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It’s not easy to get an employment immigration green card. There’s a rigorous process involving your employer, which has to first have an approved Labor Certification from the USA Department of Labor (DOL ). 

Then, you have to file an immigration petition and apply for an immigration visa. Employment green cards help to unlock new job opportunities for immigrants with higher education or technical skills. So, all this trouble is worth it. 

Understanding and navigating the immigration process can be time-consuming. You have to know the application process and time-track it.  This can help applicants avoid unnecessary denials or delays. This article will provide you with a clear overview of the employment-based immigration process in Illinois and the benefits of it. 

Employment-Based Immigration in the USA

Employment based Immigration

The U.S. government makes 140000 employment-based immigration visas available every fiscal year. This is done under the provision of the USA immigration law for qualified applicants who match the requirements. 

There are five preference categories under employment-based immigrant visas in the USA. Specific spouses and children can accompany or choose to join employment-based immigrants. 

The five categories are as follows –

1st Employment Preference 1: Persons With Extraordinary Abilities 

There are three subgroups under this category. People with extraordinary skills and knowledge in science, arts, and business fall under this category.  Outstanding professors, researchers, executives, and managers also come to the list of first preferences for such employment. 

2nd Employment Preference 2: Professionals With Advanced Degrees

To come under this employment preference category, a professional must have a labor certification approved by the U.S. Department of Labor. Also, they have to have a job and must file Form 1-140 ( Immigration Petition for Alien Worker). Applicants must have advanced professional degrees and exceptional skills in their fields. 

3rd Employment Preference 3: Skilled Workers & Unskilled Workers

Immigrants under the third category also require the approved certification from the Department of Labor. For skilled workers employment, they are required to have a minimum of 2 years of experience, and the professionals need a baccalaureate degree from a U.S. university. 

4th Employment Preference: Special Immigrants

This category includes 19 subgroups, including broadcasters in the USA, Ministers of religion, former employers, employees, Iraqi and Afghani translators and interpreters, foreign medical graduates, etc. 

5th Employment Preference: Immigrant Investors

This visa category is for investors from foreign countries. Immigrants under this category are investors in new commercial enterprises that are budding in the USA and are involved in job creation. 

The Benefits of Employment Immigration

Employment immigration has advantages for both immigrants and employers. It gives jobseekers access to a more robust job market in sectors such as technology, healthcare, and finance. It also allows employers the ability to fill jobs that require special skills from a wider job pool.

Illinois has a diverse population and workforce, which can help foster a welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds. Employment immigration leads to professional growth and may offer a permanent way to relocate to the United States. This opportunity attracts skilled workers from all over the world who wish to live and work in America.

Skilled individuals enjoy the following benefits upon applying for an employment-based immigration visa –

Access to a Huge Job Market

The U.S. is one of the largest hubs for jobs in different industries. It has the most competitive labor market, which attracts talent from different parts of the world. A wide range of employment in different industries can be a good reason to apply for an immigration visa in the USA.

Right Granted by Work Visa

Immigrants are granted specific rights under U.S. law, which include the right to be free from any form of discrimination regarding color, race, gender, religion, or nationality. 

Potential for Higher Payment

Aside from the opportunities for jobs and different rights enjoyed under a work visa, professionals have the possibility of getting high wages. There are many companies in the USA that are willing to pay high wages to the right talents. 

Challenges Faced by Immigrant Workers in Illinois

There are many challenges associated with getting your work visa. One is navigating the USCIS’s guidelines to correctly obtain work authorization and residency status.

The language barrier can be a hurdle for many immigrants. English proficiency is important for many jobs, but not all immigrants are able to speak fluently. This can hinder communication between team members and make it more difficult to integrate into the workforce.

Different cultural backgrounds can make it harder for immigrants to adapt to the customs of workplace expectations and professional etiquette. This can lead to misunderstandings or conflicts with colleagues or customers.

Economic disparities may limit access to resources for immigrant communities. Getting access to affordable housing, healthcare, and education can be a challenge for families relocating to Illinois.

Strategies for Unlocking Opportunities for Employment Immigration in Illinois

There are strategies you can use to help navigate the employment immigration process. Tips for immigrant workers looking to grow their careers include:

Seek Professional Guidance

Hiring an immigration lawyer can reduce your worry as you go through the process of applying for your work visa. Your immigration lawyer can help you gather the appropriate documentation and fill out your application correctly. 

Invest in Language Skills

Improving your ability to speak English can help you have effective communication with your new employer and fellow workers. You can improve your skills by taking a language course, hiring a tutor, or participating in a language exchange program.

Build Professional Networks

Job opportunities can be found through networking events and professional associations. There are also online platforms that help connect industry professionals. It is important to grow and cultivate your professional network so you have access to new opportunities in your chosen field.

Stay Informed About Changes

Stay informed of any changes in immigration policies or regulations that may impact your work visa. Allowing you to consult with an immigration lawyer about your legal status if necessary.

Working with an immigration lawyer is just the first step to helping you navigate your new employment opportunity. Using your available resources, you can also prepare by honing your English-speaking skills and building a professional network.

Final Words

If you want to apply for work immigration in the USA, you have to stay informed about the regulations and visa guidelines. Most importantly, you must know which category of employment immigration visa you are under. The present blog post should provide you with clarity regarding immigration visas. Please share your queries with us if you have any. Thanks for reading.

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