, don’t apply the NY law everywhere. It may get you in trouble. If you have any further queries, post them in the comment box below.

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What Are The Key Differences Between Criminal Law And Civil Law?

Almost in all countries, you will find laws that save the country’s people from dangerous situations. There are many laws, but today, we will talk about criminal law, a civil statute. Both directions stand beside the country people if any circumstances come in their life.

If you choose a lawyer, the attorney will place your case in court, and you will get justice.

But sometimes, using the law, people commit crimes. Else, they are never caught by the police.  So, civil laws and criminal laws are most important to make a crimeless society within all the rules.

More than 60% of countries have civil laws that control societal facts. And in almost all countries, you will have criminal laws. This is because the government created criminal laws to make the world free from crimes.

What Are Civil Laws?

What Are Civil Laws?

Civil law is also known as the Romano-Germanic legal system. There is a history behind the judicial system. This kind of law was first used in Roman and German, so the name comes from the origin. This law has been made in the countries to always stay according to the law and create peace. After the civil war, the law was first made. It is significant for all.

Civil law indicates a person’s relationship, behavior, technicality, etc., except the criminal activities, and it covers almost the whole area that people can have in their lives. There are some motives behind the law, and if you go through the civil definition, you will get it.

  • Civil law makes the lives of all citizens clear and straightforward. No one will show a destructive tendency to others.
  • The society will be well organized, and there will not be toxication within people. People will stay with others and will have a helpful mind towards others.
  • Depending on the country, there will be some civil codes that all people will follow. In the law, the government tells its citizens that they will never be involved in crimes.
  • People will try to do well in their lives, and they will dedicate their goods to society. The primary legislative system will be in the center, and all will stay according to the rules.

So, these are the civilians that want the country members to stay quiet and gentle in life.

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What Are Criminal Laws?

What Are Criminal Laws?

Criminal law is the central portion of the law that you can see in all the countries. The motive of creating these laws is to punish the person who gets involved with illegal activity. Also, these laws give the victim justice who got affected through the unusual activity. There is another side that criminal laws also make people aware of staying away from committing crimes.

As civil laws, it also helps to construct the society by reducing the wrong activists. If you see a person committed a crime, you can punish the person through the country’s laws. Sometimes, they also provide the criminal a chance to live a life as an honest person. Of course, society will always want its members to stay with positivity. But every time, some people do offense, and the police take them to court.

Like the civil laws, it is also trying to reform the society where no criminals will live. If a person steals money, it is a crime, and on the other hand, if a person murders a person, this is also a crime. Though killing a person is an enormous crime. Sometimes people shoot the person if it is a great crime. The laws mention this punishment in specific cases.

  • Like civil laws, criminal laws also create a new society that does not have any negativity.
  • Criminal laws also provide justice to the victim who had no fault. It is the justification that is always mentioned in the statutes.

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The Key Differences Between Civil Law And Criminal Law

Differences Between Civil Law And Criminal Law

These laws are different from each other. For example, civil law is simple and criminal law is more complex because, in a country, there always have criminals. Now, see what are the differences there within the regulations.

  1. Civil law is simple, and generally, not a vast number of people across the boundaries. But criminal law is more complex, and there are several parts. For example, a person is stealing money from someone and another person is killing a person. Both are crimes, but there will be different punishments.
  2. The civil lawsuit always gives punishment to the accuser, but this will not be hard. It can be insulting but not life-taking. But in the case of criminal law, it can be life-taking. This is because a person creates a significant blunder intentionally, and it must get strict punishments.
  3. In civil cases, the victim will not get affected. But in criminal law, the victim can be demolished and even can be physically affected. That is why criminal law is more challenging and strict.
  4. Some civil lawyers help ordinary people and fetch them to court. A civil lawyer can be as well as a criminal lawyer. A civil lawyer can handle criminal cases. But criminal lawyers usually do not go with civil matters.

The Last Words

So, these are the minor differences between the two effective laws. If you are interested to know more laws that are protecting the country’s people, read more articles. But within all of the laws, civil law and criminal law is most important.

If you are a victim of any kind of social injustice, please hire a civil lawyer and stay active with the laws. On the other hand, if a criminal hurts you, then also hire a criminal attorney to get justice.

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What Is A Trust Attorney? Beginners Guide In 2021

People generally hire trust attorneys when they want to leave their worldly possessions to their loved ones after they die. Sometimes, if people build a trust foundation, they hire trust attorneys. As you can see, the need to hire a living trust attorney varies from man to man.

