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If you follow the news, you must have heard about Attorney Alina Habba. She works for Donald Trump as one of his attorneys. Very recently, she spoke on a TV show by Newsmax. She said that the former President, Mr. Donald Trump, is getting a lot of bad publicity because the opposition is trying to interfere with elections that way. 

She said this because of a report from The Daily Beast, which covered the investigations that Trump is currently under for trying to change the 2020 election results.

Alina Habba Attorney- Criticisms

Alina Habba Attorney was criticized heavily on almost all media platforms. She apparently did not give many details during the show. Instead, she criticized The Daily Beast, Hunter Biden, and the media. During the show, she very clearly stated her opinion that the opposition and media are making a huge deal about Trump to distract people from the plea bargain that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, recently took. Habba believes that the timing and way they report the news are on purpose to interfere with elections.

Sure, there is a lot of controversy surrounding her, but many of us admire her courage for being a woman in law, battling it all on her own. So, as fellow law aficionados, let’s have a look into Habba as an attorney.

So, let us get to know a bit about “Alina Habba Attorney”, as many of us have found ourselves Googling.

Alina Habba Attorney Education

Alina Habba, the attorney, has an interesting background. Her family immigrated to the US from Iraq in the 1980s to escape persecution, and they settled in Summit, New Jersey. She grew up there with her two siblings, and her father is a doctor.

Alina attended Kent Place School in 2002 and later studied political science at Lehigh University, earning her bachelor’s degree. She then pursued a law degree (J.D.) at Widener University Commonwealth Law School. Before becoming a lawyer, she briefly worked in the fashion industry from 2005 to 2007, focusing on accessories production and marketing, and even collaborated with executives at Marc Jacobs. Despite enjoying her time in fashion, financial reasons led her to choose law as her career path.

After completing law school, Alina Habba began her journey as an attorney by working as a law clerk for Judge Codey Jr. in New Jersey around 2011. Later that same year, she joined the law firm Tompkins, McGuire, Wachenfeld & Barry, LLP as an associate. Her career at the firm was quite successful, lasting for about two years.

How Did She Come Into The Limelight?

Alina Habba, who was just a lawyer from New Jersey, was soon a well-known lawyer nationally when former POTUS, Mr. Donald Trump, hired her in 2021.

 So, the person from New Jersey, who used to work as a fashion executive, became one of the top legal minds defending the ex-president. She went on to become the country’s one of the most high-profile civil cases. Habba has not just been considered to be his lawyer, she is also one of his closest confidantes.

Trump has been facing quite a few federal charges about mishandling classified records and pleaded not guilty. His Mar-a-Lago estate has also been in the news for all the hidden documents retrieved from there. Habba has always been by his side, offering support. Recently she was removed from the case. She continues to be a spirited 39-year-old with brunette hair. Her interviews show that she firmly believes that the opposites go after President Trump while ignoring others shows corruption in the system.

Although she is not representing him in the criminal proceedings, she spoke on his behalf outside the Miami federal courthouse. She fiercely criticized the prosecution, calling the charges a political attack.

Finally A Timeline

In 2019, Alina Habba Attorney joined the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey, which was not far from her law firm. There, she met Donald Trump and got to know him. Then, in September 2021, Trump hired her as part of his legal team, replacing other well-known lawyers who had been working for him for many years.

  • After she started working for him, Habba made headlines by filing a $100 million lawsuit on behalf of Trump against the New York Times, three Times reporters, and Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump.
  • She also defended Trump in a defamation case brought by Summer Zervos. Trump had called Zervos a “liar” after she accused him of unwanted advances.
  • Habba represented Trump in a legal case related to his New York State income tax returns. She tried to appeal a court order that required Trump and his children to give sworn testimony about the values they reported on their returns, but the appeals were not successful.
  • During a deposition in August 2022, Trump cited the Fifth Amendment over 450 times and refused to answer questions.
  • In 2022, Habba and Trump sued Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and others over alleged conduct during the 2016 presidential election.
  • However, the case was dismissed by a U.S. District Court Judge, who also sanctioned the Trump lawyers.
  • Habba also defended Trump in a lawsuit filed by his former attorney, Michael Cohen. She successfully had the lawsuit dismissed.
  • Additionally, she represented Trump in the Carroll v. Trump case, arguing that the Federal Tort Claims Act applies to a former president.
  • In 2022, Trump’s political action committee paid Habba’s firm nearly $2 million in legal fees.
  • During an interview on CNN in April 2023, Habba expressed her opposition to releasing Trump’s mugshot, citing his high recognition.

So, we hope you have caught up on what’s new and old in the Alina Habba Attorney front!

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