Who Are Houston’s Best Criminal Defense Lawyers?


Houston’s Best Criminal Defense Lawyers ?” this is one of the most Googled phrases by the residents of Houston. You may unexpectedly face a DUI charge. Moreover, you may find yourself in other challenging fixes with the law.

Either way, you may need a reliable Houston criminal attorney.

But just because you are searching for the best Houston criminal defense lawyers doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. You may visit them on behalf of friends and family. You may also visit them for your own needs. Either way, we have got you covered.

Houston: Best Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers

Therefore, this list in our article features finalists and winners in the Best Criminal Defense category, according to us. We, at the LawyerInventory.com, take our job very seriously. Be it law firms in Hawaii, law firms in Idaho, or law firms in Illinois, we can curate lists for you!

So, hold on, put your faith in us, and start reading!

Adamo & Adamo

This is an acclaimed one on the list of best Houston criminal defense lawyers. It caters to cases of all variety. Therefore, murder defense, and juvenile criminal defense, they can do it all.

Moreover, this law firm is backed by 50+ years of combined experience. It holds quite the reputation in the world of law. Our research shows that “Houston best Houston criminal defense lawyers Adamo & Adamo law firm” is a very popular Google search.

All members find leadership under the board-certified criminal defense attorney Sam Adamo, Sr.

What Are Its Success Rates Like?

The firm boasts an exceptional success rate of 40% dismissals. Moreover, these rates also contain the not-guilty verdicts. Their website offers all details you need on bond posting, bail conditions, etc.

Therefore, if your aim is to reach the not-guilty verdict, they will represent you in the court appearances. You can trust Adamo & Adamo is committed to safeguarding your future and advocating for optimal case outcomes.

Official Website

For more information, visit their website at  (samadamolaw.com)



3200 Travis St 4th floor, Houston, TX 77006


Best Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers At Eversheds Sutherland

This top-notch law firm ranks among the top 50 global law firms. Eversheds Sutherland was established way back in 1924.

Therefore, with that many years under the belt, they offer extensive legal expertise. With a vast team of 3,000 lawyers worldwide, their services are unmatched.

How Versatile Are The Lawyers At Eversheds Sutherland?

Moreover, their comprehensive services cover various legal aspects. If you are a fan of Costco in the retail industry, they will provide similar quality in their legal solutions. For anyone who wants a reliable Houston criminal defense attorney, Eversheds Sutherland a great choice.

Official Website

For more details, visit their website at “Eversheds Sutherland: www.eversheds-sutherland.com”.


UK Address: 1 Wood Street, London EC2V 7WS

+44 20 7919 4500

US Address: 1001 Fannin St #3700, Houston, TX 77002


Houston’s Best Criminal Defense Lawyers In Freedom Law Group

If you’re seeking a criminal defense attorney in Houston, Freedom Law Group can help you. The legal professionals here handle various cases.

Therefore, be it a hit-and-run, reckless driving, or manslaughter, they have got you covered.

Their expertise covers misdemeanors, drug possession, white-collar crime, robbery, and assault cases.

What Can You Expect From Them?

Moreover, the experts here are skilled in both state and federal courts. So, if you need strong representation for individuals facing criminal charges, they are your best pick. Thus, we recommend them in the category of Houston’s best criminal defense lawyers.  

Official Website

For more information, visit their website at freedomlawgroup.com.

Their Details


1111 N Loop W Fwy Suite 1180, Houston, TX 77008


Iyer, PLLC- Amongst Houston’s Best Criminal Lawyers

Criminal defense attorney Vishal Iyer specializes in immigration law. They help immigrants’ legal needs arising out of criminal defense. They usually focus on providing legal aid to people with an immigrant background.

For non-U.S. citizens facing legal issues, the intersection of criminal and immigration law is “crimmigation”. It poses risks to their immigration status.

With Vishal Iyer’s representation, individuals get a chance to safeguard their life in America. The team’s proficiency in Spanish helps to overcome communication barriers. Moreover, they also provide comprehensive legal support.

Official Website

For more information, visit their website https://www.iyer.com/

Other Details


4119 Montrose Blvd Suite 210, Houston, TX 77006


Smith & Vinson

Among Houston’s best criminal defense lawyers, they advocate for Houston locals’ rights. They help you to face diverse charges, from DUIs to serious crimes.

Moreover, their attorneys assess cases carefully.

Additionally, they also collaborate with clients to build bullet-proof defenses by collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses.

Therefore, they will take care of all legal proceedings for you. Therefore, the legal professionals here aim for acquittal or minimized charges. Now, be it litigation or negotiation, they will have your best interests at heart.

Moreover, some of their affiliations include the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.


Smith & Vinson Law Firm


1411 West Ave Ste 124, Austin, TX 78701

+1 512-308-3001

To Conclude

Thus, with this, we come to an end on our list of Houston’s best criminal defense lawyers. Therefore, remember to be completely honest when hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Some more worthy mentions on this list include.

  • R. Todd Bennett
  • Neal A. Davis
  • Dick DeGuerin
  • Chris Flood
  • Phillip Gommels
  • Nicole Hochglaube
  • David Nachtigall
  • George Parnham
  • Paul Schiffer
  • Mark Thiessen

Hope you found the article helpful!

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