A trust attorney has got nothing to do with being trustworthy. However, that goes without saying for all the attorneys you have and plan to hire in the future. So, if you want to create a living trust, it is better to think about hiring a live trust attorney.

What Is A Trust Attorney?

A trust attorney is a real estate planning expert. This individual can assist you in preparing all the necessary paperwork that you require to set up your trust for estate property. They will set up the trust on your behalf. You need to name someone as a trustee in your trust. And, your trust attorney will be liable to provide all sorts of legal help to that person.

It’s not always mandatory to put someone from your family as your trustee. You can name a lawyer as your trustee if you want. If you have a complex and comparatively larger estate, calling a lawyer your trustee will benefit you. Moreover, a lawyer will be an impartial third party, which might work in your favor.

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What Is The Job Role Of A Trust Attorney?

What Is The Job Role Of A Trust Attorney?

You can make a will to hand over your materialistic properties to your loved ones after you pass away. But, that will take time and will make your loved ones undergo many formal processes to get hold of your possession. However, a trust attorney will help your family members avoid the lengthy probate process to acquire your properties. Also, since trusts are not public records like wills, so you don’t need to mention your last wish and stuff here. 

A trust attorney will also lower your real estate taxation charge. If you are not sure about hiring a living trust attorney, please make your trust document reviewed by one. A trust attorney can dictate when your beneficiaries will be in charge of the inheritance according to your instructions. So, if you happen to have a large estate with many people to demand its ownership, you better hire a trust attorney.

Even if you don’t have someone trustworthy in your life, you can name a professional fiduciary in your trust. Your trust attorney will manage the entire trust, assess your property values, reconcile your debts, losses, outstanding bills, etc. He will also comply with all the state and federal laws regarding your trust’s legal viability.

A trust attorney will inform all the beneficiaries about the person’s death. That includes the family members and the bank, credit card company, life insurance company, Social Security Administration, Department of Health, etc. He will distribute all the assets to the beneficiaries and take care of the litigation duties if anyone contests the trust’s statements.

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How Do I Find A Good Trust Attorney Near Me?

How Do I Find A Good Trust Attorney Near Me?

You can always search online with the help of the Internet and see who are the best trust attorneys in your area. First, you can check their online reviews, client feedback, professional experience, etc., on their website. From that, you can narrow down your list to see which one of them matches your needs. That’s it, and you are all set to meet a good trust attorney near you.

You can also ask for first-hand reviews from your known people if anyone has hired a trust attorney before. Even if anyone knows such a person, or has worked with someone like that, ask for their feedback. It may not help you that much in deciding whether they will be a good fit for you. But,  it will help you to determine how the trust attorney is as a person so that you can decide accordingly.

You can also ask your financial advisor for a referral. He knows your location, so he will probably suggest you a good one near your locality. Next, you can consult other attorneys or ask your accountant if they are of any help. Finally, you can choose to contact your local probate court. And, if you are still wondering how do I find a good trust attorney near me, just check out the advertisements and bar directories.

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What Are The Possible Drawbacks Of A Living Trust?

What Are The Possible Drawbacks Of A Living Trust?

You can always hire a trust attorney if you want to manage a living trust. But be aware of the drawbacks of a living trust too before you make your decision.

There is too much paperwork to file for, and they are expensive. Not only managing the trust,m even the fees of trust attorneys are all quite costly. If your trust attorney is the trustee also, he will charge you by each hour. If you fear that one of your properties does not have an ownership document, so it will go in the wrong hand after your death. Just, enlist them under ‘assignment of property section’ and get rid of the unnecessary paperwork that comes with a living trust.

Record-keeping is quite hard in a living trust. Once it is created, it has to maintain the formality of simple record keeping until the person who created it dies. Income of the property and the transfer amount-everything needs to be detailly mentioned in the records. If your real estate property transfers to a living trust, they require extra tax in some states, so you have to look after that as well.

If your trust needs refinancing, your trust attorney will have a lot of difficulties in doing so. First, as a living trust is the property of a trustee, banks might deny to refinance it. In that case, your trust attorney will have to find another lender, transfer it to his name, take the loan, and retransfer it back. It is a time-consuming process, as you can imagine. 


A trust attorney will undoubtedly ensure that all your possessions go to the right people once you pass away. It is not in your control to deal with the later disputes about your properties that will take place after your death. So, a trust attorney will do his job and abide by your instructions even if the conflicts lead to court. But, if you still need to include your last wish, your child’s custody, etc., you will need a will. Your trust attorney won’t be able to handle that. 

