Top 10 Best Law Firms In Arizona In 2022


Arizona is the 48th state in the United States of America. So if you are looking for law firms in Arizona, you are in the right spot.

In this article, I have listed the best law firms in Arizona. When you are looking for the best law firms for legal assistance the following list of recommendations can help you.

This list includes law firms for alternative dispute resolution, banking, business and corporate, and commercial litigation. So, without any delay, let me tell you about the best law firms in Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Sacks Tierney

sacks tierney

The Sacks Tierney is one of the best in the dispute resolution category and is number one in Arizona. However, they have the three best lawyers working together.

Sharon Shively, Greg Gillis, and David Tierney are the lawyers working together at Sacks Tierney. To add more, these lawyers are Super Lawyers and Best Lawyer honorees.

They deal with multi-category matters like creditor’s rights, construction, real estate business, and commercial disputes.

2. Tiffany & Bosco

tiffany and bosco

In the banking category of law, there is no better law firm in Arizona compared to Tiffany & Bosco. This law firm has been providing legal services to the people of Arizona for the past 50 years. In addition, established in Phoenix, Arizona, this law firm has expanded beyond Arizona to Las Vegas and San Diego. They deal with different domestic and foreign clients.

3. Jennings, Strouss & Salmon 

jennings strouss and salmon

When your legal issue is related to the business and corporate sector, then the best law firm in Arizona would be Jennings, Strouss & Salmon. Public and private clients with issues related to business can find legal help from this law firm based in Arizona. However, they can help you with issues such as a business merger, formation, acquisition, and planning. In addition, they offer an array of corporate law-related services and solutions.

4. Snell & Wilmer LLP

snell and wilmer llp

Snell & Wilmer LLP in Washington, Arizona, is one of the best law firms. This firm dates way back. The firm was established in 1938. Snell & Wilmer is an LLP type law company, and they have 212 attorneys working under them. However, the total number of employees of this firm is 305. John Bouma is the chairman of this law firm.

5. Fennemore Craig PC

fennemore craig pc

If you are looking for one of the oldest law firms in Arizona, then the Fennemore Craig PC is the one. It was established in 1885. There are 181 attorneys working under them.

The law firm has 348 employees. Timothy Berg is the managing partner of this law firm.

They offer all types of legal assistance starting from business, disputes, healthcare, personal injury, intellectual property, and much more.

6. Quarles & Brady LLP

quarles and brady llp

Another reputed law firm based in Arizona is Quarles & Brady LLP. Established in 1970, this law firm has 116 lawyers working for them with 107 employees. However, when you want corporate or business-related legal assistance, you can contact Quarles & Brady.

7. Gallagher & Kennedy PA

gallagher and kennedy pa

Gallagher & Kennedy PA are among the best law firms in Arizona. They deal with personal injury cases and business and corporate world-related problems. This law firm was founded back in 1978. They have 82 fine and expert lawyers practicing under the firm. Gallagher & Kennedy PA has 181 employees. The managing partner of the firm is Dean Short II.

8. Jones, Skelton & Hochuli PLC

jones skelton and hochuli plc

Jones, Skelton & Hochuli PLC was founded back in 1983. People seeking legal services in Arizona may check out this firm. There are 83 attorneys practicing law under this firm; also, they have 189 employees in the Jones, Skelton & Hochuli PLC. William Holm is the managing partner of Jones, Skelton & Hochuli PLC.

9. Davis Miles Mcguire Gardner PLLC

davis miles mcguire gardner pllc

It is a PLLC-type law company. The Davis Miles Law firm in Arizona is pretty new compared to the other firms based in Arizona. It was founded in 2002. Sixty-four lawyers are working with them, with 126 employees working in total. The managing partner of this law firm is Charles Davis.

10. Gust Rosenfeld PLC

gust rosenfeld plc

The last law firm on the list is Gust Rosenfeld PLC. When you are looking for the best law firms in Arizona, you cannot miss Gust Rosenfeld. This Arizona-based PLC law firm was established in 1921. They are pretty old and experts at what they do.

The firm has 62 attorneys working under them. There are 129 employees in this law firm. Madeleine Wansley, the firm’s partner, is one of the highest-ranking women in this organization. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about the law firms in Arizona.-

1. What Is The Largest Law Firm In Arizona?
According to the ranking by Snell & Wilmer, Statewide Top Large Law Firms is the number one law firm in Arizona state. The firm is followed by Lewis Roca and Davis Miles McGuire Gardner.
2. Is Arizona A Good State For Lawyers?
According to several reports, Arizona is indeed among the best states for lawyers. In 2021, it was among the 3 best states for lawyers in the USA.
3. What Is The Most Elite Law Firm?
The best-reputed law firm in the world is Kirkland & Ellis. This firm is known for aligning with corporate, intellectual property, private equity, M&A, and restructuring work. There are more than 2900 lawyers working under the most elite law firms in the world.
4. Who Is America's Largest Law Firm?
Baker McKenzie LLP is ranked as the number one and the largest law firm in the United States of America. Following next are DLA Piper LLP and Norton Rose Fulbright LLP.

Bottom Line

Whether in Alaska or in Arizona, you might end up in legal trouble anywhere. All of the states of the US have some of the best law firms. If you are looking for top law firms in Arizona, then this list may help you. All of these firms are very reputed, and they offer the best legal service to your needs. 

If you have any further questions, you can contact us through the comment section. Also, you can let us know which law firm you prefer and why.

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