Jensen Family Law in Mesa AZ
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About Us

At Jensen Family Law in Mesa, AZ, our female divorce attorney in Mesa can also assist you with other legal services, including paternity suits, child support, and modification hearings, domestic relations dependency hearings, custody battles, and other issues that can arise during a divorce case. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of these delicate matters and will carefully guide you through any legal complications that may arise during the process. No matter your legal problem, we can help you solve it with our extensive knowledge of all relevant case law and other resources in Mesa. We have never lost a case because we always have the right resources on hand to help you win in court and reach your best potential outcome. You will never have to worry about getting sucked into the judicial system without a way out when you work with our firm because we will always be there for you when it matters most.

Our address: 3740 E Southern Ave Suite 210, Mesa, AZ, 85206


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