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What Is General Practice Attorney – A Brief Guide For The Beginners In 2021

Do you want legal assistance from a general practice attorney? If yes, then you must consider seeking the help of a general practice attorney that can help you get excellent service at the right time. The general practice attorney can help guide you in the right direction for getting justice in your case.     

First of all, I want to clarify that the general practice attorney is not a specialist in any particular domain of law.  They can handle different kinds of cases that come in their way. You have to understand the means and methods to help you identify the right ways to achieve your objective. 

What Does The General Practice Attorney Do?   

General Practice Attorney

General practice attorneys can work on a broad range of areas as they are not specialists in one area. They do not have any particular specialization in a specific field of law. It is the reason why they can quickly represent you in court. They have the power to review or draft any documents in court.  

They can enter into any kind of negotiation with the other attorney if things are under their control. Your general practice attorney can refer you to another attorney if they are not familiar with your case. 

When You Need The General Practice Attorney? 


legal news

There are certain aspects of the time when you will require the general practice attorney. You need to draft and use the application of the general practice attorney after making the proper review of the documents.    

There are certain documents that you can review in these case for granting specific permission like 

  • For reviewing your Will. 
  • A general practice attorney can review your trust cases. 
  • He can sort out your living will problems legally. 
  • For releasing your lease papers, they can be of great help for you. 
  •  A power of attorney can be of great help if your general practice attorney states the terms in the correct order.   

Where Your General Practice Lawyer Can Represent You In The Court? 

General Practice Lawyer Can Represent You In The Court  

There are several areas where your general practice lawyer can easily represent on your behalf in the court. You have to plan out ways that can help you to achieve your objectives adequately.   

  • For handling traffic violation cases, your general practice lawyer can be of great help to you. 
  • In Divorce cases, the general practice attorney can help their clients.   
  • For handling personal injury cases, the general practice lawyer can be of great help to you. 
  • If you want to get justice in your injury cases, then the support of the general practice lawyer can be of great help to you.   
  • For getting Child custody in your favor, you can seek the help of a general practice lawyer.    
  • In your Estate planning cases, the general practice lawyer can be of great help to you. You have to make your choices in the right direction as per your choice.    
  • In handling the immigration law, you can seek the help of a general attorney. 
  • Your general practice lawyer can be of great help to you for filing bankruptcy and criminal law cases.    

In all the above factors, you can seek the help of a general practitioner lawyer. Ensure that you have selected the right person for your case. It can help you to win the point quickly in your favor. You need to understand certain factors that can help you to achieve your goals appropriately. 

Essential Factors To Consider While Hiring General Practice Lawyer?   

Factors To Consider While Hiring General Practice Lawyer

Several factors are there that you need to consider while you want to seek the assistance of the general practice lawyer while developing the case in court. Let’s find out the factors that you must consider in this regard. 

1. Years Of Experience 

You must consider the years of experience that your general practice attorney possesses while dealing with your case. You need to cross-check these facts while you are dealing with your general practice attorney. Do not make an improper judgment in this regard, as it is the question of your reputation and life. The experience of the lawyer matters a lot. 

2. Winning Rate  

You can seek the opinion of your friends, family, and previous clients of your general practice lawyer about his winning percentage about his previous cases. It will give you an idea of the winning rate your lawyer possesses while dealing with your case. You cannot ignore these facts while you hire to seek the assistance of your general practice lawyer. 

3. The Budget He Charges From You 

After you become assured of his efficiency, you need to understand the budget that he charges from you. You can compare his rates with the other lawyers that can help you to understand the rate of his efficiency. You must not make your decisions in grey. You can also compare the rates with different lawyers in the online mode to get things done correctly. 

4. Avoid Him If He Assures Guarantee To You 

Remember one thing that no lawyer can guarantee a win for you. You must make things happen in your favor. It will help you to achieve your objectives. In the case of legal matters, nothing is stable, and the situation mat changes often. You never know what will happen next. In such a scenario, If your lawyer guarantees a victory to you, then he is just making a fake statement to you. 


Hence, if you want to hire the services of a general practice lawyer, then you must keep the mentioned points in your mind. It will help you to make the correct decisions at the right time. The more accurate you are in your approach the better will be your chances to win the case.   

In my previous article, I have mentioned doing proper research about your general practice lawyer before you hire them or seeking their help. Plan things well that can go in your favor. Do not make your decisions in grey while selecting your lawyer. Develop a proper plan that can help you to achieve your goals in the right way. 

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What Are The Types Of Hold Harmless Agreements? Explained In 2021


The hold harness agreements are used in high-risk businesses like skydiving. In these construction businesses, the customers are not provided the absolute liability or the protection to safeguard the companies’ interests. The customers are willing to take their risk by signing this agreement.      

These agreements can save the organization from taking the services if any risky things happen in the workplace or while performing the services. The Hold harmless agreements have several clauses that you need to consider at your end. You have to consider the facts while you enter into a contract like these types. 

Different Types Of Hold Harmless Agreements 


Different Types Of Hold Harmless Agreements

There are multiple forms of hold harmless agreements are there that people do not have the right idea. In some specific cases and times, it can help the companies escape from liability if anything happens to the customer when seeking the services.    

1. Broad Form   

The broad form of the hold harmless agreements includes the fact that the subcontractors being insured in the workplace considering the related liabilities of the accidents. But here is the twist: if the accident occurs due to the subcontractor’s negligence, the principal contractor, or the combined negligence of both of them, then no insurance liability will be the company’s burden. 

The state jurisdiction states that if the accident occurs in the workplace, then the liability of the accident will be met by the subcontractor, and the concerned organization will not be held responsible in this regard.    

2. Intermediate Form 

In the intermediate form of the hold harmless agreement, the subcontractor will responsible even if the fault is of the principal contractor. Some of the crucial aspects of this agreement form are that it will help your organization party with the liability of the accident as if the entire burden of liability in the workplace negligence accident is on the subcontractor.   

The subcontractor will have to pay the liability amount if the accident occurs in the workplace. He will be held responsible for that. You have to maintain the norms of the form as if you are entering into the contract with the other party. It entirely depends on the fact which is primarily responsible for the accident in the workplace. 

3. Limited Form 

In this form of the hold harmless agreement liability, the subcontractor will be liable for the accident due to his negligence, partially not entirely. He will have to pay the amount on the partial damage, not for the actual damage of the victim. In most cases, the limited form is accepted everywhere. The reason is the risk is spread equally among the people. 

The other party or the people will be included here to pay for the liability of the accident. They will not be spared once they are also responsible for the accident that is caused due to their negligence as well. You have to understand these points while you want to enter into a hold harmless agreement. 

Details You Need To Provide While Seeking The Hold Harmless Agreement   


Details You Need To Provide While Seeking The Hold Harmless Agreement 

There are several details you have to disclose while you want to enter into a hold harmless agreement. You have to consider the above points before you enter into these kinds of agreements. Some of the standard details are as follows:- 

1. The Person Or The Party To Be Hold Harmless 

Here you have to include the names of the person who will sign the hold harmless agreement. It can be a single person or multiple people you have to prepare the contract. Ensure that you are mentally ready to take such kinds of risks in your life as it can prove to be dangerous at times if you are not careful. 

2. The Person Or The Party Providing The Protection 

You must mention the person’s name in the agreement who will remain harmless if anything happens to you while performing the task. These are some of the hold harmless agreement clauses that you must remember from your end while protecting these agreement rights for your company. You must know these norms properly to implement them properly. Here, the role of the corporate lawyer can be a great help for you as per my previous article. 

3. Different Types Of  Protection Provided 

Construction-related holds harmless agreements fall under different categories of services. You have to consider various aspects of the workplace-related risks that your workers have to undergo. You need to understand these issues while you are facing these kinds of problems. 

The agreement will safeguard the interest of the company as well as the worker to a limited extent. The burden of accident investment will be divided equally, and the companies do not have to pay off the high debts. 

4. The Amount Of Time Frame 

It coincides with the range of the dates that you need to take care of making the hold harmless agreement. You have to specify the dates and the time correctly benefits from getting the agreement’s benefits or the contract that you need the most from your end. 

You have to consider the dates and the time in proper order to prepare the agreement. You can seek the help of an experienced lawyer, in this case, to get your job done correctly. Ensure that you do not miss out on valuable points in this regard. The more vigilant you are, the better will be your agreement clauses. 


Hence, you have to consider some of the facts while you prepare the hold harmless agreement. Ensure that you have read all the terms and the conditions of the contract from your end in a proper order to make things possible in the right direction at the right point in time. Do not risk your life for the sake of earning money. 

Remember that the risk coverage factor in these types of agreements is less, or you can say that it is limited. You have to understand the norms of the contract well before you sign it. Otherwise, you can be in big trouble in the future. Do not invite danger if you are not prepared for it. Try to be practical in your approach. 

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What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need? Here Is Your Answer!


Are you confused about what kind of Lawyer do you require? If yes, then it entirely depends on the type of case that you are charged with. The simple rule of thumb is first to consider your case then decide what kind of lawyer do I need? You have to be sure that you do not make the wrong choices while selecting the lawyer of your need. 

You may have the question in your mind that why I have said the lawyer you need, not the lawyer of your choice. The reason is you have to address your need first as per your case; then, you can select the lawyer of your choice

Different Kinds Of Lawyer You Can Consider For Your Case 


Different Kinds Of Lawyer You Can Consider For Your Case

There are different kinds of lawyers that you may consider from your end, and depending on that, you have to make your selection as the kind of lawyer you need. Let’s explore the facts that can help you to achieve your objectives in a better manner. 

1. Intellectual Property Lawyer    

The intellectual property lawyer is the kind of lawyer responsible for safeguarding your ownership of your intellectual property rights. They can help you to protect your scientific, technical, and creative invention. The objective of these kinds of lawyers is to protect the ownership right of your intellectual property from duplicates and copycats.      

In this case, you can take the help of your lawyer, who can protect your trademarks, patents, copyright, and licensing. On Commercial viability of your intellectual property, the IP lawyers can guide you and help you preserve your rights. You have to make your choices in the right direction and in the right mode to make things happen in your favor. 

2. Family Lawyer  

If you are trapped in all kinds of domestic cases, then the family lawyers can handle it. They can handle different types of cases regarding your family affairs like 

  • They will handle your Divorce case. 
  • They are also proficient in handling child custody and legal separation case.   
  • Child adoption cases they can also handle. 
  • Alimony cases
  • Emancipation.  
  • Prenuptial agreements they can tackle on your behalf.   

Hence, if you need these kinds of legal suggestions, you can use their expertise to deal with these kinds of cases. 

3. Marriage Lawyer   

The marriage lawyer is specialized in making the marriage settlement on your behalf. In my previous article, I have already mentioned the roles and responsibilities of a marriage law that you must know about them.   

You have to understand your need first then you must select the correct type of lawyer who can fulfill your requirement. What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need? It will no longer be a big question for you if you seek my advice proper way. 

4. Estate Planning Lawyer    

Though no one likes to make plans for his death early for the proper distribution of property and assets, you need to consider an essential factor from your end. The estate planning lawyer can help you segregate the property correctly to leave for your loved ones in advance. What kind of Lawyer do I need for estate planning is your sole discretion.   

Estate planning can help you to build a trust fund in favor of your family members who need financial assistance for your existing family members after your death. You can get the aid of your medical and burial arrangements in proper order. You have to plan things in such a way that can help you achieve your objectives better. 

5. Personal Injury Lawyer 

Personal injury cases are very crucial. You have to select the best injury lawyer who can help you win the case in the best possible way. You may have the question of what kind of lawyer do in need of for my injury case. The answer is simple, select that person who has experience of all the aspects of a personal injury case.    

Your personal injury lawyer must be proficient in handling the personal injury cases on your behalf, and he must know the tort law properly. They can also help you get out of your physical and emotional distress to make things better. 

6. MalPractice Lawyer 

The malpractice lawyer can help you to deal with various kinds of malpractices that are done by doctors, accountants, lawyers, and government officials for violating their duties. It can help you get justice from those cases where the facts are hidden from you and the court to reduce the number of changes.    

The malpractice lawyer can help you achieve your objectives better and help you achieve your goals better. What kind of lawyer do I Need for malpractice cases? Then it is the solution for you that you can consider from your end to sort out your problems in a better way and the right direction. 

7. Business Lawyer   

What kind of Lawyer do I Need to handle my business legal cases properly. In this regard, the best answer is the assistance of the business lawyer. They can help you to get things done correctly as they can help you to achieve your objectives in a better manner. 

It can help you achieve your objectives better if you want to develop your case in the right direction than the selection of the correct type of lawyer. The choice of the right lawyer for your case can help you to achieve your objectives in the right way. 


Hence, if you are confused about what kind of lawyer do I need, then the mentioned ways can help you achieve your objectives correctly. You need to understand one thing: if you want to get the guidance of the right lawyer, then selecting the right person is crucial. 

You cannot select the lawyers randomly. You have to choose the lawyer as per the needs of your case and as per your requirement. Ensure that you have made the right choices from your end while you have selected the lawyer for your case. Try to make the proper cross-check of your lawyer’s background before making the decisions.

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